Friday, January 26, 2018

President Trump Will Be Re-elected with 40 States

Stephen Moore, chief economist, policy analyst,  author, and,  by his own admission, one of the writers of President Trump’s tax plan, spoke last night to a special gathering of the Virginia Women for Trump, organized by Alice Butler, the Irish firebrand who loves America and fully supports President Trump.

Stephen Moore, an early supporter of Donald Trump, had predicted that he would be elected president and that he will be re-elected president with 40 states, “but Virginia has to be one of those states.”  

Moore liked the way Trump spoke to the forgotten men and women in this country and the promises he had made to improve the terrible economy under Obama.

“Donald Trump has delivered in such an amazing way for the working class in this country.” And our booming economy proves it, it is such a remarkable success story that the main stream media constantly ignores.

“We are the party of the working class, the Democrats are the party of the media, the academics, and the rich,” said Moore.

Stephen Moore and Larry Kudlow were asked by President Trump to work on the tax issue together, to cut corporate tax, to increase the child tax credit, and to reduce the tax burden for families with children; he wanted every single person in America to get a tax cut. Despite the MSM’s non-stop claim that this is a tax cut for the rich, “a lot of the rich do not even get a tax cut if they live in states like California,” said Moore.

The average middle class family will receive a $2,200 tax cut. That may be peanuts to a person like Nancy Pelosi who lives on “a 30-acre compound with tennis courts and swimming pools, those are ‘crumbs,’ but for the working class families it means that you can pay tuition, take a vacation, and pay your healthcare bills.”

We cut the corporate tax rate, which is the highest tax rate in the world, from 35 percent to 21 percent, without one Democrat voting in favor of it. What are their economic growth and job creation messages? They are “I hate Trump,” “impeach Trump,” and “he is not fit to be president.” But every Republican in the Senate voted for this tax bill, added Moore.

As a result of this corporate tax cut, 100,000 Disney employees will get pay bonuses, 25,000 workers at Verizon will get pay bonuses and a total of 3 million American workers are getting bonuses, pay raises, or increases in their benefits.  And the tax cut bill is only a month old.

Fifty-five million Americans own stock, most have 401k plans, 30 million Americans have IRAs, and another 25 million have pension plans. They are the beneficiaries of the incredible upswing in the stock market.

“Since Donald Trump was elected, the day after the election, the Dow Jones went up 700 points, the Trump Effect, and it has not stopped increasing since. The Dow Jones went up from 18,000 to 26,300, a 43 percent increase, a seven trillion dollar increase in wealth. We have never seen this kind of growth before.”

“The black unemployment rate today is at the lowest level since we started keeping these statistics in 1972,” said Moore. The Hispanic unemployment rate is also down. “The Labor Department reported that the number of Americans signing up for unemployment insurance was at the lowest level since 1965.”

Liberal economists have predicted that the world economy would crash if Donald Trump became president.  They advised people to sell their stocks and of course, they missed out on 42 percent increase. “Robert Reich was wrong on all of his predictions.”

Apple is the story of the year, Moore explained. “We offered to charge companies 10 percent if they repatriated capital.” Moore predicted that Apple would bring $100-$150 billion back. To Moore’s delight, Apple brought back $300 billion. Apple is creating 20,000 new high paying jobs and is going to pay $38 billion in federal taxes.

On the regulatory front, Moore boasted that Trump repealed 23 old regulations for any new regulation put in place by his administration. “We replaced an anti-America, anti-business president with a pro-America, pro-business president.”

They are now going to drill in Alaska’s Anwar because people in Alaska need jobs. We got rid of the individual mandate on Obamacare. “This is the thread that is going to unravel the whole thing.  Hopefully the free market will step in and offer plans based on competition and choice at a lower cost.”

Moore predicted that America’s economic growth will be 4 percent this year, something we have not had in twenty years. This is not the Obama economic effect as liberal pundits claim, “it is the effect that Obama is no longer president,” quipped Moore.

When asked about mortgage deduction, Moore responded that the old system included $1 million deduction. The House passed a bill that included $500,000 deduction. Trump tax cut bill compromised at $750,000. Answering to a liberal who claimed that the tax bill took away the working class mortgage deductions, Moore asked, how many working class people do you know who have a million dollar home?

According to Moore, the tax bill was unable to get a reduction in the capital gains tax and blue states are not going to fare as well under this tax bill.  But the middle class in every state will receive an extra $500 per child tax credit and the standard deductions doubled to $24,000.

