Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Socialized Medicine Victims

When the government promises too much free medical care to too many people without making a significant investment in the medical infrastructure, its staff, and its professional delivery, innocent victims of a shortchanged, diluted, and inefficient service are likely to emerge. And the victims will suffer in silence physically or financially, paying for much reduced or unaffordable healthcare.

Add to the poorly planned mix an enormously expensive electronic system that does not work very well and a huge influx of illegal aliens who receive free medical care the moment they unlawfully set foot on our soil, and this overburdened and unnecessarily expensive system became the Affordable Care Act passed by unilateral Democrat support and signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010. Colloquially known as Obamacare, despite protests from a majority of Americans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was upheld by the Supreme Court as a tax.

Prior to ACA’s passing, the National Center for Public Policy Research warned the public in 2009 of the “Shattered Lives, 100 Vic+ims of Government Health Care,” but few paid attention in their excitement at the promise of free and better access, “you can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor,” “premiums will go down $2,500 a year per family,” and pre-existing conditions will no longer matter.

Instead of overhauling the arcane insurance system that left those with pre-existing conditions to fend for themselves, and prohibited selling insurance across state lines, the Democrats have created socialized medicine with an eventual one-payer system, putting government and the IRS in charge of our health.

We were assured by our President that, “I’ll be honest; there are countries where a single-payer system works pretty well.”  I agree it does if you have the sniffles. Case after case from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Sweden, and New Zealand told the stories of patients who suffered and died at the hands of socialized medicine. 

Each case is a chilling reminder that when too few goods are sold to too many people in a socialist system in which medical care is not considered a service but a right, disaster surely follows. As Margaret Thatcher so poignantly reminded us, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” The Department of Health in Great Britain considered its system a success in 2005 because hospital waiting lists were below 800,000.

Socialized medicine and one-payer system is great if you don’t mind:

-          Being left blind because you have to wait three years for a twenty-minute surgery

-          Pulling your own teeth because you are in so much pain and there is no dentist available due to severe shortage of dentists; there is a good explanation why Brits have such bad teeth

-          Waiting 18 months to get a hearing aid

-          Being denied a cancer drug because it’s too expensive and you are too old

-          Delivering your baby in a hospital bathroom with your mom helping you

-          Your baby being born in the hospital parking lot because there is a severe shortage of nurses

-          There are no beds in the hospital so whatever emergency you have, burns, delivery, stroke, heart attack, broken limbs, you must wait

-          “12-minute ambulance ride takes nearly three hours – every time”

-          Having your cancer undetected after 50 hospital visits

-          Hospital telling you that you must “come back when you are blind”

-          Being penalized for paying for your own treatment or drugs

-          Being turned away while in labor

-          Flying 5,000 miles to escape National Health System’s wait

-          Suffer mixed-sex ward misery while terminally ill

-          Being threatened that your health care will be taken away if you pay for supplemental care yourself

-          Drowning in hospital bathtub while in labor and left unattended

-          Spending all night on a hospital gurney and ignored

-          Being left on a cold hospital floor in your old age

-          Having transportation refused to and from hospital because you are in a wheelchair

Canadians have been a bit luckier with their healthcare. It has been easy to hop across the border to the U.S. and get their medical needs tended to right away. Free care is a novel and attractive idea if you are an entitled socialist. You have insurance but you can’t get care for serious illness or drugs because they are rationed and in short supply.

The wait lists for MRIs and other expensive procedures can take years. And then there is the dark lottery that Canadian doctors hold; if you “win” the lottery, you lose your doctors. If you protest the lottery, you get bumped from surgery. “You can’t eat, you can’t talk, you can’t move your jaw at all but you must wait three months for treatment.” Some immigrants from Canada fly back to their home countries for life-saving surgeries.

In Australia, an elderly patient waits four years for cataract surgery.  Tonsil removal wait is two years. Ankle surgery wait takes three years. A woman in labor is placed in a closet until a bed becomes available. There is no bed to deliver a stillborn baby. A crushed hand takes 8 hours to treat as dictated by government guidelines.

In Japan a critically injured elderly man is turned away by 14 hospitals. A pregnant woman dies after 18 hospitals reject her.

In Sweden, if you delivered a baby without complications, you are out of the door immediately. Former Prime Minister Goran Persson had a wait from September 2003-June 2004 to have a hip replacement surgery in the hard-to-access Swedish healthcare system. Fortunately, he could have paid approximately $11,500 to have it done privately but he refused.

