Sunday, March 26, 2017

Socialized Health Care Disguised as Tax

Oh the joy of socialist free stuff
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It appears that Obamcare is here to stay. Those doctors who grew up with the conditioning notion of utopian “social justice” love it. Those doctors who hate the government intrusion and regulation into their medical practice hate it. The American public is split as well along those lines.

Nobody really believed that Obamacare, deplorably named the Affordable Care Act, would be amended to benefit the wishes of the American people, much less repeal it. Once a bureaucracy has been ensconced and billions and billions of dollars have been spent and trillions earmarked to be spent in the future, it cannot be walked back. The welfare dependency mentality of half of the country will prevent that.

Congress does not represent the middle class that pays taxes for Obamacare; it represents the interests of the major corporatist donors. Half of the country wanted and cheered when the Democrat Obamacare was passed in the dead of night, Christmas 2010, without any input from Republicans.

But Republicans are now in control of Congress and the White House and they are still doing the bidding of the Democrats and of their anti-America constituents – they want that shiny piece of plastic that says they have “free” insurance, it is demanded by their “social justice” platform. Never mind that this piece of plastic is worthless when it comes to providing them with world class healthcare or any healthcare at all once rationing of care commences.

Look at Venezuela’s healthcare if you can stomach the malpractice, filth, blood, decay, bugs, rats, neglect, abuse, and rust in their free clinics. Castro and Chavez never sought medical care for themselves in their own free medical care system, they came to see the best and the brightest doctors in the U.S. or had them flown in.

One of my uncles from Romania died recently of untreated pernicious anemia. The socialized medicine doctors told him to go home because he was too old and resources had to be used to treat younger people, he’s had his run in life. Never mind that, even on a bad day, he could still run circles around these young socialists, planting, tending to, and harvesting a huge garden every year to feed his family.  Had he had the money to give bribes to the government socialized care doctors to convince them to treat him, he would still be alive today.

Obamacare was never “free” health insurance or health insurance at all, it was a tax. At least that’s what Justice Roberts told us. It should have been called the Democrats’ Obama Tax. In the last seven years, it became obvious that people could not keep their doctors, their premiums skyrocketed, the deductibles went through the roof, they spied on your mental health, your gun ownership, and you paid for illegal aliens’ free medical care.

The same people who complained a few months ago that their insurance premiums kept going up and they had such high deductibles that they would never reach their impossible deductibles in any given year in order to use their insurance, now are happy that they are keeping Obamacare.  It’s easy to see how the one-carrier states might cease to cover them by 2018.

Does a government monopoly market and intrusion on every aspect of your life and death work well? Why is a 15-member non-medical panel the ultimate arbiter and decider of your medical care that may save your life but is expensive? Why should they decide your fate? How many cancer patients will be cleared for chemo, for example, when a treatment can cost upwards of $7,500?

Mandatory coverage should take into account the fact that some people deliberately lead a dangerous life that puts them at higher risk of disease. Like any other dangerous activity that is insured, such higher risk patients/customers should be placed in special insurance pools with higher premiums. It is simple economics. People who are healthy and lead a clean life should be rewarded with lower premiums.

Insurance should have never been offered as a condition of one’s employment. This keeps many people in terrible job conditions simply because they don’t want to lose their insurance. Make insurance portable and sell across state lines. The Cobra insurance when employment ceased was expensive and short-lived.

Few talk about reforming the legal system that allows frivolous lawsuits against doctors, making their malpractice insurance very expensive. Nobody talks about all the regulatory compliance with Obamacare that forces doctors to spend an inordinate amount of time on paperwork instead of seeing patients, and hiring extra staff just to keep up with the regulatory paperwork and computer electronic updates.

Dr. Lee Hieb suggested that patients with uninsurable illnesses should be kept on the Medicare system until their death but then the program should be phased out. The free market system used to price insurance tailored to the people’s needs and resources. Many Americans had no insurance but paid reasonable cash fees for care. When catastrophic illness hit, unless they had such insurance, they had to raise funds to pay for procedures.

Dr. Hieb also suggested the replacement of Medicaid with “personal health responsibility,” by establishing a health savings account for people who cannot afford insurance and a separate account for catastrophic health insurance coverage. The money could come from the health exchange subsidies and from other government sources.

According to Dr. Hieb “the federal government has no enumerated power to involve itself in health care at all, Medicare, Obamacare, and Medicaid are all equally unconstitutional.” Few examples exist where a bureaucracy has been repealed unless there was total social and political collapse.

To sum it up, when it comes to Obamcare, nothing is happening really fast in Congress, it is the same corporation, different divisions. As a famously quoted phrase said, "In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.

We can make suggestions until Doomsday, Obamascare is here to stay.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Who Stokes the Fire of Globalism?