President Trump is going to Davos, Switzerland, said Moore, to speak in front of “the one percent of one percenters,” the global elitists who are against everything that President Trump wants to do. These elitists hate Trump because “they want America to pay for everything” while our working class is suffering.  Why would President Trump speak in front of these European globalist elitists?  He is going to take a victory lap and explain how his economic policies are going to foster economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for America.



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The #resist Movement as an International Phenomenon

A real resistor to communism
The #resist movement in this country started, by their own website admission, fifty years ago with the protest against the war in Vietnam. Today, they are resisting with vile language and actions our President Trump, his administration, police, all rational Americans who do not believe in anthropogenic global warming/climate change, our borders, our sovereignty, free markets, and anything rational that involves thought instead of rabid feelings. ANTIFA, a very fascistic organization, and BLM, a very racist organization, and pink vagina-hats women, are the most prominent and visible groups of the #resist movement.

Resistors are hateful, cowardly, but violent individuals who often engage in barking to the sky episodes, howling at the moon, or just dressing like lunatics, twisting in animalistic rituals as a form of protest art. When they are not busy shooting and killing cops, blocking interstates, highways, fire trucks and ambulances, they are trashing and burning neighborhoods and businesses of hard-working Americans.

Resistors have been indoctrinated and deluded into believing that humans caused climate change. Resistors, who often reside in their parents’ basements, feel that Trump is the worst president in history because communist community organizers created a caricature image of him as the devil and have sold this caricature to their mindless, pot-smoking followers who have never been able to pass a real science or math class, held a job other than baristas, but excelled in community organizing, fascistic feminism, social justice, racial division, and other useless college majors. Resistors collectively consider this caricature of Trump real.

Reality and sound judgment have long left the brains of resistors, washed and steeped in lies promoted non-stop by socialist public school teachers and college academia.

The #resist movement has become a world-wide phenomenon because communist community organizers, enabled by international and national NGOs with lots of money to burn from billionaires like Soros, have spread around the world to infect the young masses with their collectivist revolutionary message, carefully tailored to the local culture. If they are good at anything, community organizers know how to package lies and how to persuade the weak-minded that their carefully crafted rhetoric and euphemisms are true.

The U.S. resistors are big supporters of illegal immigration by using the argument that this country was built by immigrants. Yes, it was built by LEGAL immigrants, not people who crossed the border illegally by breaking our laws, or who came to deliver their babies in this country in order to gain access through anchor baby citizenship.

None of the immigrants who built this country demanded special rights and status as the illegals demand today with their powerful lobby and their Congressmen openly supporting illegals instead of the wishes of their constituents, the American citizens who elected them.

Ellis Island was teeming with LEGAL immigrants, fresh off the boats, who had to be screened in order to enter this country, learn English, and pass the health inspection or else be quarantined or sent back to where they came from.

No LEGAL immigrant was coming here for welfare benefits, to demand citizenship, equal benefits with American citizens, and to change our society to accommodate the hell-hole they escaped from.

America did accept the tired, the poor, the wretched of the world, but they were hard-working and healthy individuals from around the world, who shared the common goal of building America, not dismantling it in order to turn it into a basket case of communism and fascism.

The #resist movement in Eastern Europe is much more complicated. Consider the protesting young resistors in Romania. The founder is credited to be Andrei Rosu, a millennial long distance and high endurance runner. He had high hopes for the nascent democracy after 1990; after 27 years, he expected a competent, non-corrupt political system and government. Now on social media, the #rezistenta movement is “cooperating with NGOs” and talking about creating a party to represent them in Romania’s parliamentary elections.

Rosu said, “This beautiful country must be administered by honest and correct men, who do not lie, steal, who are interested in the people’s fate… When there is no more political theft, funds will be available for schools, hospitals, highways, etc.” He lamented that too many Romanians have left the country, a mass exodus of hard-working and highly educated people.

But is the #rezistenta movement in Romania only about getting rid of corrupt politicians who get elected just to enrich themselves at the public trough? Post-communist society in Romania today is built around an unfortunate combination of ill-conceived efforts and reactions to the life and experience of communism.

Darius Roby explained, “Romania is so enamored of everything ‘foreign,’ perhaps due to communist Romania’s drive for self-sufficiency, that Romanians hold no value for their own products and import more than they export; the Romanian currency [leu] is therefore collapsing. People are wondering why the only decent jobs available are in the realm of IT outsourcing.”