If you seek a colonoscopy in New Zealand, the wait is two years. Expensive cancer treatments are denied, depending on age, and many die before treatment is approved. A woman with a half-completed surgery became infertile and remained in pain for 18 months. A little boy who crushed his finger in a camping accident was sent home bandaged; his finger tip was only held in place by a flap of skin. Fortunately, his mother drove him three hours to Christchurch Hospital where he underwent surgery and his finger tip was reattached successfully. (“Shattered Lives, 100 Vic+ims of Government Health Care”)

I notice on a regular basis, in a nursing home in an affluent part of the U.S., the neglect for the elderly who are screaming and moaning in pain. They are undertreated due to cost and fear that patients in severe pain will become hooked on drugs. Celebrex, an expensive arthritis drug, for example, is replaced with a cheaper variety that is less effective and the patients’ pain management is supplemented with over the counter Tylenol.

Elderly in nursing homes are lucky if they see their doctors at all or even a nurse practitioner. Most treatment and care are administered by employees from third world countries who speak English which is hard to understand. They are very kind, do a very hard job, and try their best, but their best is not always good enough.

Pre Obamacare, Ralph B. paid Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance premium of $270 quarterly for an underemployed adult child. After Obamacare, the premium is now $300 per month, with $8,500 in network deductible and $13,500 out of network deductible.

Dvaughn’s BCBS premium increased from a $450 a month family premium with $1,000 deductible to $1050 a month with a $3,000 deductible. The new policy does cover more services but the family does not need them or use them.

Retail workers in a major chain store had good private insurance even for half-time employees. Many women worked for lower salaries because they liked the security of a good health insurance program with low deductibles and low premiums. With the advent of Obamacare which mandates outrageous coverage, the same employer had to drop all employees into the health care exchange starting January 2016. Many employees are now looking for jobs elsewhere because they cannot afford the high premiums and the high deductibles of the bronze, silver, and gold plans. And those who are receiving subsidies in the Obamacare exchange are just now finding out that they must pay taxes on the subsidy because it is considered income.

A psychiatrist, Bob E., who practices in Vermont and does not participate in any insurance networks, sees patients who pay him at the time of service. Some can get insurance reimbursement for him as an out of network doctor. Even though psychiatrists are in short supply in Vermont, he does not have a wait list. He experiences more patients who say, “No thank you,” when they learn that he is not in network. They have the money but refuse to spend more on medical care after they “have paid insurance premiums and taxes that are too high.” Dr. Bob E. said, “It seems like another failed public policy to create an artificial financial barrier to a psychiatrist who is available when patients spend months waiting for an appointment otherwise.”

Doctors are having a hard time finding referrals to specialists for their patients because Obamacare pays them less than cost. Specialists do take a few Obamacare referrals; if they don’t, they don’t get paid anything for patients they do see in the hospital. A physician tried to get a second opinion for an infectious disease specialist for his patient and nobody agreed to take him within a 25-mile radius. In his opinion, “ACA is not sustainable; it is a complete sham from start to finish.”


Lisa P. tells the story of how her friend has already become a victim of the beginnings of socialized medicine. In need of a refill for her pain management for fibromyalgia, she received spinal shots instead. “Three days later after the injections, she nearly died from a hemorrhagic stroke.” After cutting a piece out of her skull and a second surgery to replace it, the woman is still in a wheelchair and cannot do anything for herself. Once released by her neurosurgeon, she still cannot get regular pain medication for fibromyalgia. With additional pain from back headaches, nerve and muscles due to the stroke, her life is ruined. Thanks to hospital electronic records, her chart is incomprehensible. The new protocol, “don’t give anybody pain pills because we are trying to save the lives of drug addicts,” has certainly turned her life upside down.

Elderly people must take humiliating drug tests so that they can take a half pain pill a day to manage debilitating arthritis and back pain. Pharmacies don’t keep pain pills in stock and cannot tell you by phone if they are out or not. A family member must drive around to various pharmacies in order to get one month’s refill.  Patients already in severe pain must drive each month to a pain management doctor because they don’t write refills for pain medications. And elderly don’t drive, putting undue burden on caretakers. Chronic pain patients are treated just like drug addicts and “decent doctors like street corner drug dealers.” Lisa P. said that “People are suffering for want of cheap and safe medications that have been around for decades.”