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston S. Churchill

A total stranger asked me recently to name the one person who has done more damage to the U.S. by stoking the global communism fire. The answer is rather complex but I gave him a simplistic one - the education system with its hundreds of thousands of teachers who indoctrinate children eight hours a day, from kindergarten through college, into the utopia called Marxism. He had asked for the name of the one omnipotent person he wanted held responsible for the destruction of our country and the social engineering of western civilization.

Because United States is such a vast country, it is harder for the average American to see how they’ve been manipulated on so many fronts for a century now, in schools, in the media, through books, in the economic, judicial, political, and the health care realm, and how the elite globalist social engineering has taken hold in all fifty states like a metastasized cancer. They are now running the country; no matter which branch of the same political tree, R or D, is in power, the agenda goes on unabated. One can look at the results of the recent Dutch election and realize that self-destructive voters are hopeless.

It is easier to study a small country and point out how it has devolved into the current status quo by putting the events under the microscope of time. As it is often the case, the majority of people are oblivious to what is really happening under their noses. Lacking real information, the smart few turn to conspiracy theories, which sometimes are proven correct. But the majority of people rely on propaganda, the result of concerted efforts by those in power to manipulate them through the mass media, political disinformation, and through brainwashing in schools.

Paul Ghitiu, former Romanian Senator and publisher of “Vocile Dreptei,” (Voices on the Right) wrote on March 16, 2017, “After having read thousands and thousands of documents, analyses, studies, articles, I concluded that almost all theories and revelations that appear on the market and are classified as ‘conspiracy theories,’ are real. But those unmasked, who are guilty and have the press in their pockets, financial, political, national military interests, and especially international ones, catalogue such accusations under the above label, ridiculing the information that reaches the public opinion.”

Ghitiu mentions, in a recent article titled, “Soros Accused of Inciting Racial Hatred and Violence,” the “malefic” Soros’ fingerprints through his Open Society Foundations that are active all over the world, including Romania. Ghitiu references ‘democratic’ “organizations from Romania (supported among others with or only with money from Open Society and other Soros organizations) with strategies, programs, with threats from the progressive politically correct arsenal of ‘discrimination, xenophobia, fascism, and racism,’ incitement to hatred, division, anarchy, with the arbitrary imposition of educational politics (sexual education), political diversity (LGBT, gay parades, civil unions, homosexual marriage), of politics of migration, and abandonment of identity and nationalism.”

It is alleged that the people of Romania (19.83 million) were not necessarily interested in joining the European Union (2007) and NATO (2004), it was the desire of a few politicians who were bought by the outside technocrats, bribery which allegedly resulted in the coup d’├ętat of 1989. It freed the population from oppressive communism so they cheered on. They were also able to travel freely and eventually seek employment in the western part of Europe. But joining the EU and NATO has had drastic consequences which altered the country forever from a nationalistic and economic point of view.

The traditional Romanian army was never the same. Industries were destroyed by selling factories for pennies on the dollar to foreign transnationals who did not want competition from domestic goods. On the other hand, one could argue that some factories were not really profitable under communism; many needed serious modernizing or even closing entirely.

The communist apparatchiks, formerly in power and in control of all records, sold out various factories, pocketed the proceeds, and made themselves instant millionaires and billionaires. They did so while the people were drunk with the euphoria of freedom, not realizing what was happening, and not knowing that those charged with enforcing the rule of law were in on the take as well. By the time the population realized what was happening, it was too late.

Large companies that were managing natural resources, such as Petrom, Distrigaz, Electrica, were sold to foreign monopolies, with profits going to the countries of origin, without any taxation.

Dishonest individuals and politicians in power sold for personal gain the rights to the national resources and natural reserves of the soil and subsoil. Huge forests were cut down and sold to timber industries abroad.

The financial weakening of the state occurred by importing more corruption from abroad. The sale and bankruptcy of Romanian banks weakened the country’s ability to control its monetary policy and the state had to resort to borrowing from foreign banks. Any kind of economic and financial development incentive or concession came with strings attached.

The destruction of many jobs, the growth of unemployment, and the low pay forced qualified workers to migrate elsewhere in the EU. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Romanian families were broken up; children were left in the care of elderly grandparents, themselves in need of care. Depopulation in Romania made room for its colonization by migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

According to some sources, Romania lost over 40 percent of arable land because of EU treaties. Foreigners and Romanians no longer living in the country were given the right to purchase land in Romania.

“The 2003 Constitution, voted and promoted by the entire political class, with only two days of an alleged “fraudulent” referendum, gave away Romania’s sovereignty.  The political class never disclosed to the people that the Romanian sovereignty would be ceded to the European Union.” (Art. 44, 148, 149)

Following its adherence to the EU in 2007, Romania was forced to spend billions of dollars annually in order to sustain various EU organizations under the guise of managing European funds properly and of inspecting various organizations for compliance with EU.