As a western observer, Roby believes that the #rezistenta movement is more of a reaction to corruption and economic reality than socio-cultural or geopolitical as in America or Western Europe. I believe that there is a geopolitical component to any #resist movement financed by globalist elites.

“The #rezistenta movement in Romania is aimed largely at the PSD [Social Democrat Party] and its attempts to legalize corruption.” Roby thinks that young people regret not having voted in the last parliamentary election when the government “bribed its way to power” by offering higher salaries and pensions without actually “providing opportunities for people to grow and develop in this country.” The mass employment emigration is directed to other parts of Europe and the U.S.

The main fear is that EU is going to kick Romania out of the union, a move that Romanians equate with being unable to seek employment in Europe and unable to cross its borders without visas/passports, a post-communist mindset. During Ceausescu’s communist regime, most Romanians were unable to leave the country and did not have a passport.

The #rezistenta movement might have geopolitical “divine” intervention and implications. A couple of years ago I saw a poster in a Catholic Church courtyard in Sibiu arguing against mining and for the protection of the environment. It is said that during the same time period, the Orthodox Church, allegedly funded and encouraged by Russia, organized protests against American-run fracking operations in Romania’s region of Moldova.

It would be interesting to find out, said Roby, how a “largely apathetic Romanian populace suddenly decided to protest corruption.”

The Romanian Orthodox Church’s message is that of maintaining family values, anti-homosexuality, and anti-multiculturalism. It is easy to see how Romanians would easily subscribe to the anti-multiculturalist agenda because Romania has fought the invading Ottoman Empire for centuries at great cost in human lives and economic development.

It is no longer just the west using NGOs to influence the public to promote their agendas. Russian NGOs are allegedly active in the rural country of Moldova, “telling villagers that joining the EU would destroy Moldova’s economy and that they should ensure a home for their agricultural exports by joining the Eurasian Economic Union.”

Capital Research Center wrote about George Soros’ funding of left-wing organizations in the U.S. and abroad through his Open Society Foundations (OSF). Only 15 percent of funds were actually dedicated in 2017 to U.S. organizations, the rest were used in foreign countries and for global projects aimed at “democratic development” in countries that already had democracies.

Jacob Grandstaff, writing for Capital Research Center, said in his December 21, 2017 article that “The U.S. State Department often teamed up with Soros and OSF to ‘promote democracy’ in Eastern European countries.” The modus operandi was to “infuse socially liberal propaganda through NGOs and Western-sponsored media – often going so far as to influence those countries’ elections.”

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are indoctrinating a country’s young people with liberal social values. Neil Maghami wrote in 2006 that “In a sense NGOs are filling a power vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union. After all, without the USSR what forces are there to stoke resentment in developing countries towards the rich industrialized states?”

This explains why every successful and young Romanian I have met in this country are highly liberal, worshipped former President Obama, despise President Trump, and admire the main stream media like CNN or MSNBC. The very people who benefitted from this country’s free market opportunities are now working with the left to destroy it and replace it with the communist dictatorship their parents and grandparents survived.

Recently, in one of the videos released by Project Veritas, a Romanian software engineer, speaking with a heavy accent, works in consensus with others on the video who boasted how Twitter “shadow bans” conservative Americans with whose opinion they disagree, in essence cutting their freedom of speech from social media.

Grandstaff wrote in the second recently released expose about Romania that “OSF’s progeny dominates much of the political discourse in that country” and how Soros “saw an opportunity to wield enormous political influence in the region.”

Grandstaff described how Mirel Palada, press secretary for former Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, was one of the thousands of young Eastern Europeans, “novice, na├»ve, who were picked by Soros, shown America, paid for their studies, patiently building a network of people that would be grateful and he could use when their time comes and they become influential.” Palada said that this Eastern European network worked against Romania’s national interests.”

To curb Soros’s influence on Romania’s internal affairs, the PSD-controlled Senate passed a law in November which requires NGOs to report their revenue sources biannually and, if they engage in political advocacy, their taxpayer funding as “public utilities” is removed.

The PSD (Social Democrat) leader, Liviu Dragnea, is quoted as saying, “This man and the foundations and structures he has set up… since the 1990s… have furthered evil in Romania.”

NGOs and other Romanian opposition parties claim that PSD is using anti-Soros rhetoric in order to score cheap points of propaganda.

Romania’s first NGO, the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) was established on December 30, 1989, on the steps of Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel. The founders were professors, philosophers, journalists, critics, activists, and the former editor of the Romanian Communist Party’s newspaper Scinteia (the Spark), Silviu Brucan.