Going to a doctor now, if you can find one that is properly trained in the U.S. and not hailing from some third world medical school, is an exercise in being ignored by both the doctor and the nurse. They used to look at the patients and talk to them. Now they are busy typing on their laptops the entire time. Strange and impertinent questions are asked along with pertinent questions that the electronic system sometimes mixes up with someone else’s chart.

Many doctors who had their own practices either retired or joined a hospital or an association of many other doctors in order to deal with Obamacare. Once doctors joined such groups, they are not able to give patients discounts for financial hardship or for cash payment. Doctors no longer have authority over their jobs. Because some prescriptions are expensive, doctors must provide prior authorization to insurance and jump through a lot of paperwork hoops before a patient gets needed medication.

Tricare will no longer reimburse patients who get their drugs directly from outside pharmacies because bases may not carry their needed meds on their formulary.  Patients must now get them through a direct mail service.

The answer to the question, whether it is a good idea to have politicians and bureaucrats decide your medical treatment and whether you live or die, is a resounding no. There is no such thing as free care, someone else must pay for it either through higher taxes, non-use of services, confiscatory premiums, writing-off costs, government subsidies, or denial of needed services (rationing of care).






Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is It Another Conspiracy Theory?

While hiking through the woods, I am having a Rachel Carson “silent spring” moment. It’s early fall, nature is still beautiful, albeit a bit dry. There are no birds chirping, no squirrels, no snakes, just an annoying horse fly and a few mosquitoes. The fern gully is bone dry; all ferns have turned rusty brown from lack of rain. I finally spot a few small fishes darting about in the yellowish creek water.

The sky is blue for now but crisscrossed by grey and white trails that don’t disappear at all like vapors do but dissipate and blend hours and hours later into a strangely colored mist with blue-grey edges that blanket the sky. What is this? Why are the trails so perfectly parallel in both directions and intersecting like a chess board? Why would a plane maneuver in this grid pattern if it’s flying the shortest distance possible to a specific destination?

Conspiracy theorists call them chemical trails. Public officials have admitted that aluminum flakes are dropped from planes to “block the sun’s rays,” attempting to fix global warming. With so many real scientists acknowledging that global warming is a hoax and the climate change industry is an effort to fleece the public of trillions of dollars in carbon taxes across the globe, why are they spraying harmful chemicals into the atmosphere? Why have we engaged in weather modification for decades?

Pilots, doctors, and scientists gave their educated opinion to Shasta County Board of Supervisors on the issue of geoengineering/weather modification spraying of nanoparticles of various chemicals such as barium, strontium, and aluminum into the atmosphere. They voted unanimously to send the information obtained during this hearing to the EPA, the California Air Resources Board, and state and federal legislators. http://www.krcrtv.com/news/politics/geoengineering-on-agenda-at-board-of-supervisors-meeting/26972572

Here are excerpts from testimony of various participants and concerned citizens at the Shasta County Board of Supervisors hearing:

-          “The condensation trails occur in cold air (-30 degrees F) at higher altitudes, 30,000 feet plus; carbon dioxide and water vapor in that exhaust turns to ice crystals, that’s what you see, the white stream behind it; they warm up quickly and dissolve, and it never lasts more than a minute.” “These trails I’ve seen in the sky are not natural and are not normal.” (Jeff Nelson, former commercial airline pilot)

-          “If you take a two-mile walk on a cold day and you can turn around and see your condensation trail tracking all the way back for two miles, that’s how crazy it is to think that what we are looking at in the sky are condensation trails.” (Iraja Sivadas, member, Union of Concerned Scientists)

-          Chemtrails are real; they’re spraying almost every day. I’ve watched the clouds, I’ve watched the spraying. We are in great danger from this pollution that’s coming down over us.” (Allan Buckmann, former Military Meteorologist/Fish and Game Biologist)

-          “I became interested in chemtrails when I was in Hawaii and Hawaiians were very vocal about it. When micronized aluminum is breathed in, it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth.”(Dr. Frank Livolsi, doctor and pilot)

-          “When you look up at the sun and you see a white haze, that is aluminum floating in the air and is coming from aircraft.” (Mark McCandlish, former Defense Industry technician)

