Sunday, March 31, 2019

“We Are Serving the Working People”

It appears that America’s youth are turning collectivist and the ranks are swelling by the day with help from the accommodating indoctrinators called educators and Howard Zinn’s textbooks bastardizing history and Common Core standards of lower education now nine years old and covering most of America’s schools. Academics has taken a back seat to progressive activism 101.
Old progressives, simmering and stewing for the decades, and their young converts are working feverishly to squelch Individual freedom, private property, and limited government. They used to be the tenets of our society but now, the generations attached at the hip to their blue light electronic devices, provided by free market capitalism, have decided that socialism suits them better. Social Democrats, as they call themselves now, have promised so many phony pie in the sky freebies that they cannot resist the urge to fundamentally transform their parents’ America which is now passé.

They want economic justice, a harmonious society with no strife, prosperity for all, a society in which nobody has to work if they don’t want to. Somehow, in this socialist utopia, everyone has a perfect work ethic and is absolutely altruistic and generous to a fault, giving their time, wealth, success, and money to be spread evenly among the non-producers who just want to chill in their parents’ basements and smoke free marijuana provided by the benevolent state.
In this utopia they learned from their teachers in school, there is no misery, no repression, no materialism, no jails, no death of liberty, just kumbaya equality and free drugs. Except those at the top will be in charge and “serving the working people” just like the politicians of today who are serving the electorate, especially the illegal electorate from terrorist countries inimical to us.

If you ask millennials what kind of society they want to inhabit, according to a 2016 Gallup poll, 44% want to live under socialism. They have no idea what socialism is, cannot define it correctly, but they describe themselves as socialists.
Do they understand that socialism suppresses individuality, forces collectivism, causes mass starvation, imprisons people with divergent ideas in labor camps, herds them off their properties into high rise cinder block apartments, nationalizes all industries, and confiscates all private property and wealth?

To millennials, oppressive regimes, mass starvation, people kept in nation-prisons with borders made of barbed-wire fence are just stories in a textbook nobody believes. Have they had to fear any such oppressive regimes in their lifetimes? To them, it is just old people fearmongering, they call it the “new McCarthyism.”
Their mantra is, let’s just go and embrace more illegals and Muslims in order to show that we are good little socialists and then plaster car bumpers with the meaningless “coexist” stickers when everyone knows how well that is playing out in Africa and the Middle East between Christians and Muslims.

Young generations of Americans want free education, free healthcare, free daycare, free housing, daddy government-guaranteed jobs, everything that the Democrat Party includes in their socialist platform of the openly socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders.
Millennials know-it-alls want what Scandinavian and other European countries have. They have seen in travel brochures that everyone seems happy, have a lot of free time, work much less than Americans, and drugs are free and legal. They don’t understand that these countries allow private property, they had a capitalist foundation, were economically wealthy before they adopted generous welfare for all, and now their governments are socialist in nature. The government does not own the means of production and they are not totalitarian regimes. But their socialist leanings, tolerance, and failed multiculturalism have created unsustainable societies which are now grappling with serious issues of existentialism, threatened by the alien and inimical cultures they’ve invited in and that are now taking over parts of their countries.

The white-washing of socialism cannot be ignored. Venezuela’s situation is slapping millennials in the face if they care to look. Redistribution of wealth and government ownership of the means of production have failed miserably in the Soviet Union and all its communist satellites.
Centralized-government controlled by the Communist Party has not worked because the economic model is not feasible. Look at the latest victims, the population of Venezuela who kept voting socialism until it destroyed their lives. A formerly prosperous nation with huge oil reserves, Venezuelans have chronic shortages of water, toilet paper, diapers, electricity, medicines, food, and other basic staples. It is so bad that people eat garbage and animals from the zoo.