When George Soros visited the newly formed group, he boasted, “I think I was the first civilian plane that landed in Bucharest.” He visited with charter members and with Silviu Brucan, the alleged confidant of Soviet Premier Mihail Gorbachev and the brain behind the revolution and the National Salvation Front that brought about Ceausescu’s downfall. Sadly, eighty percent of Romanian voters cast their ballots for the National Salvation Front ex-communists.

Soros established his first NGO in Romania, the Soros Foundation, with an initial budget of $1.5 million. The Soros’s budget grew to $10 million and the name was eventually changed to the Foundation for an Open Society (FSD).  

His foundation worked with the Romanian Ministry of Education to launch textbooks in Romanian schools, written by its own members. As always, the devil is in the details, and that entailed the careful brainwashing of generations of Romanian children in schools into the global citizen mindset, separated from their roots, history, and national identity. It is evident when you visit museums and buildings of historical importance that have been neglected since the “fall” of communism twenty-eight years ago.

According to Grandstaff, “As Romania moved closer to European Union membership, or democratic maturity in the eyes of Soros’s NGOs, the Soros network began engaging in more overt political advocacy.”

When the community of Rosia Montana was generally in favor of opening a gold mine in their village because they wanted to improve their living standards and job prospects, Soros’s NGOs did not offer any environmentally-friendlier alternatives.

One foreign activist is quoted from an email, “Why would any NGO come forward with alternative projects? That is not the job of civil society. We are not a humanitarian organization, but a militant environmental NGO. If the whole community is in favor of the project, we simply put it on the list of our enemies.”

Soros has also given indirectly millions of dollars to Romanian NGOs through the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Young people were indebted – they got their Soros grants, their Soros college education, and their Soros trips. Soros left behind a “loyal army of grateful, civil society soldiers,” minions who work against the best interests of their own country. It is now clear why younger generations suddenly became interested in the #resist movement even though they did not bother to vote.

In the U.S. #resist movement and even the Romanian version, #rezistenta, it would be interesting to ponder and reconcile the relationship between the left and Islam, a bigoted religion which curtails the freedom of women, a religion designed to conquer non-Muslims through demographics and apartheid, and a legal system which rejects any other legal system and punishes apostasy with death.

If one speaks against Islam, the resistor left brands him/her a racist and a bigot and even punishes that individual with fines and jail in some Western European nations. Should one speak evil of Christianity, a religion that has undergone extensive reforms and modernization over the centuries, the left agrees enthusiastically and cheerfully.



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Local Globalist "Visioning"

Our county in northern Virginia is probably one of the most compliant with the dictates of U.N. Agenda 2030. They have been so much ahead, counting on citizens not knowing what they are subscribing to.

The District Supervisor urges residents in the New Woodbridge Vision, to “Go Green, Get Your Vision.” The vision, of course, is a smart development plan tailored to local needs but also United Nation’s “vision” of a global social engineering to control every human activity within the parameters they set out of what is and what isn’t sustainable.

Pushing smart development, Frank Principi, who was elected in 2008, describes the Vision of a New Woodbridge as a “mixed use, smart growth development that maximizes existing transit and prepares for new options.” This vision is mirroring the vision of U.N. Agenda 2030.

He describes smart growth as “a mix of residential, commercial, and retail space in close proximity with a range of housing options, utilize compact building design, promote walkability, green space preservation and sustainability,” all for the lofty goal of community collaboration.

Frank Principi supports more “town centers for convenience, to combine live, work, eat, and play space.” A population socially engineered in one small area is much easier to control. Most taking points in this pamphlet are found in the U.N. Agenda 2030 stated goals and “visions.”

All main roads are congested by non-stop traffic that no politician seems to be able to unclog. The county’s population has increased 40 percent by mostly illegal residents according to the last census report. Principi is looking at other venues such as VRE, HOT lanes, and even “the option of commuting to work via a high-speed catamaran, in under an hour into DC, at a price point competitive with rail and less expensive than HOT Lanes.”

Of course a simpler and less expensive economic solution would be to enforce immigration laws in existence and to deport all illegals in the county and to stop bringing in economic refugees from the Middle East and unaccompanied minors from Central America. Most reside in Prince William County because rent is cheaper and their attend public schools at taxpayers’ expense and receive welfare benefits.

