Thursday, February 28, 2019

Communist Propaganda and Revisionist History

The communist propaganda has intensified at a fever pitch. It’s not just the supine main stream media that constantly bombard us with scripted and highly subjective chats/gossip pretending to be “news,” canned and distributed by the same progressive owners of the mass media who order their minions to read the latest socialist Democrat talking points. The objective is to use irrational mob mentality in order to stir hatred towards our President and of anything remotely conservative or pro-America.

It is Hollywood that makes a living in capitalist America by reading their movie lines written by someone else, and acting on celluloid as they are told, influencing Millennials with brains full of runny grits, telling us in front of microphones that they are experts because of a movie role they’ve played. Their educational “expertise” is contradicted by their high school dropout status.  

It is the vaunted halls of academia indoctrinating millions of young Americans, useful idiots, who have lost touch with reality, if they’ve ever had any contact with it, dumbed down by participation trophies and parents telling them how special they are, threatening teachers and principals, excusing moronic or bullying behavior, and lack of work ethic.

It is liberal arts colleges who give high tuition payers worthless diplomas. These “scholars,” trained in puppetry, social justice, non-existent “white privilege,” and racism stoked by the left, wonder why they cannot find jobs in their fields, blaming capitalism for their lack of employability and embracing communism’s purported equality and wealth confiscation of the “rich,” stretching the idea of rich to the breaking point.

Communism is now the new ideology of the left that the young and some old Americans have embraced with fervor, having no idea what it is, or any sympathy for the 100 million of humans who died as victims of communism.

Young Americans are totally blind and deaf to history and cover their ears and eyes and reject those who survived communism and have taken great pains and paid high prices to escape communist totalitarian societies. Most, like me, fleeing communist oppression, have left everything they’ve ever known and loved behind and came to America legally.

Why would anyone leave if communism is so great? How many Americans are clamoring to move to a communist country, giving up their American citizenship? Why would Cubans take great chances and die at sea in rickety contraptions on their voyage to America if Castro’s communism is so great? Why were so many innocent people shot and killed before 1989, trying to escalate the Berlin Wall from the communist German side to the free German western side if communism is so wonderful? Why would communists have to build barbed wire and cement walls to keep people prisoners in their own communist “paradise?”

You cannot, of course, ask logical questions of liberals lest be told that you are judgmental. I make decisions by using sound judgment and logic, not feelings and emotions like liberals do.

Real journalists, historians, and teachers must tell the truth about communism. The ideology is pure evil and has spawned a Marxist empire. History should teach and dissect very carefully for future generations what communism had done to citizens around the world during decades of totalitarian regimes’ rule of terror.

Vladimir Bukovsky took great risks when he and his friend Pavel photocopied archival documents in the early 1990s in Russia and from the Gorbachev Foundation archives in Moscow. These were brought to England by Pavel Stroilov. Bukovsky has published some of the documents and the links in his upcoming book in the English version, Judgment in Moscow, Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity. (May 2019)

Bukovsky obtained thousands of documents over a period of a year. Had he not succeeded, he said, “it is highly likely that they would have lain secret for many more years, if not forever,” lost to history. While offering these documents for free to the western press, most have ignored him with “So what? Who cares?” The typical media tends to marginalize the anti-communism messenger with claims of “McCarthyism.”

Bukovsky wrote in Chapter 6, “The Revolution That Never Was,” that Gorbachev, with help from his most trusted aids, upon leaving Kremlin, copied top secret documents and stored them in the Gorbachev Foundation for “friendly researchers.” In 2003, Gorbachev was told to black out the documents. In the interim, however, Bukovsky’s friend, Pavel, copied a huge cache of documents on a daily basis and sent them to Bukovsky.

According to Bukovsky, the change that happened in 1989 in the communist world, the so-called fall, was too soft, too velvety as in the Velvet Revolution, to have happened by chance. There was no struggle, no terrible bloodshed, save for a few who had died in the Romanian December 1989 Revolution. The western world believed it as a chain of “accidents and coincidences.”

Bukovsky explains in his book that “these changes occurred due to a decision by Moscow and under certain pressure from the Kremlin: as we recall, Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for conducting this operation.”  All the “liberalization” happened with Moscow’s blessing, said Bukovsky.

Among many examples, Bukovsky wrote about the Czech security that orchestrated their “revolution” during which it was revealed that a “killed student” was actually a very much alive and breathing employee of the Czechoslovak state security. The “revolution” failed to bring a “liberal” communist to power, instead bringing Havel.