These young Americans have never heard the term “goner” (Dokhodyaga), a hard labor camp slang for a Soviet prisoner “who was so exhausted by work and wasted by disease that he had little time left to live.” Their standard form of address in the labor camp was, “How are you serving?” and the expected answer was, “I serve the working people.” They had copied it from the from of address between officers and men in the Soviet Army. (Alexander Solzhenitsyn, A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Frederick A. Praeger Publisher, 1963)
As Robert B. Charles said, “Today, Laos, North Vietnam (former), Cuba, Afghanistan, Benin, Cambodia, North Korea, Somalia, and South Yemen remain the most impoverished countries in the world, war-torn, repressive, reflexively imprisoning political critics. Venezuela is a basket case. China’s re-education camps, currently holding millions of Chinese (for religious convictions) are a hallmark of socialism, and of atheist China.” (AMAC magazine, vol. 13, issue 1, p. 41)

The rebranding of “old socialism” as “Democratic socialism” is just an attempt by politicians like Bernie Sanders to browbeat new and young converts to socialism, the same redistributionism of private property and enslavement to the totalitarian state. If we accept it, it will lead to America’s collapse. I should know, I escaped such a failed totalitarian state. The population is still struggling today to rebuild their lives and overcome decades of forced conformity, oppression, and miserable equality.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Is Modern Technology Hazardous to Your Health?

Wikipedia photo
Technology has impacted our lives in many positive and negative ways, computers, mobile phones with 5G present and future robotic and automotive applications, smart meters, solar panels, wind turbines, and geoengineering, just to name a few. But are they good for our health?
As the 5G rollout is happening around the world, concerned groups are organizing to mount an opposition and voice their concern about its safety to humans and animals bathed constantly in EMF radiation from towers that will eventually be deployed on every street corner.

A recent article reported that four students and three teachers in a California school in San Joaquin County were stricken with cancer which was caused entirely by environmental factors. Parents were demanding that a “radiation-emitting cell phone tower be removed from elementary school property.”

As reported by, documented 5G health effects include “worsened eye health, lowered bacterial resistance, impacted skin health, and more biologically-active organs – more dangerous.”

Dr. Klaus Kaiser wrote that “there is a one-plus order of magnitude difference in the photon (electromagnetic wave, EM) energy between the current 4G communication (4G) and the proposed 5G systems (5G).
He continues that “The more powerful EM wave energy (30-80 GHz of the 5G vs. 3-6 GHz of the 4G) requires a novel set of long-term assessment testing on a variety of species that could be affected by it, even if it were eventually proven to be of no concern in any testing.” In the absence of such a testing, the hurried 5G rollout is a global experiment on humans as unwilling laboratory rats who want faster internet connectivity, smart appliances, future robotic applications not yet thought of, and self-driven cars, all controlled from towers on every block, like steel trees everywhere.

Dr. Kaiser recommends studying any health effects of 5G technology on the animal population of a zoo with its biological universe at the ready – animals live, breed, and die in a relatively secure and enclosed experimental area. His proposal for 5G testing is detailed here.

A recent study, “Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression,” was published in the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy. The abstract said, “Among the more commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism and EEG changes. … All collectively show that various non-thermal microwave EMF exposures produce diverse neuropsychiatric effects.

Josh Del Sol pointed out that the 5G seen in Wi-Fi routers means “5 GHz.” But the 5G they are talking about is the “5th Generation” infrastructure. “Actual 5G (5th Generation) is planned to operate at 25-90+ GHz frequencies, use beam-forming/targeting systems, and be integrated with thousands of satellites to blanket the earth.”

In a video found here, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal asked wireless industry reps questions about the safety of 5G technology and whether the industry that is pushing this 5G technology knows of or has sponsored any research studies as to the health effects on humans and animals and the answers were that the industry has done no health and safety studies on 5G technology. Independent studies do show “a risk to all biological life.”

Stephen McBride stated in a recent mailout that “China and the U.S. are neck in neck in the race to develop their 5G networks. In fact, so far China has outspent the U.S. by $25 billion in 5G, according to ‘Big 4’ accounting firm Deloitte.”

He believes that, even though “the Trump White House recently labeled 5G a national security priority for America,” the government’s “red tape is choking America’s 5G rollout.” He continues that America needs hundreds of thousands of new cell towers. These are “tiny compared to the 100+ foot cell towers you’re used to seeing.” They are the size of a trash can and carry signal only about half a mile. This means that “instead of placing one giant cell tower every few miles, we’ll need to place small ones every couple thousand feet.”