It is alleged by some sources that “Romania’s current debt, over $66 billion, can never be repaid even in ten generations.” The problem is that the rational voices of dissent are drowned out by domestic and foreign corruption, and by dishonest politicians put in power with foreign money.

Romanians are demanding independence from the EU in order to rebuild their own country. The elitist foreign influence is destroying what is left of their economy and of their nationalism. Romanian children are indoctrinated into global citizenship, divorcing them entirely from their history and their national identity through curricula, mass media, advertising, and Hollywood.

Sadly, the Romanian people, who had suffered so much and had fought so hard for their independence, replaced one dictator, the communist party and its supreme dear leader Ceausescu, with a global elitist technocracy, run by the EU and multinational corporatist interests.

Pondering the question again, who is stoking this globalist communist fire and global citizenship across the planet, it is safe to say that one individual with a lot of money to burn is quite influential; U.N. plays a big part, academia, media, Hollywood, the military industrial complex, transnationals, the non-governmental organization (NGOs) lobby, and corrupt politicians. But a complacent, dumbed down, and welfare-dependent citizenry, through voting, backed the elitists and the Marxists with their empty promises of egalitarian utopia, and are thus causing their own demise.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#Resist, a Global Commie Totalitarian Movement

The leftist hordes of a communist political culture are on the march around the globe, in alliance with Islamofascism. These young people are shaped by universities, the media, Hollywood with their trashy productions and vile behavior, corrupt politicians with allegiance only to their own pockets, the multi-nationals, the corrupt judiciary, unions, and non-profits with billions and billions of dollars of funding from elitist billionaires such as George Soros who fancy themselves the social engineers of one world government and of the climate change industry.

What happened to American universities since the early 1970s has finally reverberated around the world, like a wave created by a small stone thrown on a placid lake. It has now become a tsunami of #resist anarchists and drones around the western world. They are now resisting authority, law and order, and the capitalist system that had made their parents successful in the first place. Marching under the banner of feminism and equality, asking to be Muslims, and promoting the subjugation of women in western societies, violent millennials are bullying anybody who is a Christian and a nationalist.

Campuses have become bastions of leftism and anti-Americanism. According to David Horowitz, the schools of education are now training teachers for social justice in every major.  “An entire series of texts designed for teacher instruction and published by Columbia Teachers College is devoted to ‘teaching social justice’ in mathematics and other unlikely subjects. Its editor is Obama collaborator and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.” (David Horowitz, “Big Agenda,” p. 117)

Even in former Soviet-bloc countries the curriculum at all levels has been diluted by inconsequential studies that add nothing to scholarship or knowledge: ethnic studies, women’s studies, islamophobia studies, intersectionality, mixing biology, sex, religion, age, caste, nationality, race, and other bizarre criteria as systems of domination, discrimination, and oppression – all because the left finds social inequality and injustice everywhere.

Universities are no longer places of scholarship, invention, discovery, divergent opinions, peaceful discussion, but places of miseducation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. What these academics have achieved in a few decades, the totalitarian communists could only dream of. Inadequate graduates, who should have never been admitted to college in the first place, are now vessels of little knowledge who were told ad nauseam what to think, not how to think.

Radicals have crawled from the underground, spurred on by eight years of a radical American president who stoked the culture and racial wars non-stop, bringing America and its economy to its knees. The rest of the world watched in horror and disbelief the fall of the once great nation while dealing with their own problems brought on by a planned refugee invasion of Europe of millions of unvetted refugees from Middle-Eastern and African countries that harbor camps of Islamists fighting a holy war against Christianity.

Angela Merkel of Germany has managed to destroy her own country and many other countries in Europe who were forced to accept this flood of mostly single young Muslim men. And allegations are floating that she did it in order to save face, for optics, as the media would have gone berserk watching women and children being stopped at the border. For the sake of Merkel’s optics, Europe has become a safe-haven for terrorists and savages who slash and burn their way across many European countries with generous welfare states and no backbone to say no because it contradicts their multiculturalist generosity and Fabian socialist values.

It is not just the European youth who want to stay in college forever at the expense of government, with no idea as to what kind of taxes the rest of society must pay for all the welfare. Millennials are learning from their European counterparts that they deserve everything for free simply because they exist. The elderly in the former Iron Curtain countries are longing for the “simple days of communism.” And the young, who have no experience or idea what communism was like foolishly vote and demonstrate to bring about neo-communism.

The youth of Macedonia are involved in #resist and are active in trying to destabilize their center-right government, using anarchist advice from a translation into Macedonian of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, and money from the many radical NGOs in the west, allegedly including the Open Society Foundations.

Much of the youth in Romania who demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands for days, resisting (#resist) against an imaginary oppression, did not bother to vote because the government was not giving them discounts to go by bus to vote, only to those who had to go by train. According to my friend Darius, who lives in Romania, the Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) hard-core senior supporters threatened their grandchildren if they went out to vote.  The elderly nostalgia for communism included the PSD promise of higher pensions. It did not matter to them that the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, was a “convicted criminal.” “Dragnea appointed a Muslim woman as Prime Minister. President Klaus Johannis rejected his PM choice as her husband’s ties to Syria came to light.”