Bukovsky provides documentary proof in his book that “the Velvet Revolution of 1989 was a Soviet operation” and that “the communist brethren all over the world continued to be trained, supplied with arms and technical means.” The Soviets had no intention of giving up their power and influence in the world.

Twenty-nine years have passed since the “fall” of communism yet its influence has grown globally by leaps and bounds, promoted constantly by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with deep pockets, calling themselves non-profits, affiliated with the U.N., and promoting the 17 goals of the communist globalist Agenda of 2030.

New generations have been brainwashed into collectivism by Common Core standards of education, using Mother Earth environmentalism and global warming/climate change as Armageddon. These educational standards have been introduced concurrently around the world by the same billionaires and their foundations. They are determined to shape humanity into their view of the world. And they found politicians like Ocasio-Cortez who is telling her young acolytes that, in order to save the world from extinction, people must rethink having babies.

It is evident that, to free the world from the murderous legacy of communism, one must “use history to discredit the ideas on which communism was based.” But real history is no longer taught in public schools, replaced by progressives’ revisionist history.

Bukovsky asks very important questions, “Why were the horrific crimes of the Soviet Union – among them concentration camps, torture, starvation, and even genocide – so often misunderstood and ignored by Western politicians, academics, and the media? After the regime’s fall, why did the world’s democracies, who less than 50 years before had been rigorous in punishing Nazism atrocities, stand by as the moment passed to put the communist perpetrators on trial?”

Bukovsky was able to prove through archival documents Moscow’s influence “over Western political parties, governments, media, and prominent individuals.”


Thursday, February 21, 2019

How Did America Become So Great?

Legal immigrants from around the world came to the New World to work hard, find land, and worship freely. Many died in the process during the arduous voyage across the sea, in the wilderness they were attempting to settle, from industrial accidents in factories they toiled in, from disease, or in battles with the natives.

All had to stop at Ellis Island for proper identification and quarantine when necessary. They were desperate but proud men and women who did not immigrate to become wards of the welfare system because there was none to be had. They had to work hard in order to survive. No hapless taxpayers were supporting the new arrivals and nobody waved the country’s flag where they hailed from. Most learned English as soon as they could no matter what level of education they had.

Today the legal immigrants fly in with papers and medical records and immigration authorities check the thoroughly and register their arrival. But the illegal immigrants cross the border themselves at great health risk, leaving behind a huge trail of trash, or cross with the help of expensive coyotes, or are herded into the country by government buses in the dead of night and on planes without proper health screenings.

Caravans of invading armies of illegals from Honduras and El Salvador have already jumped the fence at various points of the border, aided and abetted by Mexico, closer to California, where Democrat officials welcomed them with open arms and pockets at taxpayer expense while America’s poor and veterans are ignored.  Nobody knows or cares whether these illegals are sick, financially able to support themselves, able to work, and, most importantly, whether they are friends or foes of America.

Some legal immigrants were turned back at Ellis Island, their dreams shattered by disease. Many had to wait out the quarantine before they earned admission to the New World, an old world but new because it was full of possibilities and opportunities to settle the land.

These legal immigrant men and women built roads, bridges, towns, cities, skyscrapers, cars, airplanes, rockets, and the best medicine in the world. They built factories, invented drugs that saved millions around the world, created machines, built hospitals, ports, and our current civilization. They were armed, fierce, and fought in many wars.

They were Americans first who cherished their ethnic roots at home and during the holidays. They were free to invent, to experiment, to be themselves, but also be part of a larger and important whole. They cherished their families and God had a prominent place in their lives. And they made America great for many subsequent generations who appreciated the sacrifice and work of the previous generations and of their elders.

In the late 1970s, as a newly arrived legal immigrant who luckily escaped communism, I met a lot of nice, well-meaning, pleasant, happy, and ill-informed Americans and I wondered then, how did America become so great with so much willing and shameless ignorance? Now, forty years later, I have my answer.

People were not ashamed to say that they knew so little history and geography. They were enterprising and willing to work hard. They understood patriotism and respect for their elders. Their world revolved around family, happiness, consumerism, and church, all set within a certain mile radius of bucolic neighborhoods, streets, and towns they knew and loved.

Americans treasured their roads and had a love affair with big cars and the mobility that said cars afforded them, but they took for granted the freedom to use them, to move where a gambling spirit took them, the wide open spaces were theirs to take if they so desired.