According to McBride, there are 220,000 cell towers in the U.S. today. In his estimation, AT&T alone will need 300,000 new 5G cell towers, a big project. The new towers are not just an improvement over 4G but a “huge leap.”
In their rush to deployment, the industry spent zero money to study the effects of the 5G towers on health.

Another health issue for humans and animals documented by many independent studies points to smart meters. Smart meters have been installed in most places for the convenience of utility companies and to the detriment of the population at large, who are experiencing various health problems, are paying higher electricity rates per kWh, are spied upon 24/7 without a warrant, their consumption patterns and activities sold to third parties, and are hit with radiation every so many seconds coming from the Mother Ship far away, measuring and controlling customers’ consumption by off switches during high peak demand. Why would the utility store extra electricity for high demand times when they can cut your electricity off and “save” you money while you swelter in your home for hours each day and your food and medicine spoil in the fridge?
Geoengineering is allegedly protecting humanity from the effects of global warming. It engages in aerial spraying and injection of the stratosphere with harmful chemicals in order, as we were told by former CIA chief, John Brennan, to mitigate the disastrous effects of global warming. The particles sprayed in the atmosphere are eventually inhaled by all of us as they fall to the ground and mix in the soil that grows our crops and in our waters from which we drink.

Despite complaints from farmers, environmentalists, and sick humans who experience heightened allergies and other medical problems, the geoengineering continues. The trails in the sky do not dissipate for hours and eventually turn into a milky grey cover that blocks the sun for hours or days. Water vapor trails from airplanes usually dissipate in minutes.
Solar panels installed in large fields are a health hazard to fauna, especially birds. Solar panels on homes reduce electrical consumption and eventually, after a high initial installation cost, begin to pay off in lower usage of electricity generated by fossil fuels. But, in the absence of sun, electricity produced by fossil fuels is necessary.

Fields of solar panels that produce more electricity require huge land area deployment that takes fertile soil away from agriculture and the production of food. Solar panels create heat fluxes, frying in flight any bird that is unlucky enough to fly in its proximity or is attracted to the solar panels that look curiously like shimmering rivers and lakes to them.
Wind farm victims of wind turbines - dead minks
Wikipedia photo

Wind turbines seemed like a good idea until the huge blades started chopping up millions of birds around the word. The constant thump-thump sounds interrupted the sleep pattern of humans and animals alike. Animals started exhibiting strange behaviors, attacking their young, and birthing dead litters. Humans living in the proximity of wind turbines complained of many strange health issues, such as insomnia, skin problems, hormonal issues, birth defects, and psychological problems.

A wind turbine on fire - Wikipedia photo

The production of electricity is sketchy at best since turbines produce electricity when winds exceed speeds of 32 MPH. Just because a blade is spinning, it does not necessarily mean that it produces electricity. According to the experts, the quantity of fossil fuels and other materials used to manufacture and maintain a wind turbine makes it almost impossible to break even in the life span of an electricity producing wind turbine. Some wind turbines in smaller European countries were installed in a hurry because the funds were available from the EU, but the turbines themselves were not connected to any electricity storage facility.

As I ponder the impact of technology on health, I cannot forget how at one time tobacco smoking was touted as a health benefit by those who profited from it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Southern Seasons

Photo: Ileana Johnson 20018
How many southern season are there? It depends on who you ask. If you ask me and I don’t know why you would, as my opinion does not count for much, there are many.

The winter of 1978, my first year in Mississippi’s America was a pretty brutal winter, snow, rain, ice, and subzero temperatures, all knitted together in an ugly weather sweater. But then tornadoes came and I was confused, followed by heavy flooding rain and then ice. Within a month’s span on the farm, I witnessed most of God’s meteorological designs for the south and, while beautiful in their own devastating way, they were quite damaging to livestock and nature and frightening to a city girl who wanted to go back from whence she came.

The muddy creek, its shallow tributaries, and the small containment ponds overflowed their banks. Fish, snapping turtles, and water moccasins floated near and inside homes as if the mud cleaning was not bad enough. I never understood why a mother called Nature would wreak so much havoc on her own children. She had a temper for sure.

