Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Communism Long Ago v. American Communism Today

I was asked recently if the recent Marxist takeover of our country resembles my experience under the rule of the Communist Party Soviet-style regime decades ago. My simple answer is that Marxism is much worse today in so many ways.

Take for instance one’s body. We used to teach our children to run away from strangers who attempted to touch them inappropriately and to let authorities know and their parents about such aggressors, some of whom may have been relatives. But the 9/11 terrorist attack on our country conveniently allowed the government to pass the Patriot Act to protect us from terrorists. Nobody blinks an eye anymore at the invasive searches at airports, touching personal parts, molesting grandmothers, toddlers, babies, and adults alike. If you ask the TSA personnel, some of whom look quite frightening, they save thousands of lives every day.

Under the Communist Party rule, we were never strip-searched to such a degree and in public; a hapless or guilty citizen was strip-searched if he/she was arrested or if someone shop lifted. They were guilty until proven innocent and it seems that the law is changing in that direction now, you are no longer innocent until proven guilty, and citizens are arrested indefinitely without charge just like they did under communism long ago. The corrupt justice system, and it was all corrupt, created fake charges just to get rid of an inconvenient citizen who defied the Communist Party.

Schools under Soviet style communism never taught sex education, mentioned, or shown pornography in school, much less have explicit lessons. But today in America, perverts in the academia and in public schools are obsessed with sex, pornography, and teaching it to students and children as young as kindergarten, often without the parents’ knowledge and permission. Vile books are read in America’s classrooms, so vile that, when parents attempted to read passages from said books in front of the board of education, they were stopped on the grounds that such material was inappropriate in public.

The socialized medical system was bad and lacking everything. Doctors were paid equally and poorly and supplemented their incomes with bribes from equally poor and desperate citizens. People knew that, if they wanted to survive, they had to carry around envelopes with bribe money. Doctors and nurses did not care if their patients lived or died.

The Communist Party members had priority of everything in their special hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. There were not enough doctors for the rest of the population, and the doctor-patient ratio was astronomical in terms of how many patients a doctor had to care for; drugs and medical equipment were lacking or missing entirely; ambulance service consisted of empty vehicles with nothing else to potentially save a person’s life, and ambulances always arrived hours and even days later in rural areas.

Our medical system today, once the best in the world, has taken on a fascist hue, as doctors and hospitals refuse to treat people who are not Covid-19 vaccinated as mandated by the president’s executive order.

Data is falsified and bribes are accepted from the government to count all deaths as Covid-19 deaths in violation of the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors refuse initial treatment to patients with life-saving drugs because the CDC protocol does not include said drugs – only ventilators and the drug Remdesivir were approved initially.

Shortages of basic goods, drugs, and food occurred all the time as the Communist Party did not know how to centrally-plan and run a successful economy based on supply and demand. The U.S. economy is taking a serious dive under the lack of economic leadership and disastrous policies of the Biden regime.

Inflation stands at 8.6% and that is only the beginning. Shelves are bare, the supply chain is broken, things are missing in stores, variety is gone, businesses are going under at a high rate, gasoline has doubled in price since the beginning of the Biden regime, and stagflation looms large.

Technology changed everything and made this current brand of Marxism quite awful. Without Internet and Zoom meetings, the government would not have been able to lock us down for almost two years now, transform schools into virtual classrooms, transform doctors’ visits into virtual pretend-medical care, jobs were moved into one’s home via Zoom, and large corporations took over the economy, holding their employees hostage to a forced vaccine demand, bankrupting small businesses that were not allowed by the all-mighty federal, state, and local governments to operate, as they were deemed unessential.

Technology spies on all of us; technology and social media at first made us unafraid of data mining and of reporting ourselves to the government through innocent status postings and photographs. But the Internet-controlling techies changed everything.

Technology is allowing IRS to control our banking transactions, our tax returns, and the integrity of the voting system; paper ballots are gone, replaced by computers and programming. Who controls the technology are the ones who count the votes now. At least under the old communist party system, we all knew the outcome of an election every time before we were ever marched to the voting booths. Nobody pretended that the voting was fair. There was only one candidate, the Communist Party approved candidate.

Technology enables the Marxist government in power today, and they are all Marxist regardless of whether they have an R or a D behind their titles, to control who sees the doctors, who can have access to a hospital, who can buy a plane ticket, who can go overseas, on vacation, on a cruise, who can cross the border of another country (with the exception of our southern border which is entirely open per orders of this Democrat administration), who can go to school, who can shop in a store, how, and when, who can get hired by the government, and who can buy or rent a house of apartment. The techies have been allowed to become the judge, jury, and executioner of everything we do in the marketplace with total monopoly power over our lives.