Twenty-seven years after the theoretical fall of communism, Romania still struggles with the scars left by decades of totalitarian rule under a brutal communist dictator. Lacking the Romanian version of the American dream, most people put in positions of power use their authority to enrich themselves and their friends because stealing was a way of survival under communism and it remains “glorified” today. People vote for corrupt and often uneducated leaders because they sell their votes for a disposable cell phone or a 15 euro bribe. Then they complain when nothing changes. Corruption is a way of life, including the expectation and acceptance of bribes.

Poor Romanians, who fell through the cracks of EU development funds, still live the same deprived lives. They may find more food but cannot afford it, nor are they able to bribe doctors under the socialized medical care system. Unable to afford private insurance premiums, such superior care remains a luxury service. Consequently, many die of treatable conditions while waiting their turn  in numerous lines to be seen by socialized medicine government doctors.

Communist rhetoric of equality and social justice entices and mesmerizes well-fed and clothed American millennials who are surrounded by wealth, food, proper medical care, good housing, transportation, college education paid by Pell grants, electronic gadgets, their Starbucks lattes, heating, cooling, clean streets, cars, and malls. They have no idea what communist life was and is like. Few visit Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea to see how people actually live under communist oppression. Thoroughly brainwashed, millennials dismiss as propaganda all testimonials of those who had lived under communism, survived and escaped to the west.

As Eugene Lyons wrote in his 1937 book, Assignment to Utopia,  ”The Russian Revolution, in March, 1917, was, for most of the boys in my college freshman classes, just one more headline in a time replete with startling news.” They understood it as the initial stage of the world revolution, the fight against capitalists in America, the very capitalism that gave new American arrivals an opportunity to a better life.

“Anarchists, socialists, American lumberjacks, Jewish clothing workers, Russian intellectuals, Italian terrorists, Hindu nationalists, even liberals with creases in their pants and Harvard accents” were part of the radical movements during Eugene Lyon’s youth.

Not unlike today, the rabid anarchists of the turn of the twentieth century were brainwashed in college and on the streets to fight against the “capitalist injustice.” Their simpler motives were greed and envy. The sweat shops of the have nots and the opulence of the haves were infuriating the anarchists, many of whom were either coming from a working class background or were well off and ashamed of their creature comforts, yet were unwilling to give them up.

The shackles binding the people of the world to oppression were the shackles fashioned by communist revolutionaries and Bolsheviks who had a huge following of college-age anarchists. Crafty and sly, the commies sugar-coated empty and deceptive promises of egalitarian utopia, passing on clever euphemisms to new generations, including today’s oblivious global citizen youth who have no clue what they are dreaming of and demanding in their #resist demonstrations and riots.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Photo:  Ileana Johnson 2015
Tonight, the much awaited Snowmageddon 2017 came in the form of a wicked icy slush. Nobody must have heard of March snows – March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Some grocery stores were emptied of milk and bread – the global warmists were afraid they would starve. I rushed to come home from the nursing home for fear that I might get stuck for six hours in an inch of snow as it happened two years ago on the Occoquan River Bridge.

The changing pressure is wreaking havoc inside my painful knees but I must stay mobile to see mom and to help my hubby recover from chemo. Today was a good day, she was happy, in less pain, and recognized me.

As always, I bring candy bars and chocolate to mom’s neighbors who are not diabetic. When I first got off the elevator I encountered the retired sailor with a proud tattoo on his wrist. He is always smiling and watching those who come and go on the keyed elevator. We always chat a bit and sometimes I bring him a couple of pieces of wrapped chocolate.

Mimi and I adopted Lakshmi across the hall from mom’s room. We have no idea what she says, she chatters in her Indian dialect that only her family and personal physician understand. Her room has no decorations at all; as soon as her family puts pictures on the walls, she takes them down. She refuses to wear any other outfit except one favorite dress. When the staff bathes her, they dress her in clean clothes but she changes quickly back into her favorite dress. I take her chocolate every time. We only truly communicate when she greets me with “Namaste.”

Last week Mimi ordered pizza for mom. Lakshmi and Maria came into the room and everybody ate pizza and watched TV – Lakshmi does not have a TV in her room. She is highly mobile and often checks in on mom  to make sure she has not fallen. Mom can barely stand now.

One day mom was eating breakfast in her chair and Lakshmi came in and made her bed. It seemed to give her joy to do that so we let her. It is almost comical to watch them huddled in the hallway, talking to each other in their respective languages, not one understanding what the other said, yet they nod and smile as if they have just shared a funny story.