There was flash flooding in people’s homes who were unfortunate enough to live close to the Tombigbee River. Hail came at the most inconvenient crop seasons. Weekly tornado sirens in town were like the chiming bells of a church announcing the passage of time.

The landscape sported damaged homes, roofs, garages, and businesses in different stages of clearing, repair, or rebuilding from last months or last year’s tornado that had touched down somewhere in the area.
Sideways stinging rain, high winds, and flying leaves were God’s way of throwing lancets, reminding us to repent, pray for good weather, and stop complaining about 100 plus humid days when the most stoic of us would melt in a heap of sweat.

The icy days snapped the power lines and turned trees into a wonderland of dangling crystals ready to fall and impale the unfortunate person walking too close. Broken powerlines were not for the faint of heart and not for the foolhardy who dared to step on them. We had no electricity for days, usually during the hottest or coldest days of the year when you had just gone to Walmart and filled the fridge and freezer with food which would then promptly spoil and had to be thrown out.

We showered where we could, at the gym, in a hotel room if we could afford to get one or did without bathing for days whether we needed or not. It did not matter, everyone else smelled pretty bad too.

And then there were the times when it was so cold outside, we brought the gas barbecue grill inside to heat but left the front door open for dangerous gases to escape.

No neighbors asked if we were dead or alive, everyone was pretty much in the same boat – no food, no water, no electricity, and no heat or A/C.
And then there were days when the heat pump froze – on the coldest day of the year or the hottest day of the melting summer. We turned in beds like roasting cockroaches.

Speaking of cockroaches the size of a small hand and athletic and aerodynamic enough to fly, there was open season for them all year long no matter how much we sprayed. We exterminated ourselves with Raid but not the resilient cockroaches.

So we had many seasons in the south, so many that I lost count in most years: fools spring, brief spring followed by mild winter before Easter, whimsical blustery wind season, early summer followed by Indian summer, Just kidding spring again, pollinating season, a season that plagued us year around, tornado season, hurricane season on the coast, actual spring, late winter in April, spring of trickery, flu season, tick season, early fall, mid-fall, winter for a day before Thanksgiving, and then summer again all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That pretty much covers it. Come to think if it, I’ve never had to shovel snow and could only build a snowman once or twice in 30 years. That’s a blessing since my tennis elbow gives me fits even though I’ve never played tennis in my life.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Illegal Immigration and Western Civilization Demise

“We will never create enough laws to control evil – evil does not obey laws! church marquee in Texas

Katie Hopkins warned Americans about the dangers of unrestricted Islamic immigration and described in frank detail how it has affected the U.K. and Europe, contributing to a social decline and an inimical atmosphere.  Thanks to Barack Obama’s eight-year Islamophilic presidency, unrestricted immigration has spread to the United States.

Michael Savage, the conservative talk show host, was banned from the U.K. for alleged hate speech which offended Islam.  Few advocated on his behalf to protect his freedom of expression and now, one by one, conservative voices of dissent and opposition to illegal immigration are being silenced.

It is interesting to note that, the more is penned on the subject, the more skepticism prevails, the messenger becoming a Cassandra. The Greek mythological Cassandra was cursed to voice prophecies that were true, but her prophecies were not believed.

A few authors dare to describe the reality and statistics of a shocking coma of western civilization caused by massive immigration from the third world and orchestrated by globalist politicians. Warnings are ignored, derided, or condemned by those in power as hate speech or shrugged off as the latest conspiracy theory of edgy writers.

Books and many articles have been written about Europe’s demographic suicide and its eventual demise. The most recent and quite compelling is Douglas Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe.”

Douglas Murray explained that Europe has been afflicted by a fatal disease that is impossible to cure. Despite the passage of time and normal changes, cultural succession, traditions, customs, values, and behaviors gave us the ability to recognize European peoples as Greek, English, Spanish, French, etc. In the face of massive and unrelenting immigration, the host populations are harder to recognize as they have bent to the values of the invaders.

“As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home,” said Murray.

All these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. The politicians and corporatist billionaires have decided that our civilization is passé and must be replaced by fresh illiterate blood from the third world – easily duped and manipulated.