Corporate fascism has reached levels that the communists from long ago could only dream of. The myriad of government agencies and bodies are constantly spying and controlling the lives of their subjects, the American taxpayers. The elected and non-elected governments and bureaucrats have become oppressors, they no longer work for the American people, we work to pay for their bloated and blood-sucking bureaucracy, for their salaries and wealth accumulation.

The STASI, the financial police, the security police under Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ceausescu, and other dictators had to work extremely hard to spy on their citizens and keep them under control.

Today’s American Marxists can cut our access to food, education, medical care, medicine, gasoline, cars, and airplanes, our own savings, and they have us under their thumbs forever without wiretapping our homes or throwing us into dungeons or gulags. Our entire society is becoming one techie-controlled gulag.

The old communists did not have smart phones, Alexa, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart meters, and other smart devices that surveil homes constantly and report results to the Mother Ship. The old communists had to hire an army of informers and wire tappers to get a fraction of the information that now resides with our techie controllers in the euphemistically named, the “iCloud,” a network of giant memory servers scattered across the country and the world.

The mainstream media is enormously powerful in this country, and it is all controlled by Democrat Marxists. The old communists had a couple of state-controlled publications like Pravda. Nothing else was allowed to exist in print without the Communist Party’s approval.

Now the same propaganda, with identical talking points from the Democrat Marxist Mother Ship in D.C. is spewed non-stop by the alphabet soup fake media, politicians, ad agencies, sports teams, universities, public schools, Hollywood, and Internet fact-checkers who are paid to distribute lies and to discredit the truth. Four tech companies and their employees, Americans and foreign nationals, have become the arbiters of truth and the champions of the fake media. The few alternative news outlets are censored non-stop by the same four tech companies.

Propagandists under the old communist regime had a much more difficult job to spread disinformation and lies in the absence of electronic communication, satellites, Internet, smart phones, smart TVs, smart appliances, and social media. Everything had to be done by hand and actual files built on millions of citizens who held divergent and politically incorrect opinions.

Some non-communist teachers and a few lone priests, at significant risk to themselves, spread the anti-communist truth. Today, most teachers have been themselves so heavily indoctrinated into this neo-Marxism that they would not believe the truth if they were led to the gulags and shown the conditions in which those people were kept and worked and the punishments they suffered.

The teachers and professors today are immensely powerful as they have the eyes and the ears of American children so many hours every day. They are the effective force of change of the American minds towards communism and against capitalism thanks to Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education bureaucracy established in 1979.

Note: The woodcut above is called "Ship of Fools"


  1. Ileana, I agree with most of your commentary, but, personally, I can't blame what happening upon Biden. Whoever resides within the puppet hut a/k/a the White House, is subject to the control of the globalists. The reason we are to blame him, is to prevent us from blaming those truly responsible for all that is happening. The most savage Marxists, Communists, etc., are also the most savage capitalists. They force Marxism, Communism, etc., upon us, so that they can steal from us, and expand their control over us. The vote on the $1.2 trillion bill exposes a uniparty, not unlike the political parties in Communist countries.

  2. Dear Dr. Paugh,

    Been a while.
    Hope you're doing well, DESPITE all that's been going on.
    Just read this piece...
    And it reminded me of what I started telling people maybe 5 or 6 years ago.
    We're in big trouble, because spying has now gone "Walmart." It use take, as your articled stated, hundreds of man hours to spy on one person.
    But with tech, all that's needed is for some algorithm to PING over your name, and now one burger flipper can keep tabs on thousands of people.
    I haven't taken the jab, have never worn a mask, and right now am involved supplying my doctor with material, for his group's legal battle against all this Corona crap.
    So I'm quite confident I'll end up in a Canadian gulag at some point.
    Take care,
    Daniel Chomistek

  3. More than a decade ago when I was talking and writing about U.N. Agenda 21 people called me a loon and a conspiracy theorist. Now that U.N. Agenda 21 has been implemented across the world and the U.N. Agenda 2030 on steroids is being implemented as Build Back Better/Build Back Broke/Build Back Beijing people are confused, in a stupor, and are unable to put all the pieces of the puzzle together: a puppet president, World Economic Forum, the manufactured pandemic, an enhanced flu virus, a forced vaccine worse than the disease, invasion on the southern border, a drastically reduced labor force, paid welfare to stay home and unemployed, disruption in the economic supply chain, medical fascism destroying the former best medical system in the world, fuel shortages and doubling of prices, 8.6% inflation, shortages of everything, reduced variety, a Marxist government bureaucracy at all levels, federal bureaucracy controlled by Marxist radicals, some of whom were trained in the former Soviet Union, and bankruptcy of small businesses and of the middle class.