It is not coincidental that tiny homes and spaces are being pushed around the country, that suburbia is being vilified by city planners, car use is discouraged, bus and light rail use are encouraged, bike lanes are built everywhere, bike riding is heavily promoted, and the traditional home ownership and one-family residences are frowned upon by local globalist planners.

Roads in the northern Virginia area are narrowed to make driving more inconvenient and countless speed tables are installed on all streets not necessarily just to slow down traffic but to destroy cars over time, necessitating constant repairs and tune-ups thus making it more expensive to own and operate a vehicle. Garage parking is very expensive and street parking spaces are harder and harder to find.

The Planners Network, of which the American Planning Association is a member, states in its principles:

“We believe planning should be a tool for allocating resources… and eliminating the great inequalities of wealth and power in society because the free market has proven incapable of doing this.”

“Imagine an America in which a specific ‘ruling principle’ is created to decide proper societal conduct for every citizen. That principle would be used to consider regulations guiding everything you eat, the size of home you are allowed, the method of transportation to get to work, what kind of work you may have, perhaps even the number of children you may have, as well as the quality and amount of education your children may receive,” said Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, speaking about property rights and sustainable development, a code word for societal reorganization and the lynchpin of U.N. Agenda 2030.

Principi’s “vision” for Prince William County is but one example of the sustainable development and sustainable communities that have sprung up all over the country and the world.

“Sustainable communities encourage [nudge] people to work together to create healthy communities where natural resources and historic resources are preserved, jobs are available, sprawl [suburbia] is contained, neighborhoods are secure, education is lifelong, transportation and healthcare are accessible, and all citizens have opportunities to improve the quality of their lives.”

The extent of quality of life improvement is most certainly based on what financial resources and services are left and available to Americans after illegals and other economic refugees had been serviced first. The socialized Obamacare has proven a disaster for access to affordable healthcare and actual delivery of timely and adequate care.

As Richard B. Sanders, State Supreme Court Justice, stated, “Property in a thing consists not merely in its ownership and possessions, but in the unrestricted right of use, enjoyment, and disposal. Anything which destroys any of the elements of property, to what extent, destroys the property itself. The substantial value of property lies in its use. If the right of use be denied, the value of the property is annihilated, and ownership is rendered a barren right.”

Globalists blame America’s prosperity as the reason why the rest of the world is in poverty. Their propaganda claims that Americans have become property owners on the backs of the poor and therefore such ill-gotten property and wealth must be re-distributed to the rest of the world by any means necessary.

Additionally, it is the global governance opinion that Americans have raped the planet and have caused global warming Armageddon. There is a never ending chorus of elitists, billionaires, politicians, journalists, actors, community organizers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), race baiters, and even priests who are pushing their “vision” of the planet onto the masses and are forcing billions of people to live in socially engineered smart growth communities, the crowded high-rise, mixed use for the sake of convenience tiny spaces of the 21st century.

The late Henry Lamb said, “Advocates of global governance are relentless, convinced that their philosophy of social organization is far superior to laissez faire capitalism. They are not deterred by the failure of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other societies constructed on this government-knows-best philosophy.”

And the “visioning” committee in Prince William County, led by District Supervisor Frank Principi, seems to follow this global governance philosophy.







Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Millennial Dating Scene for a Conservative Male

If you are a millennial male, support Trump, refuse to dishonor respect for our president, and refuse to join in the never-ending barrage of baseless hate coming from the MSM, Hollywood, the establishment pop-culture, you are an oddity and chances of finding a decent date are slim. To get a date, you could pretend to be a liberal but then you would not be true to reality and your beliefs.

The leftist deep-seated hate is the result of the progressive community and the main stream media creating a sound-bite exaggeration of President Trump and his supporters, as the personification of everything they find detestable. This visceral hate is not based on reality and the real Donald Trump. It is a collective hate of a pre-conceived caricature that does not exist except in their deluded minds.

You had a good childhood but then your reality as an adult has changed. You went to the best schools, you excelled, your parents raised you to respect your elders, you went to church, paid taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and even served in the military, neither of which is easy or fun. But reality now is a country interested in taking care of welfare mamas’ needs, criminals, Muslim economic refugees, and illegal aliens, not needy Americans, the homeless or sick veterans.

Ben dreamed as a child that, in his 30s, he would have a wife, a nice car, a house, and an interesting job that would afford him to support his family. The truth for thirty-somethings is double digit housing and healthcare inflation, wages that were flat-lined for twenty years and a shortage of jobs, housing, and the ever-more unaffordable Obamacare with $800/month premiums for some and $7,500 deductibles.