It is so lonely for these residents, most of them don’t have any family visiting them at all or visit them infrequently. I cannot imagine not going to see my mom two or three times a week. Americans are a funny bunch, they talk about how much they miss their families, especially after they died, yet while the loved ones are still alive, they never take the time to go see them, to tell them in person how much they missed them. As a European who grew up with a very large extended family, I find that odd.

During Bingo days, Mimi and I take hand lotion bottles for prizes and bags of Lindt chocolate as a treat. The social worker makes sure those who are diabetic only get sugar free treats.

Mimi bought a large birthday cake for everyone on Mardi Gras. It was not a King cake, nobody at our local grocery store even heard of Mardi Gras much less bake such a special treat. But the residents were so happy!

I hope and pray that God continues to keep me mobile so I can bring a little joy to a few of the residents in mom’s nursing home, especially those who are immobile and trapped in their rooms. Mobility is a blessing that most of us don’t appreciate until we lose it in the twilight of our years.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Sea of Plastic of Almeria

Almeria in southern Spain, with its 55,000 greenhouses, occupying an area of 150,000 square miles, grows vegetables and feeds most of Europe. The entire area is visible from space, looking like a desert covered in rectangular patches of snow.
Called the sea of plastic of Almeria, the plastic roof covers reflect the sunlight back into space, causing the outside temperatures in the area to drop by ONE degree.
The global warming "consensus scientists" think of this as a possibility to save the planet from global warming Armageddon.
And such a scientific headache, like any other expensive idea the global warming alarmists have cooked up, should cost us trillions.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pushing Now U.N. Agenda 2030 with Social Engineering of the Elderly

The One World Governance of U.N. Agenda 21, now morphed into U.N. Agenda 2030, requires that every societal decision be based on the environmental impact on global land use, education, and population control and reduction.

The lynchpin of this agenda, Sustainable Development, has deemed “not sustainable” most human activities that form our modern civilization: private property, suburban sprawl, fossil fuels, consumerism, farming, irrigation, commercial agriculture, pesticides, herbicides, farmland, grazing of livestock, paved roads, golf course, ski lodges, logging, dams, reservoirs, fences, power lines, and the family unit.

As Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the U.N.’s Earth Summit said in 1992, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

Fossil fuel energy must be replaced by solar and wind generated power, no matter what the cost and consequences will be to humans and to wildlife. And both solar panels and wind turbines are decimating wildlife.

The Paris Climate Agreement signed in 2016 by 178 countries, the same nations that ratified the 1992 U.N. Agenda 21, was touted as an “incredible achievement.” According to Dr. Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center in Denmark, “the Paris Agreement will cost a fortune, but do little to reduce global warming.” The cost by the end of the century will be astronomical, $100 trillion, he said, with an insignificant decrease (0.023 degrees F) in temperatures supposedly caused by carbon pollution.

Conserving the planet, water, soil, and air for future generations and taking measures to reduce pollution is quite different from the scam of the climate change industry that is punishing humans dearly for existing. Somehow, in the globalist mind, taxing and redistributing wealth to the third world are supposed to arrest and reverse the much maligned anthropogenic global warming. Sending humans back to a simple, pre-civilization life is magically going to stop the planet from going through normal cycles of cooling and warming. Yet little is made of the Vostok ice core samples that have proven that such swings in global temperatures have occurred naturally without any interference from human activity.

As I wrote in my 2012 book, “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” there is never a shortage of new converts to the global warming scam as the educational system is deliberately dumbing down our students in order to accept the Sustainable Development goals. “Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to Sustainability.”

Agenda 2030 is spread by Public Private Partnerships and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), now re-baptized Local Governments for Sustainability. Smart Growth, Green Growth, Green Building Codes, Going Green, to name a few, are Sustainable Development (SD) policies implemented at local levels with tax dollars channeled through Public Private Partnerships between the federal government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

With the help of the American Planning Association, grants reach municipalities that are in dire straits financially, distributing them to struggling communities, grants that came with strings attached such as “visioning consensus,” the vision of a third, unelected government tier, composed of the United Nations and non-profit foundations that promote the interest of globalists and wild animals over the interest of the local humans.

U.N. Agenda 2030 makes suggestions and recommendations that are adapted into law at state and local level through comprehensive land use plans which are voted on and included by the board of supervisors into local zoning codes. Citizens do not understand its damaging ramifications to their private property, to the ability to make a living, to use their land, grow food in their gardens, irrigate their crops, sell their produce freely, and collect rainwater and snowmelt on their own property.