Nobody stopped them or legislated them into high-rise, mixed use, tiny apartments or forced them into tin cans on wheels in order to save the planet from a manufactured global warming crisis. There was no Democrat New Green Deal to curtail freedom of movement, flying, forcing people to bike to work, and forbidding fossil fuels.

Students dozed off in history classes and shrugged their shoulders when they knew very little about their own country and government. Communism and millions of victims of it, you say? That might as well be a dark specter on another planet; it would never find its way here. We are Americans!

People with a lot of education and experience were no longer allowed in Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education-controlled classrooms. They could not take just anybody off the streets with a degree, as I was told a few times, one had to be licensed by the Department of Education and a member in good standing of the National Education Association.

Generous to a fault and eager to jump and help their fellow man, many Americans I’ve met would give the shirt off their backs if one asked. They naively helped many people in times of trouble, even those that bit the hands that fed them.

They talked optimistically about the freedoms they had and felt sorrow for those around the world who were not so free. America was great, they said, and it was first at everything because they were fearless and took chances to succeed. Family was very important, children were disciplined without fear of arrest by the government, and church and faith were very important to most Americans.

Americans were free to be self-sufficient and self-reliant; they were not free to freeload. There was no internet to bombard the public with constant fake news, communist indoctrination, miscommunication and misinformation. Political corruption was hidden, communists were enemies, and socialism was abhorrent. The best and the brightest succeeded. In time, excellence has been replaced by mediocrity and collectivism. The idea that everyone is special and equal gave birth to the award for walking without tripping or the award for just existing.

Each community had Christian churches and temples that united them in worship and principles. Everyone understood that God was an essential ingredient in the founding of America and life was precious inside and outside of the womb. Nobody killed babies for research or replacement parts.

Schools were run by each state and by counties, not Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education with Bill Gates’ Common Core collectivist standards and colleges indoctrinating young Americans with “social justice” and “white privilege” curricula and proselytizing for Islam. Technical schools thrived everywhere, teaching Americans life-long useful skills that enabled success and prosperity. Nobody relied on foreign labor, skilled or unskilled. The Braceros program had long been destroyed by lawyers.

Americans were willing to fight for their country with words, ideas, principles, and to give up effort and their lives on battle fields to keep intact their heritage, what they believed in, their country and its founding principles. Europe is strewn with graves of brave young Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save Europe and its often ungrateful citizens from the Nazi scourge.

Americans as a whole were lulled into a false sense of security because they lived two oceans away from the threat of communism and any potential war. Surely nobody would dare overrun American shores and our borders in order to occupy their beautiful and successful country, the shiny city on the hill! But nobody counted on the home-grown communist and islamo-fascist enemy within which grew like a contagion in the last forty years.

The indoctrination from public schools, colleges, universities, Hollywood, the main stream media, Communist Party USA, and corrupt politicians was so strong in the last forty years that we are now experiencing the fruits of their efforts – American young who hate their country, its achievements, its greatness, its origins, and even their own skin color.

Liberalism/progressivism/environmentalism/ feminism/socialism/communism created new generations of young Americans who are devoid of patriotism and would not hesitate to turn in their own parents to the government if that would bring them 15-minutes of worthless fame. They derisively laugh at patriotic Americans who helped make this country great, including some of their own relatives, as obsolete men and women, marginalizing and dehumanizing their existence. The sheer hatred coming constantly from the main stream media is not unlike the hatred ginned up against the Jews during Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Laws were upheld, the justice system worked, and politicians respected the legal system and tried to pass laws that represented the best interest of their constituents. Today, unfortunately, the corrupt politicians are only interested in becoming powerful, rich, and representing their crony capitalist friends and the citizens of other countries who are invading our borders for the generous welfare paid to them, no questions asked, from funds provided through taxation of the average working Americans. These illegal aliens are now the voting base in many overpopulated areas and states for the Democrat communist party.

Lately, the more Americans talk about freedoms they think they still have, the more I hear the rattling of the chains of captivity and servitude to the mighty government and to politicians who have stopped listening to the people whose tax money fund their wealth and unbounded and corrupt power.

Derek Hunter wrote, “There are no areas in which liberals, progressives, leftists, socialists, or whatever they want to call themselves this week, are working for the betterment of American citizens or to advance the cause of individual liberty. Their entire existence appears to be just the opposite.”