U.N., with help from its affiliated NGOs (non-governmental organizations) aims to dictate population control and birth, diversity, border erasure, education, immigration, business, transportation, commerce, energy consumption, private property, housing, food production, water use, and healthcare. For decades, they have chipped at our lives bit by bit, making incremental progress at local, state, and federal levels via their 1992 U.N. Agenda 21 now morphed into Agenda 2030.  Rep. Ocasio-Cortes’ New Green Deal is not new, it is not green, and it is not a deal. It is the derivative U.N. Agenda 2030 on steroids.

Their plan is that each country is meant to become a “home for the entire world,” no borders, endless welfare, all controlled by the United Nations and the billionaire elites who hold the purse strings of each former government.

American people seem to have lost faith in their own beliefs, traditions, and argue against their historical legitimacy to exist, an “existential tiredness,” or as my wise grandmother used to say, being tired of the good life and having democracy gone to their heads.

Teachers have been busy for decades telling generations of captivated students that their culture, history, and heroes are bad, not worth preserving, white people should feel guilty for their existence, and that they should turn over their culture to the noble and much-admired primitive nations. A new culture must be allowed to replace the old, tired civilization. In other words, let’s reinvent the wheel because it is their turn to do so.

Prior to 2000, few people have heard or used terms such as “alarmist,” “scaremongering,” “racist,” “Islamophobe,” “hater,” and “xenophobe” connected to immigration.  Legal immigrants and citizens who obey the law are called “xenophobes” when they object to illegal immigration and the flooding of the country with inimical individuals of military age.

Public concerns be damned, American corrupt politicians continue to stay in power by advocating for open borders and unchecked immigration, while complaining about the “broken” immigration laws ad nauseam. Such laws are not broken, they are not being enforced by orders of the very government charged with the protection of its citizens.

The same politicians object to voting I.D. laws because they want illegal aliens in their precincts to vote and to be counted as Americans with well-defined rights. Californians have even installed illegal aliens into public office.

There are Christians who live under oppressive conditions in Islamist African countries, yet they are often denied immigration access to the West.

We’ve heard many justifications as to why we are importing so many immigrants who refuse to assimilate and change the face and future of many countries:

1.       We have an ageing population – demographics tell us that Western women don’t have enough babies to replace the dying population. The replacement value is truly below what is necessary.

2.       Diversity is important and we are not diverse enough. When is diversity enough? Nobody knows as it is an arbitrary statement invented by the leftist monolith. There are over 200 nationalities in the D.C. area alone. How much more diverse must we be? We already have voting ballots and school curricula in some states in dozens of languages.

3.       Immigration cannot be stopped because of globalization – another concept invented and heavily pushed by the left.

4.       This is not who we are as a country, we are told, trying to excuse the illegal immigration. We are a country of legal immigrants. Many of us claim ancestors who have immigrated to the New World. The difference is that we all assimilated, learned English, and became part of the fabric of America, striving to make it better. We did not complain, demand welfare, special status, or Sharia Law. We swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution and to the maintenance of the Constitutional Republic.  We are not a Democracy and we do not condone mob rule.

5.       The downtrodden are flooding the West for a better life and who are we to stop them? We must spread personal hard-earned wealth with the rest of the world even when they don’t want to work, are staying home, making babies, and plotting to destroy the west. Economically speaking, truly poor people cannot afford to pay the human smugglers in order to bring them illegally to Europe or to the U.S.

6.       Illegals come because, no matter how poor they would be in this country, they would be far richer than in their own countries. It is easy to sneak in, easy to remain permanently and overtly, and safe to stay.

7.       It is very easy to deceive the authorities – illegals bring no papers, they are “undocumented,” they lie about their age, where they came from, and, if they learn that being from a certain country gives them priority at the front of the line, they lie about it as well although they do not speak that country’s language.

8.       The borderless world agenda is heavily promoted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), flush with funds, sending their useful idiots around to the world to advocate for all migration into the western world. Certain NGOs assist migrants before they make it to Europe or the United States.