Nearly everyone he went to school with is an uber-liberal, working for non-profits or academia, writing grants to study insulting and outrageous topics to most Americans.

On a recent outing, his date described that she was enrolled in “an especially difficult program because it was interdisciplinary, queer theory and white patriarchal predisposition to violence against women of color.”

It only got worse when she discussed her issues with getting access to birth control, and her history of mental illness, PTSD, scares with cervical cancer from contracting HPV, having been a multiple event victim of sexual assaults, and how the police believed the man’s story and not hers.

One can only imagine the visions Ben had of this nightmarish female in front of him; thrown on the hood of a police car, hand-cuffed and arrested for something this mentally deranged millennial woman might say later. He excused himself and said good-bye before the date proceeded any further.

Then there was the very young and drop-dead gorgeous young widow whose husband had passed away. She was so bereaved that, two weeks later, she had a profile up on a dating site because she was so lonely, hurt, crying, and depressed, missing her deceased husband immensely!

Many dates had “daddy” issues and often children from different fathers. Early thirties women seemed to have very strong feelings on pro-gay marriage and adoption, and pro-abortion.

Some dates ordered the most expensive dishes on the menu and ate very little of them, while others drank too much. The tab was always huge. Other dates talked non-stop and asked probing questions to ascertain whether the guy shared her ultra-liberal philosophy. It was a mine field of potential rejections based on feelings about feminist causes these women invariably supported because they wanted their free birth-control and the power to kill their babies on demand.

Dating in a college town was very toxic. “The university is a magnet of rotating single women who are like the gay-best-friend barreling towards old-maid middle-aged women who are ignorant of their own brainwashing from the college environment.”

Statistically, this man found out from his dates, way too many college women were studying law, psychology, sociology, and social work. They seemed to delight in leading men on, often making them drive for hours to go on a promised outing, and then not show up for the date after the man had spent a lot of time and resources to get there.

Our culture seems to have devolved into a culture where bad behavior is rewarded and liberals, who are often the loudest voices in any room, overpower the cowering conservatives. Such mini-victories reinforce bad behavior and its acceptance and the liberals always up the ante.

Young women have become as debauched as any male could have imagined a decade ago. They are getting away with more slutty and outrageous behavior because Hollywood, television, and feminism reinforce debauched lifestyles.

Lack of a moral compass, lack of Christian faith, missing a stable family role model, the substantial use of drugs, among which marijuana is the gateway drug, the hook-up mentality with a total stranger from online dating sites, and the shameless overt, in your face, sexuality of the type, if it feels good, why not do it in the street, complete the decadent picture of the dating scene.



Sunday, January 7, 2018

My Global Warming Winters

Photo: Ileana Johnson 2018
Frozen River
Al Gore is now telling us that the cold winter and abundant snow in the north east is due to global warming, that he was right all along about his dire predictions of years ago that earned him a Nobel Prize, a Golden Globe for his documentary film-making efforts, and other accolades from the adoring environmental left.

Polar bears have not drowned, we found out they are quite good swimmers, and their numbers around the world have quintupled. Nat Geo showed us a video of an emaciated and sick bear, as an example of what global warming is doing to these poor little creatures, tugging at our environmental heart strings.  

The polar ice caps have not melted, on the contrary they grew significantly, islands were not swallowed by the sea, ocean front cities are still there and not buried under feet of water as he predicted.

Millionaires with money to burn keep buying and building very expensive yachts, outrageous homes by the sea, and carbon spewing jets. They are not worried about their carbon foot print, only you, devoted minions, who listened to him with reverence and fear, have to drive around in unsafe tin cans, ride bikes, and live in tiny homes in order to save the planet from environmental Armageddon. Environmentalists are laughing all the way to the bank.

Delta is still passing cute little Coca Cola white napkins imprinted with the picture of a mama polar bear and her two little cubs, a symbol of cuteness around the holidays and a reminder that we must preserve such beauty and tranquility in nature while we are flying at 37,000 ft. and sipping our favorite beverages.

As the media escalates its non-stop apocalyptic fixation with climate change and clever scaremongering such as “cyclone bomb,” and “polar vortex,” I can still vividly see the picture of my childhood winters when I walked to school via snow tunnels cut through mountains of piled high white fluffy snow way above our heads, fierce winds cutting our faces with stinging wet snow turned into tiny projectiles, stepping into slush to cross the street, so dirty and deep that sometimes it over-flowed inside my boots, reaching school with wet and frozen feet, necessitating removing the socks and placing them on the heater coils to hopefully dry by the time school was out and the trek back home began. My hands were frozen despite the thick wool mittens my grandma knitted every fall in preparation for the winter onslaught. It was not global warming in the summer, it was not the climate change industry profiteers telling us that Armageddon was near, it was just seasons as we've had them for millennia.