U.N. Agenda 2030 goals and recommendations include several types of social engineering:

-          Redistribution of population according to resources, a type of social engineering that includes removing any borders around the globe

-          Government control of land use in order to achieve equitable distribution of resource, hence the social justice movement around the globe

-          Land use control through zoning and planning

-          Government control of excessive profits from land use

-          Urban and rural land control through public land ownership

-          Regionalist authorities in control of development rights, superseding local and state government authority

U.N. Agenda 2030 aims to control:

-          Energy production, delivery, distribution, and consumption via Smart Grid, Smart Meters, and renewables

-          Food growth via FDA regulations

-          Education via a curriculum centered on the environment, Mother Earth, and global citizenship

-          Water through irrigation denial in agriculture, home use, recreation, limited hydroelectric generation

-          Land through abolishing private property

-          Finance through a single currency

-          Population by reducing it to “manageable levels” through sterilization and eugenics

-          No borders, no sovereignty

-          No national language and culture, no national history

-          Mobility restriction to 5-minute walk/bike to/from work, school, shopping, entertainment

-          Longer distance travel via rail use

-          No homesteading, stacking people in high-rise mixed-use tenements in order to designate formerly privately-owned land for wildlife habitat

Living small is heavily promoted around the world. People are encouraged to live in spaces the size of a small RV, packing and unpacking furniture daily in order to be able to move around their tiny spaces, to sleep, cook, and sit down. While this many seem attractive to a young person who cannot afford to pay a lot of rent, it is very difficult to raise a family in a 250-400 square feet of space, less than the average hotel room. Americans will be hard-pressed to give up their land, suburban homes and living, and move into such crammed quarters.

The latest push in the Agenda 2030 is to “rethink development to prepare for aging population.” The aging population has managed to live just fine for centuries without social engineers re-directing their life styles to fit into the globalists’ plans. Floridians even built their own highly successful retiree town called the Villages.

The Institute for Research on Public Policy discovered that “With Canada’s population aging rapidly, municipalities must refocus their community planning efforts to deal with the impact of decades-old car-dependent suburban sprawl that leaves less-mobile seniors isolated.”

What is the solution? Amend the land-use plans to make housing “age-friendly” – “walkable development and promoting aging at home, nudge municipalities to take concrete steps to integrate the age-friendly concept in their planning and development-review processes.”

“The suburbs of the future are pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that contain a mix of housing types and provide for the needs of residents at all stages of their lives.”

I bold-faced certain words because they are exactly the words used in the original U.N. Agenda 21 goals of controlling population movement, car use, location, mixed housing, and walkability. Municipalities have added “park benches, better lighting, and clearer signage.” But that is not enough progress towards the full implementation of U.N.’s Agenda 2030.

To believe that the government really cares about the fate of their elderly population is dubious. As government reduces their access to medical care, sky-rockets their insurance premiums, and taxes them so much that they are unable to pay for assisted living, these planners are trying to crowd the elderly into tiny apartments on the premise that their lives would be improved by proximity to public transportation, work, shopping, dining, and entertainment. It is just another attempt to herd human beings into tiny spaces in order to control land use, mobility, and urban sprawl, all Sustainable Development goals.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cultural Marxism and the Red International Women's Day

Photo: Wikipedia
Global civic demonstrations as practiced by young and compass-less anarchist hordes has become the latest expression of cultural Marxism, an “unseen plague which corrupted America” and now threatens the rest of the western world, including small, formerly communist countries that allegedly overcame Soviet satellite status.  

To understand why I use the term “allegedly,” you must understand the nostalgia of older generations, for the good ole simple days of communism, the longing for the days when they were dependent on the meager rations doled out to them monthly by the communist party apparatchiks in order to keep them compliant and willing to be subjected to the utopia of “communist freedom,” a form of mental and physical enslavement.

The insidious cultural Marxism has affected the minds of millions, how they think, how they perceive the world around them, life in general, and how humanity evolved.  Academia, liberal textbooks, and books in general, movies, the main stream media, Internet, and television have shaped a new generation of drones who worship at the feet of cultural Marxism.

Karl Marx and the Bolsheviks in Russia tried to unite the proletariat by force under the Soviet banner but countries resisted, they cared more about their nationalism, their borders, about their economic freedom than the Bolshevik’s envy and desire to destroy capitalist success. But Antonio Gramsci’s idea, lesser known to the western world, was to change the western culture, the American and European culture slowly, so that the new generations will be willing and eager to accept Marxism.

The Marxist-Communist Party in Germany established in 1923 an institute later known as the Frankfurt School, to overturn the accepted societal standards and replace them with Marxist ideals. When Hitler rose to power, these “scholars” were chased out of Germany and they sought refuge in America, at Columbia University in New York – George Lukas, Antonio Gramsci, Charles Reich, Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Wilhelm Reich.

So far they’ve been quite successful in destroying Christian morals upon which the west was founded, replacing Christianity with values such as “cultural pessimism, sexual revolution, destruction of marriage and family, feminism, gender identity, transgenderism, bathroom use by biological opposites, and same sex marriage.”

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and other NGOs, injected the virus of Cultural Marxism into societies around the globe, with large infusions of cash that produced generations of followers at universities, high schools, middle and elementary schools, in the mass media, and Hollywood’s militant actors who fancy themselves the ultimate scholarly authority.  Generations of politicians, actors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, professors, and other intellectuals have graduated from this school of thought in the last 25 years.