9.       Multiculturalism – a failed idea, recognized by some European leaders, but still heavily pushed by the progressive left. Most immigrants fail to integrate into the new society, they want to tear it apart and mold it in the vision of the hellhole they’ve escaped from. They accomplish this by running for office and winning political positions, changing education to indoctrination, changing the host culture to suit their goals, demanding special rights and privileges, and establishing enclaves, countries within countries, where no westerners dare to visit.

10.   Destroying free speech in the host country by labeling it “hate speech” and passing laws to enact fines and jail time for those bold enough to speak freely.

11.   Europeans still believe that a core culture can be maintained in every country even though progressivism has pushed for a multi-racial, multicultural society. 

To illustrate that a core culture cannot be maintained, Murray describes the suburb of Saint-Denis on the northern side of Paris, the central location of French history and culture. The Basilica of Saint-Denis contains 3rd century relics of the Bishop of Paris. The cemetery holds the remains of the French royal family – the Capetian dynasty, the Bourbons, the Medicis, and the Merovingians. Tombs were desecrated during the French Revolution but strangely, the King and Queen deposed by the Revolution are buried here, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.

“To wander the district of Saint-Denis today is to see a district more resembling North Africa than France. The market square outside the basilica is a souk more than a market. Stalls sell different types of hijab and radical groups hand out literature against the state. Inside, though all the clergy are elderly white men, the residual congregation is black African, part of the non-Muslim wave of immigration into the area from Martinique and Guadeloupe. This area has one of the highest Muslim populations in France. Around 30 percent of the population of Saint-Denis, also known as the 93rd district, are Muslim. No more than 15 percent are Catholic.” (Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe, 2018, pp. 109-110)

12.   They are here, there is nothing we can do about it, and we must give them amnesty, thus encouraging not just family chain migration but also a non-stop future invasion.

13.   “The tyranny of guilt,” coined by Murray, refers to certain victims of immigration such as a child dying of illness in custody of the border patrol or the Turkish child whose body washed up on the European shores. The feeling of guilt and shame at such tragedies have turned the progressive borderless agenda against those who wisely and peacefully advocated against illegal immigration. Somehow, they were guilty of the death of these children.

The general sense around the world has been that we must learn to live with the flood of illegals, they are here to stay, they will never repatriate, and we must adjust to the violence and chaos they cause.

Mark Steyn commented about the heavy security public events in Europe must employ, a statement that supports in a way President Trump’s determination to build a southern border wall, “If free countries have to have unsightly security controls, why don’t they have them around the national borders rather than around every single thing inside those borders?” (Murray, p. 333)

And academia has filled the heads of their students with pipe dreams of Marxism and communism, where everyone’s problems will be solved by the benevolent government.  As T.S. Elliott said, “dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good” and nobody will have to ever work if they don’t want to. After all, we are told that illegals do the jobs that Americans refuse to do.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Maria and Our Immigration Problem

The short and stocky Salvadoran woman was very talkative in her unschooled English. She’s been in this country for twenty years. She had fled her native country for economic reasons; she paid a coyote $1,000 to bring her across the southern border with Mexico, her family’s savings.  She had promised to send money back every month and, once able to marry and have babies, she would wait patiently until she could claim legal residence and bring her extended family to the United States via chain migration.

She and Juan had four children and now, at the age of 40, her 18 year old daughter has given birth to an out of wedlock child who became an automatic U.S. citizen the moment he took his first breath, thanks to the anchor baby ruling twisted by liberal courts into a birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

She has kept her promise and some. She has brought to the United States her mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and cousins from her large extended family.  She has recently taken in a stranger, an eight-year little girl, who had been sent to the United States unaccompanied by her parents on the government’s promise that she would be allowed into the U.S., no questions asked.

Many such children were brought in the middle of the night and dispersed to centers around the country in communities willing to take them in and shelter them with our government’s money.  Maria was grateful to Obama for bringing in small and unaccompanied minors even though most were male, way past the age of adulthood, and sporting gang tattoos.

El Salvador, with approximately 6.34 million people, is the smallest and most densely populated nation in Central America. The Salvadoran economy produces about $4,000 worth of goods and services per capita. The official currency is the U.S. dollar which makes it quite convenient when the illegal Salvadorans in this country send home tax-free money to their relatives. It is a social security net that their government cannot possibly replace.