Many confused and brainwashed young Americans are saying that America was never great in response to President Trump’s signature campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” while they are living a life which is the envy of the world.  If life is so much better everywhere else, as they claim and wish for an European lifestyle that no longer exists, as they are flooded by Muslim immigrants, why are illegal aliens flocking to our shores asking for welfare and demanding the same rights as American citizens?

The mighty Roman Empire’s road to perdition was cluttered with corruption, traitorous acts, sexual deviance, disregard for life, greed, military expansion beyond ability to rule, disregard for the rule of law, and tolerance of the barbarians. According to the BBC, “Rome covered 1.9 million square miles in 390 A.D. Five years later, it had plummeted to 770,000 square miles. By 476, the empire’s reach was zero.”

We are not an empire and we are not Rome, we are a constitutional republic, “if you can keep it.” If you ask the average Americans who don’t understand their own history, we are a democracy. Are we a government by the people, a rule of the majority? Are we a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections? Does the government listen to the people anymore? Are representatives in Congress legislating on behalf of all American voters? How many illegal aliens who came here to dominate, not assimilate, are now cancelling our votes? How many politicians are listening to their constituents?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Revenge of the Cradle

“Do not allow America to fall as Europe has fallen.” – Katie Hopkins
The Sunday Times wrote ten years ago that a billionaire’s club had met secretly, at the initiative of Bill Gates, to discuss how their philanthropy could be used to implement “ways of tackling a disastrous environmental, social, and industrial threat” of overpopulation.  Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Rockefeller Jr. were among those in attendance.  (May 24, 2009)

Their desires to curb overpopulation [over 7 billion now] met with Third World resistance as they believed that “contraception and female education weakened traditional values.” The focus shifted to the developed world: euthanasia, the destruction of the traditional family unit, and to abortion mills, passing infanticide laws as a “choice” in as many states as possible, even killing a healthy infant a minute before birth. 

The blanketing of global governance deployed against all nations of the planet is easy to grasp when all the variables are fit into their proper place. It is not just about population control and reduction but a well-coordinated and endless attack on history, Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberties, the traditional family, Christianity, biological sex, heterosexuality, and the climate change agenda.

In the European Union (EU), technocrats are already overriding the British government and other defeated government-members within the EU.  As Freenations wrote, the “EU intellectuals are lost in their failed Europe.”

In the United States, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), lobbyists for various wealthy crony capitalists, have taken over our elected government at all levels and have become a strong bureaucratic army staffed by naïve useful idiots who have enabled the deployment of the globalist agenda and thus of their own downfall.
There is no refuge outside of the U.S. as the wealthy elites have deployed their globalist agenda worldwide, forcing compliance on a malleable and silent population whose thoughts are shaped and controlled by the MSM fake news machine.

In addition to the environmentalists’ attack on human overpopulation, the academic assault and shaming of Caucasians via the manufactured “white privilege,” there is a worshipping of primitive cultures that are suddenly better than any civilization white men have developed across the centuries.

The Chinese have launched the controversial “social credit score” system which allows, for example, a well-behaved citizen to purchase a plane ticket to fly on a trip. If his/her social score is not good enough, he/she may have to take the train.

But, we may not have to worry about flying at all as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and her radical communist and socialist acolytes have proposed a Green New Deal in which flying would become obsolete in 12 years. She must be planning on taking a fast speed train ride to Hawaii.

A set of policy proposals to restructure the U.S. economy in the view of global communism, the Green New Deal is purported to address global warming. This global warming, turned conveniently into the climate change industry, had been thoroughly debunked by hard science that relies on facts rather than on the “consensus” of U.N.’s imperfect computer modeling and manipulated data.

“The data does not matter. We’re not basing our recommendations on the data. We’re basing them on the climate models.” (Professor Chris Folland, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research)

The Green New Deal resolution seeks to eliminate air travel, meat consumption, cow flatulence, the use of fossil fuels, and an end to all emission of CO2, the gas of plant life and the gas exhaled by every living person and animal.

Greenpeace Co-Founder, Patrick Moore, speaking to the New American, was shocked that such an insane document was proposed by radical socialist Democrats elected and seated in the U.S. Congress. Such a proposal would decimate the human and animal population, leaving trees as the only source of heating and cooking. Even animal dung as fuel would be unavailable as humans would eat all animals for food then turn to cannibalism. Millennials would be unable to find food in their health-conscious grocery stores in the high-rise mixed use, not so Smart Cities. Only an occasional cortex would propose “paying people who are unwilling to work” and coming up with half-baked and crazy ideas.