Many advisors to presidents in Europe and the U.S. have been brainwashed as well into the Cultural Marxism school of thought. A very high percentage of my former high school and college students were products of Cultural Marxism and its intolerance for divergent opinions and belief systems.

Europe, by virtue of its location, is more advanced in its acceptance and total embrace of Cultural Marxism but we are not that far behind.

Communists who call themselves progressives today have co-opted language and invented Political Correctness, a form of language censorship, among other things, to indoctrinate the pliable youth into Marxism.  You could say that language matters.

The slogan Forward, used in the past by communists and fascists alike, is a good case in point. Forward to what? The Chinese under Mao went so forward with Marxist exploitation of the masses that they starved their own people to death. The Soviet people starved to death under Stalin, often by design as was the case in Ukraine, other times because the economic five-year central planning of the Communist Party was a disaster.

Hillary’s campaign used the slogan Forward in recent times. Her young and old supporters cheered like the sheep they were. How forward did the Democrat states and cities go? Look at the financial disaster that the state of California is and at the impoverished Detroit and other Democrat-ruled bastions, and you will understand the Democrat’s communist brand of Forward.

Democrats and the virulent left have totally appropriated terminology in political discussions. Ordinary people hear sound bites, over and over, and believe them because most people take their information from the main stream media.

Progressives are now involved in “resistance,” they “resist” through violence a duly-elected President they do not like by calling him “Hitler.” The man has done absolutely nothing to resemble what Hitler did to millions in Europe during WWII and in his concentration camps. Progressives are using “resist” as if they are fighting against injustice or some kind of oppression that does not exist. The term, however, has now spread around the world because the communist left is well-funded by globalists who want to make sure there is a pliant populace in the entire western world. The young people “resist” through street demonstrations paid by the same Soros-sponsored NGOs.

If you want a pause in immigration, for safety reasons, you are immediately labeled by vitriolic lefties and “Islamophobe” or “racist,” no logical discussion is allowed any further.

The words the left loves to throw in people’s faces, “Palestinian,” or “Palestinian state,” were invented by Yasser Arafat; the term stuck even though these people are Arabs, many are nomadic Bedouins, who have never ever had their own state or even a city.

In the leftist jargon, the words “equal opportunity,” actually mean preferential treatment to a group of people they see as having been taken advantage of by the evil capitalists. The fact that many of these people do not deserve the things they get for free is lost to the communist left. “Social justice” means taking from those who worked hard and succeeded, and give it to those who were lazy or failed. In order words, redistribute the middle class wealth according to communist dictates, while the elites get to keep their wealth. Failure is not acceptable to a communist – you must have failed because the system held you back.

Word usage is very important in the communist war against the minds of the ordinary Americans. Leftists are masters in inventing euphemisms or repurposing words in order to pass their global communist agenda. Somehow, by hook or by crook, all of you are going to live under the Democrat’s brand of communism/Islamofascism.

Progressives, a misnomer, as they should be called Regressives, are committing cultural suicide on your behalf and you are agreeing through silence, afraid to speak, pinned between the official corner of free speech zones at universities and Political Correctness at your work.

Cultural Marxism was evident today, on the International Women’s Day, a day sanctioned by the United Nations and celebrated in all current and former communist countries. Women were told to protest their importance today and to stay home from work, not buy anything, and wear red in solidarity with the March 8 communist celebration.

The biggest participants in this protest were teachers who stayed home in droves, resulting in some cases in the closing of schools. Perhaps that spared children from one more day of social justice brainwashing. Now you really know which commies are indoctrinating your children into Cultural Marxism eight hours every day, every school year.




Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paul Blumstein's Argument Why Politics Does Not Belong in Science

From an email from my friend, Paul Blumstein, posted with his permission:

"My background is in science. Around 1960, my uncle gave me a large box full of Scientific Americans he had saved from the fifties. I binge-read every issue!

When I had a source of income, I subscribed to Scientific American, Popular Science, Popular Electronics and Science News. Much later, I added Wired.

A number of years ago, I began noticing that some articles in Scientific American were colored by politics. That is not what science is supposed to be about. I went to the masthead and saw that John Rennie was the Editor in Chief. It didn’t take long for me to discover that he was a member of the CFR: a globalist political organization. I didn’t renew.

Lately, I’ve become more and more miffed about articles in Wired. They have become blatantly political. I’m not miffed because it has different political opinions than I do: when I read a science/technology magazine, I expect to find science/technology articles. There are way too many political opinions all around us hitting us in the face. When I want politics, I want to go to it, not have it come to me.

My subscription ends February 2018 so I called Wired and said “please cancel.” They said that I took out the subscription with Amazon and had to cancel through them. So, I went to Amazon to discover that in 2015, I paid for a one year auto-renew subscription. It was very easy to cancel and get a refund. It even had an optional comment box to let the publisher know why I canceled.