They had a home in El Salvador with glassless windows to allow some air circulation from the humid and overpowering heat. Tropical critters, including snakes, plagued them often. Depression and a sense of hopelessness surrounded her and suffocated any desire to try and make things better. Her mom had told her that she would do fine so long as she did not irritate the police and the gangs that roved in all neighborhoods asking for and seizing food, clothing, and whatever valuables a family may have had. Nobody dared to infuriate them or else they would wind up dead.  It never crossed mothers’ minds that it was up to them to change the culture of crime and fear by raising good sons who could oppose the criminal life that ruled them daily.

Having no education beyond eighth grade, Maria works hard for $18 an hour, cleaning a few homes of the wealthy, earning an untaxed living while her extended family takes advantage of the U.S. taxpayers’ generosity who provide them with welfare and Medicaid insurance. She is not the best cleaner, she added, but she tries, never admitting when she brakes things in some of the homes that hires her.

The work ethic in her country is vastly different than here and she does not understand the American obsession with work and the lack of the three-hour siesta. Perhaps that is what makes Spain the happiest country to live in, their extended siesta. Family and their needs are most important to her, not the needs of an employer who hired her.

She changed employers often – breaking their stuff while cleaning and using cleaning methods that were not up to par with our western standards. She did not quite understand the issue of germs and cross-contamination. She thought Americans to be obsessed with cleanliness and disinfectants. What could possibly be wrong using rags to clean commodes by hand and then use the same rags to clean countertops?

She explained that her countrymen are not so generous as the Americans are – they only give up their possessions and hard-earned money if MS-13 gangs and police come around demanding to be paid, confiscating their valuables. Whoever dares to say no, winds up dead.

The small country struggles with excessive poverty, inequality, and crime. Mostly agricultural, depending heavily on coffee production at one point (as much as 90%) and the indigo plant during the colonial period, El Salvador is now turning to other sectors (finance, industry) to improve its GDP.

The fact that Maria knows nothing about civics and government in our country, does not stop her from voting for the party that has given many immigrants like her welfare – the Democrat Party. There is an occasional Democrat Party drive in her Hispanic community to rally the vote and those who do not have transportation are offered rides. They are always coached how to vote and for which candidate, always Democrat.

She is just smart enough to know how to manage her family’s budget but not knowledgeable how the free market economy works in our country. Like all third world citizens who come to this country illegally with stars in their eyes, she thinks money grow on trees in the United States and there is an endless supply of it because it comes from the generous government. She does not see any connection between the funding source of government and the “rich” American taxpayers who fund it. By the rest of the world’s standards, any American with a job is filthy rich and should share their wealth with the world.

I asked her if it bothered her that she is voting for the Democrat politicians who want open borders and are bringing in the MS-13 gangs she escaped from El Salvador, turning this country into the unsafe country she left behind for the wellbeing and economic prosperity here. She raised her shoulders with a deer in the headlights look on her face and said nothing.

It would only take ten percent of the millions of the flotsam and jetsam of the world currently residing illegally in the U.S. to vote Socialist Democrat, fundamentally transforming this country into a ruling regime diametrically opposed to our U.S.  Constitution and Christian roots.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Living in the 20th Century Communist Paradise

My husband inquired one day if I would have preferred to have lived in the 19th century America or 20th century Romania when communists ruled. I gave him a ‘I’m glad you asked the question’ look and launched into a tirade of what it was like living with my grandparents continuously for the first six years of my life before I went to first grade and then every summer until I was eighteen and able to choose for myself.

Most young Americans, blinded by school indoctrination, don’t realize that, under the socialist republic controlled by the Communist Party, population control and submission to their whim were the most important goals. They did not care about the happiness and health of the citizenry despite the heavy rhetoric to that effect.

A family was not allowed to move from the village to the city without proper permit from the Communists. If caught living in the city, a person would be subjected to fines, imprisonment, or both.

Mom’s parents, like all villagers, did not have electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing in the tiny village six miles outside of the largest metropolitan area in the south.