If there are any humans left in this global communist scheme, Mastercard and Microsoft proposed a “universally-recognized digital identity.” As Fast Company’s Cale Guthrie Weissman explained, it is a system in which humans would be connected to a universal protocol throughout their lives, i.e., when they vote, get married, drive, get a job, rent or buy a home, fly, a really frightening government-knows-all digital identity. “It’s the kind of a citizen-check system a totalitarian regime could only dream of.”

Dismantling borders that would allow for a huge influx of unvetted invaders from the third world and reducing overpopulation are elitist policies of one world government denizens. United States, with its America-loving President Trump, are still standing in the way of such a one world government.

The demographics in western nations show that the replacement value of the dying population is not being met at all. Caucasian and black women in America and in Western Europe are not having sufficient babies; Planned Parenthood contributes to the lower birthrate through abortions.

The billionaire elites have thus taken the opportunity to change the face of America permanently with the help of U.N., moving massive hordes of other races and inimical ethnicities into the western world to fill the population vacuum through fecundity and the cradle.  

The overpopulation that elitists speak of is certainly not true in the western world. The revenge of the cradle means that the majority white population will disappear by 2040, to be replaced with a population more malleable and more easily controlled through social justice rhetoric and generous welfare.
As the Club of Rome, the premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations, had stated, “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Channeling White

Having been forced in my youth to wear a uniform designed by the communists who dictated our daily lives, every move and breath we took, you can imagine my dismay at seeing the Socialist Democrat women appearing dressed in white at the State of the Union (SOTU) address of President Trump last night.

Like a high school club of “beautiful girls” who reject the plain girls in class, this group of women was petty, sour, dour, attention-hungry, scowling, smirking disrespectfully, and displaying overt and in-your-face derision, setting aside any statesman’s decorum and propriety, barely engaging their “occasional cortex.”
Were they channeling the White Ladies of Havana, Cuba, who march in silence every Sunday after church to protest the communist regime on behalf of their fathers, brothers, and sons who were jailed and tortured by the Castro brothers’ totalitarian regime for their anti-communist beliefs?

This Soviet-funded and supported rule had destroyed the formerly prosperous island and had brought it to the brink of disaster and total servitude to a tyrannical regime that still pretends today to care for the impoverished proletariat while the elites in power add millions to their bank accounts in the west.
Were the white-clad Democrat women channeling  the abortionist white lab coats, the “angels of death” that kill the innocent unborn under the guise of “choice” and then use their discarded and carefully selected body parts for dubious research?

Were they channeling the racist white-hooded KKK?
Were they channeling the non-existent and invented “white privilege” they’ve been bombarding our society with in the last ten years, poisoning the waters of civil discourse and destroying any divergent ideas in public or in academia?

Were the white outfits an expression of innocence? If so, whose innocence?

White and environmental green must be the new red for these Democrat Socialists in Congress. The sad part is that they were elected to high office by indoctrinated Americans and illegal aliens to represent all of us. They are ruling over our lives without any deception and pretense that there is equal representation or a separation of powers. They flaunt their alliance with a supine academia and media who read on air the daily socialist Democrat message supplied on Teleprompters.


Monday, February 4, 2019

Communism Revived as Globalism

"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful." – C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

“It’s a brave new world,” one in which radicals are elected to high office in a system more corrupt and ignorant than ever imagined possible. The voters believe in the “shiny illusions of socialist/communist hell and are racing to implementation.”
Americans are not quite sure when the surge to communism finally planted its roots in the population at large and things began to change. Some argue it was the 1950s, others the 1960s. Over time, the corrupt main stream media and the progressive-controlled education system brought us slowly but surely to today when good people are overwhelmed by manufactured news and personal attacks meant to marginalize anyone who disagrees with the socialist agenda, while the entire system of liberty and justice for all is collapsing.