When the sun came up it turned everything into a shiny skating rink on which we, the pedestrians often slipped and fell, suffering injuries then or later on in life when arthritis from injuries began to creep up.

If it warmed up more and the snow started to melt, the slush would overwhelm the street drains and we would get splashed by passing buses who were going a bit too fast and too close to the edge of the road for the treacherous driving conditions. Then everything would refreeze when the sun went down, to the delight of children everywhere who could sled with renewed speed or ice skate. God’s nature skating rink was cheap and everywhere.

As children we would stay out all day, building snow men, sledding down the hill into the street below that had little traffic, getting our outside clothes wet. We never felt the elements, we kept on moving and sweating, our coats and pants would freeze, and did not go inside until moms or dads would come fetch us, usually when it started to get dark and the street lights would come on.

I visited the hill of my childhood sledding – it was occupied by high rises and steps had been dug into the hill. In the street below, a menacing pack of stray dogs was coming in my direction. I did not take a chance and returned to my parked car in the street on top of the hill.

Grandma’s village is semi-unchanged except for the asphalted roads. It would be dangerous and hard to pull a sled now on such heavy-trafficked roads. The road drains are no longer the muddy ditches we played in during hot summers. And no, Al Gore, it was not global warming, summers were hot and we sought shade and bathing in the clear river, with the fishes swimming around us.

The college “snowflakes” of today would have to be provided with warm shelters in winter and cool shade during hot summers. They would have no idea how to survive in harsher conditions because they’ve been so chickified and softened. The pioneer spirit that helped their ancestors survive the harsh conditions of the Wild West had sadly demised long time ago.

Today the college “snowflakes” are expert whiners about the “hurtful” words they cannot bear to hear. Take their smart devices away, free birth control, and “recreational” pot, and they are totally lost.

Letter from Tasmania

On January 7, 2018, I got a most interesting letter from my friend Rostislav in Tasmania:

"Many thanks for your 'Exodus from Tyranny', dear Ileana, - historically it’s a very fruitful theme, indeed! But, truth to tell, it’s rather sad to read again and again about all sorts of 'Smart and cautious refugees, who are FLEEING.' I’d prefer finally to read one beautiful day some great article about the unusual 'Resolved and brave citizens, who are FIGHTING their inhuman regimes'.     However I understand perfectly well (thanks not to some faraway Venezuela’s example, but, alas, thanks to my own Russia’s one) that my hope is hardly anything but a rosy dream: you see, leaving for Australia in my 75 only, I gave nearly all my life to the exposing – often with quite a cruel price for it – the Soviet crimes in my articles, in my books, in my later work as the Siberian Parliament’s representative. The same task was even better performed by a lot of my much more brilliant contemporaries, from Solzhenitsyn to Bukovski. So what? So nothing: 18 years ago my countrymen have freely elected (without any machine-guns or gulags behind) for their president the KGB boss. They were most obediently voting for the same Putin ever since.
    Well, probably it’s nothing to be too much astonished about the Putin’s electorate after our witnessing the 2008-2012 victories of the pro-Communist, pro-Islamic and pro-Terrorism 'community organizer' with falsified identity papers – where did it happen? Not in any Russia, Uzbekistan or Indonesia, but in the Land of the Free…
     Your 'Exodus from Tyranny' has made me to re-read most pleasantly – thank you! - one of my most cherished English-language worn books brought from Russia (it was strict forbidden there, naturally): 'Sailing to Freedom' by Voldemar Veedam and Carl Wall about the incredibly hard transatlantic escape in the late 1945 (137 days to the North Caroline’s Cape Henry) of several Estonian families (with their children!) in an old 36-feet fishing boat. Do you know the story? If not, the volume surely does deserve your attention!
With every good wish from your thankful Tasmanian reader

Friday, January 5, 2018

Exodus from Tyranny

If you are trying to escape from your country and they shoot you in the back, that’s not a nation, it’s a prison. Nobody would risk it all if life was good and happy. No Cuban would get into a rickety boat or try to swim in shark-infested waters to the U.S. shores if life was so great in Cuba. People attempt to escape oppressive, tyrannical governments that keep their bodies and minds imprisoned in conditions that most Americans cannot fathom.