Natural gas, compressed in small containers called “butelie,” was used for cooking in summer time. In winter most villagers used a wood burning stove with an iron cast top for heat and cooking. Ducts would carry hot air to the next room. The two tiny rooms did not have taper candles for illumination but oil lamps with clear glass fluted covers that gave us the ability to walk in the house without groping in the dark.

When night fell, the stars were brilliant on clear nights, surrounded by the pitch blackness devoid of any ambient light.  It was fun for kids to catch lightning bugs or creep up on older folk sitting on stoops outside the fenced yard and listen to their gossip and tales of old. Younger neighbors, walking in the dark from the latest bus after a long day’s work, would stop and chat before they dragged their tired bodies home to eat and fall asleep with their work clothes on.

The village was compact, demarcations of living space done by communist party organizers with their directives from the top - no waste of agricultural land which needed to be planted with corn and wheat for export and survival rations of food. There was little space between homes, just enough for a wooden fence to separate one small house from the next.

Like 19th century inhabitants, women did not have much in the vein of health care, save for the village mid-wife who tended to births. Women made do with strips of old clothing or rags to protect themselves during menses.

Toilet paper was either the communist newspaper, Scânteia (The Spark), or România liberă (Free Romania) attached to the wooden wall of the outhouse with a long nail. It gave us great pleasure to use the Communist Party’s propaganda to wipe our arses with. The newspaper, România liberă, communist propaganda rag from cover to cover, was a joke as nobody was free in Romania, we were prisoners of the totalitarian communist state. When far from any outhouse, we used the smooth side of any plant leaves we could find, especially corn ones.

Eventually the communists decided to modernize us and manufactured rough brown toilet paper with large and visible splinters in it. We were already used to splinters in our bums from sitting on the unfinished wood platform over the outhouse hole. But using toilet paper with splinters was a new experience. It would be surprising to learn what you can get used to in order to survive.

It never bothered us that we did not wash our hands or brush our teeth. We washed our faces before church but sported a neckline of dirt where the soap and water had stopped. It never occurred to us that hygiene was important to survival. We climbed in a fruit tree not far from the outhouse, buzzing with fat and hungry flies, and we ate with gusto the unwashed but ripen fruits called “dude.”

We played in the muddy ditches when it rained or when grandpa was watering his corn and garden and open the sluices of irrigation. We bathed in the creek or river when we went fishing. It was such a far walk that, when we came back after frolicking in the crystal-clear water, we were covered again in a serious layer of dust. Grandma told us to wash our feet and hands before we went to bed, but she was often tired and forgot to enforce the cleanliness rules. And nobody had a toothbrush or toothpaste.

Adults traveled to the city bathhouses once or twice a year for a good bath. Cleanliness is next to godliness but there was a shortage of bath soap and water was a precious commodity; we had to pump drinking water out of the ground. Taking a bath meant heating large amounts of water and a large enough tub which nobody owned nor could afford. Villagers who had relatives in the city with tiny cinder block apartments with running water traveled once a month or so to bathe if the water supply was running or was hot. As the 19th century brethren would have said, they had a bath every so many months whether they needed it or not.

Grandpa had rigged a small tin tank near the outhouse, about five feet in the air. One person at a time could soap first and then rinse with the lukewarm water dripping from the tank; once empty, it had to be refilled; the sun would warm the water a little bit and the first person was the lucky bather. It was an amazing experience to get rid of the mud and dirt even if it was so short-lived.

We went barefoot most of the time in summer, the yard was a mess, covered with geese, chicken, and duck poop which squished between our toes. I have an icky feeling to this day when I go barefoot. I seldom go without shoes except in sand, and I refuse to go camping.

A few of my childhood friends died of untreated hookworms. Those who survived got treated with heavy and nasty-tasting medicinal syrup provided by my mom who made determined trips to the government polyclinic in town.

I suppose we lived a tad better than the 19th century America as we at least had a rickety bus with holes on the floorboard for transportation or we had rusty trains with steam locomotives that covered us in a decent coating of dark and smelly coal soot. And we did have some drugs and vaccines which increased our chances of survival.