Politics does not belong in Science. Be careful of the things you read because it may be influenced by politics."

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Senator Joe McCarthy and Hollywood

Sen. Joe McCarthy, a WWII hero, belittled and vilified by Hollywood and the MSM alike, has been vindicated not just by the release of the Venona papers but, most recently, by the appalling and constant anti-American rhetoric and behavior of Hollywood. There were communists in Hollywood. Today actors and actresses are no longer shy about their communist views and affiliations and want to make sure that Americans buy into their communist social engineering and perversions while they enjoy the spoils of celebrity capitalism.

In 1995 the NSA released translation of Soviet cables decrypted in the 1940 by the Venona Project. “Venona was a top-secret U.S. effort to gather and decrypt messages sent in the 1940s by agents of what is now called the KGB and the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence agency. The cables revealed the identities of numerous Americans who were spies for the Soviet Union, including those chronicled in NOVA’s “Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies.”

Overtly communist anarchists and pro-Islamic activists with a microphone in their hands attack the tax-paying middle class during organized protests that turn into riots, calling ordinary Americans names that cannot be repeated in polite company, not the least of which is “simpletons” and “delusional,” suffering of “cognitive dissonance” because most Americans refuse to believe their immigration lies and the anthropogenic global warming deception.

Hollywood and the MSM are hotbeds of Marxists, no longer hiding their hatred for the fly-over country, the millions of Americans they want to make irrelevant because they happen to love our country and disagree with their global communist agenda of re-engineering our lives in the image of their desired tyranny.

Actors and singers are drunk with self-importance. The vicious Hollywood denizens forget that they have money and a lavish lifestyle because we, the middle class “simpletons,” highly educated, successful in their own careers, paid to see their movies, plays, and concerts.

Americans in general spend their hard-earned money to “watch you pretend to be characters in movies and on TV. Your only job is to entertain us, to take us away from reality. Your personal opinion means nothing to us. You are significant and influential only in your own mind and within the minds of your elitist peers. You are a marionette to us and nothing more. Your job is to sing, act, and hold your opinions to yourself.” (David van Ness)

Some CEOs are equally eager to impose their world views on Americans by mixing the retailing of their products with their far left political views and anti-Americanism. Americans can use their wallets to send a message to these CEOs that they can live without their goods and services, buying from pro-American businesses. Often the progressive (read communist) ideology espoused by a CEO backfires and their stock takes a considerable dive, in some cases racking up billions of dollars in revenue losses.

Most recently, Nordstrom’s move to remove Ivanka Trump’s line of clothes under the pretense that her clothes did not sell well anymore backfired.  The timing was circumspect, to say the least. Many conservative women immediately closed their accounts, cut up their store credit cards, and returned thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise back to the nearby stores. One woman returned $14,000 worth of shoes and purses from one transaction.

Many women, myself included, in a gesture of solidarity with our President and his family, bought Ivanka Trump merchandise from other retailers such as the Canadian-owned Lord & Taylor.  

Unfortunately, returning merchandise back to the return-friendly store, does not really affect the retailer that much; they have contracts with the various wholesalers and can cut their losses by returning defective or unwanted items at cost to the respective wholesaler.

Returns on a whim or for a boycott affect the associates, whether liberal or conservative, associates who work hard on commission and are punished by their employers for not meeting their goals when large returns occur.

When an associate spends an entire hour to make a sale to a difficult or demanding customer, and that shopper later returns everything she bought, either for buyer remorse or because she wanted to boycott the store, associates suffer. Since payroll is the largest item for a company, any boycotted store responds by cutting employee hours. The billionaire major stockholder owners seldom suffer, they make up the temporary losses in the long run unless the boycott is sustained.

For a few days, in a move of solidarity with stores that removed Ivanka Trump’s line, progressive women showed up with a “holier than thou attitude,” purchasing a single and inexpensive item, telling the sales person that they’ve never shopped there before but they came in that time to buy something, symbolic of their intolerant cause.

Because progressives don’t generally take economics classes for their social justice or women’s studies degrees, they cannot possibly understand that repeat and satisfied customers make a substantial difference in the bottom line of any business, not snowflakes trying to score a misguided political point.

We must not allow Hollywood, wealthy athletes, and CEOs to bully us into submission to their leftist political view of the world. We must vote for our capitalist way of life with our wallets and make them understand that it is the free market economy based on supply and demand that has put them in the affluent positions and the jet-set lifestyle they enjoy so much.

Shooting the goose that lays the golden egg is not a good idea. When the goose dies, a.k.a. the middle class, so does the wealthy elitist lifestyle.  As an actor or athlete, you become irrelevant and the pliable subject of a totalitarian regime that will tell you if, when, and how you can exhibit your “talent,” and it must be the communist-approved or theocracy-sanctioned kind of “talent,” presented in the proper attire for women.