People escaped the communist Iron Curtain in many ingenious ways since the Bolsheviks closed borders to the West. They were not allowed to see how much better people lived under free market governments. Some would be defectors made it and some did not. They escaped by boat, U-Boat, hot air balloons, chair lifts, cars, small planes, crop dusters, swimming, crawling, hiding in the car engine compartment, hiding inside passenger seats, evading their guards at sports competitions abroad, digging tunnels under the border, and traveling with fake passports. The human ingenuity to escape oppression and to seek freedom is boundless.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum documents many escapes and fails, including the death of Peter Fechter who bled to death in front of the white border line and before the eyes of the entire world on August 17, 1962. He became the symbol of what is wrong with socialism and communism – the communist party government keeps people fenced in like a prison and, if they try to escape, they will meet a swift death. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum claims that 1,303 people were killed until 1989, trying to escape from the German Democratic Republic, a communist stronghold, to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Few stories of successful escapes are as complicated as Albani’s. I wrote the two-part account of his 1969 escape from communism and the return a year later to help his wife defect as well. Albani became a successful engineer who worked for years in New York.
I never understood why young liberals yearn for socialism with such passion when none of their activist “role models,” Hollywood types and political figures, is in a hurry to move to the paradise they advocate for the rest of the millennials who are gullible enough to believe them.

I did not see Bernie Sanders move to the socialist paradise he promoted during his campaign and still does. On the contrary, he is happy in Vermont, with his expensive cars and homes.

I never saw a Hollywood star or a public person, activist, community organizer, or politician seek medical treatment and surgery in Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. Michael Moore told us they had the best medical care in the world and it is free.  What a deal!

Never mind that their hospital wards are decaying in a pathetic state of disrepair, neglected, dirty, with urine, feces, and caked on blood stains. Never mind that Venezuela, once a prosperous nation, after 18 years of Chavez’s and Maduro’s socialism, cannot even produce enough food, toilet paper, medicines, and gasoline for its people, even though it has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

Venezuelan millennials demonstrate against the regime weekly, to no avail. Their parents believed the socialist lies and voted in the rapacious socialists who stole the country’s wealth and became billionaires at the expense of the hapless poor to whom they threw a few freebies now and then as pacifying bones. As the regime keeps printing money without the backing of goods and services, the inflation rate in Venezuela has already skyrocketed to 720 percent after so many years of socialist “paradise.”

Community organizers, agitators, and socialist apparatchiks are not very good at planning centralized economies successfully. They have failed everywhere they tried on their way to communism. They have the gift of gab, policing, theft, and oppression.

Who knew that standing in endless lines in hot or cold weather for food, medicine, toilet paper, and other essentials spoiled American leftists take for granted, makes us better humans and enrich our lives?

I am still waiting to see western citizens crossing the border illegally into North Korea or Cuba because socialism is so great and desirable. The few Americans who were dumb enough to visit North Korea and ask for political asylum are imprisoned there.

According to Petrisor Peiu, shortly after the communist regime took power in Romania, 1945-1960, the country lost, by historians’ account, most of the intellectual elites. Those who remained and/or survived were reintegrated (indoctrinated) into society with many restrictions to their freedoms. Communism destroyed the fabric of society to such an extent that recovery has been very slow. It is hard to erase decades of fear, indoctrination, and welfare dependency mentality.

After 2000, according to United Nations’ estimates, 3.5 million Romanians, 17 percent of the population, left for greener economic pastures. Since the integration into the EU in 2007, 14,000 doctors and 30,000 registered nurses left, leaving behind only 57,000 doctors. In the massive brain drain, 300,000 engineers and other technical personnel sought residence and employment in other countries as well.

If socialism and communism are so great, why are so many people leaving? And once they get wherever their destination is, why are they trying to install through voting the very socialist or communist society they’ve fled? My educated guess is that the deep socialist and communist indoctrination from schools and colleges, coupled with youthful idealism, are hard to overcome.

If Fabian socialism of Western Europe is so enviable and desirable, why are they such a basket case of failed multiculturalism, drug culture, Muslim rapes, and bankrupt governments who tax their citizens to death?

Smart and cautious Venezuelans, who have seen the writing on the wall for a long time, are fleeing to neighboring countries in expectation of worse to come. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones and friends behind but have no choice. I should know, I left everything behind in 1978 and seldom do I regret that decision. But the freedom from communism exacted a heavy toll nevertheless.