The dangerous cult of personality which mesmerized an entire nation into submission to a magical black president now includes Millennials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), who, despite her International Relations degree, is, by her own admission, totally ignorant of world politics, and two Muslim women who took their oath on a book that contradicts everything our Constitution stands for and are flinging vulgarities and anti-Israel /anti-American insults to the American public.
The same MSM that gives them ample air time to insult anyone who disagrees with them, was mostly silent when three new Congressmen, real American heroes and Purple Heart recipients, were sworn in, the “5 eyes, 5 arms, 4 legs … All American” as Rep. Mast said.  Jim Baird (R-Indiana) lost his left arm in Vietnam. Brian Mast (R-Florida) lost both legs in Afghanistan. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) lost his right eye in Afghanistan.  Nobody saw them on the evening news but air time was extended ad nauseam to the “new breed of women politicians” who offends us with overt anti-Americanism.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s strong and strange socialist charisma appeals to a large segment of the American population, liberals and Democrats alike, who have made a cult hero out of a former bartender.
Maduro of Venezuela was a taxi driver before he became president.  He appealed to low-information voters who have now managed to self-destruct under the leadership or lack thereof of a socialist, long on rhetoric, and short on the knowledge how to successfully lead a country rich in petroleum, a formerly prosperous nation, now a basket case of poverty, rationing, and hunger. He drove it into the ground, turning into the hell-hole of socialism that it is today.

The Cuban model, the Castro brothers communist dictatorship, ended in disaster in Venezuela just as it did everywhere else socialism/communism had been tried.
Should she be ignored in hope that she goes away back to the obscurity she came from? Liberals are already talking of making her president. People with real skill, intellect, sound judgment, and logical arguments must speak out with intelligence and force. But when they do, would anybody listen?
I am not at all surprised that young and old Americans alike are suddenly infatuated with the empty promises of socialism and communism and do not listen to reason. Decades of socialist indoctrination in public schools and progressive MSM are finally paying off for Democrats and their globalist fellow travelers.

In the country of my birth, where millions have suffered and died under the boot of socialism and of Ceausescu’s Communist Party dictatorship, there does not appear to exist a significant and strong conservative wing, politics in Parliament swing back and forth between socialists and communists. How is that possible when their parents and extended families lived in such hell of fear and brutal oppression for decades?
Young Romanians view any foreigners, no matter how poor in their own countries and how far left leaning they are, as rich capitalists who abuse and steal from the poor. Their parents have been told for decades under communism that capitalists exploit the working class, out to steal their rights to utopian communism that left them hungry, cold, and poor in perpetuity. It is extraordinarily bizarre to see young generations, with their smart phones, cars, plenty of food, and other electronic gadgets produced by capitalism, indoctrinated by schools and the media into believing that free-market capitalism poses a fundamental threat to their avowed neo-communism.

A young American friend, who currently lives with his wife in Romania, is considering moving his family to America. As Darius explained, “she’s fixated on the idea of living in an America that probably hasn’t existed since the 1990s at the latest.” He is afraid to discuss any conservative ideas with the young Romanians who openly and proudly express their communist affiliation, rejecting all other ideas that contradict and diverge from their proletarian ideology.
It is no surprise that such young people were indoctrinated by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who made their way into the Iron Curtain as soon as it “fell” in 1990. George Soros boasted in an interview that he was the first to be given access into Romania after Christmas 1989 when Ceausescu was executed for communist crimes against his own people. Soros allegedly met with the minister of education to discuss the new curricula post Ceausescu’s regime.  Scores of young Romanians studied abroad with financial help from his foundations, assuring their allegiance to the new world globalism.
I have met several such students in 1991, who had been brought to an all-black southern U.S. college to study for Masters Degrees in management. When the two-year university indoctrination ended, they went back to work in the recently fashioned government comprised of former communist upper echelon apparatchiks who had rebranded themselves into the new world globalists.
The “sudden” infatuation of the West with socialism/communism has been developing over decades as the communists had planned to go underground and rebrand themselves into the global communists of today, championed by the United Nations and “civil society,” meaning intellectuals, academics, and other lapdogs of liberalism who advertise and promote everything the U.N. publishes.
Vladimir Bukovsky explained these phenomena in the upcoming English version of his book, “Judgment in Moscow.” He had found documents in Russia to prove that the reason the horrific crimes of the former Soviet Union and its satellites were not punished like the Nazi crimes were fifty years before was the “Kremlin’s links to and influence over Western political parties, governments, media, and prominent individuals, as revealed in the documents. It was these powerful links, he writes, that prevented any push to prosecute the extreme human rights abuses that took place over the decades of Soviet rule. As a result, the Communist Party and KGB elite were left to regroup and re-establish their power – with new names and new methods, perhaps, but the same goal: to undermine Western democracy.”
It is with sadness, agony, and dread that I see daily evidence of Western democracies turning back to the future. Some people never learn from history and must repeat it no matter how disastrous.