-          “There is a huge amount of aluminum found; these sprays contain aluminum, strontium, barium, and manganese. Aluminum is common in a bonded form not in a free form, and we are finding high rates of free-form aluminum in the soil which is not natural.” (Iraja Sivadas)

-          The metal compounds that are being used are environmentally dangerous; we need to be monitoring them and test them.” (Allan Buckman)

-          “Water samples tested 13,100 micrograms/liter of aluminum, normally it should be zero. Pristine snow on Mount Shasta had 61,000 mcg/liter of aluminum, four times the amount found in the soil. Where is this stuff coming from if it’s not coming from the soil?” (Francis Mangles, 35 year USFS biologist)

-          “I am seeing clouds I’ve never seen before, almost every day, and NASA even named a few of these new clouds.”(Allan Buckmann)

-          NASA conducted research in metallized fuel, we’re actually putting aluminum oxide right into the fuel because it has two atoms of aluminum and three atoms of oxygen and during the combustion it releases all that oxygen and dramatically increases efficiency but it leaves aluminum in the air.”(Mark McCandlish)

-          “We’ve got things coming from the sky down. As it [aluminum] comes down, it is in our air that we breathe into our nostrils, it goes into our brains, in the frontal lobe. The contaminant aluminum is the number one neuro-free radical in the brain to cause early Alzheimer’s.” (Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., C.T.N.)

-          I’ve been practicing for 17 years and in the past five years I’ve seen a number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and other neuro-degenerative diseases tremendously increase, almost quadruple.” (Dr. Hamid Rabiee, Neurologist)

-          Dr. Steven Davis voiced his concern about ADD which started in the 70s and autism which “was not on the radar, there were no documents, no information, there was one case in 100,000 children. Today, there is one case in 48 boys. I was part of the early group looking for aluminum in ADD and ADHD. All those children that started to develop those phenomena had high levels of aluminum. When we figured out protocols to detox them out, to free their bodies of those contaminants, their brains came back. When we do this to the aged, it does not come back as quick but it will come back. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s in 56 year olds when it used to be only in 80 year olds.”

-          Dr. Frank Livolsi reminded the audience about the big move to remove aluminum from deodorant and cooking pots years ago because it caused Alzheimer’s. “Look what they are doing to us now,” he added.

-          Mark McCandlish told the audience that 50 nanoparticles are the size of a red blood cell, that is how invasive they can be to a single cell.

-          Francis Mangles was more concerned about the collapse of agriculture as we know it because of the spraying with toxic chemicals.

-          Allan Buckmann was alarmed about overloading the ecosystem with aluminum, overwhelming and destroying microbial systems. “How did Monsanto know to create aluminum-resistant plants?”

-          Francis Mangles said that “aquatic and terrestrial insects have taken a nose dive with a 20 percent reduction with the exception of ants.”

-          Mark McCandlish said that trees absorb the thermal nanoparticles of barium and aluminum through the root system and, when trees burn, they burn considerably hotter, increasing the cost and danger of putting out forest fires. “The impact on human health is also dramatic.”

-          Joseph Marman testified that he personally tested aluminum in water. He found large amounts of barium, aluminum, and strontium in a sample he held up that looked like a cobweb. Since they destroyed his previous sample, he said he was not letting go of this one. (Joseph Marman, attorney)

-          Francis Mangles said that in Shasta County, “aluminum in soil has doubled in the last ten years and the soil is ten times more alkaline. Aluminum blocks essential nutrients. I am unable to restore normal pH in my garden because nanoparticles are now in the circulatory systems of both plants and humans.”

-          Mark McCandlish talked about a study called “In vitro toxicity of aluminum nanoparticles in rat alveolar macrophages” and how long-term exposure to aluminum nanoparticles suppresses the immune system.

Joseph Marman concluded that the Board of Supervisors in Suffolk County, NY has outlawed geochemical engineering and Hawaii passed an ordinance banning geochemical engineering. Experimentation on humans is prohibited in this country, he said, and if anyone does experiment, they have 30 days to inform Congress. He wanted to know why was aluminum spiking in Shasta County, cases of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and why are there strange cobweb-like fibers on the ground? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPnWaBsMYnY&feature=em-share_video_user

All these private citizens, with years and years of experience in molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, agriculture, research, and flying, have put their reputations on the line and testified that chemical experimentation through aerial nanoparticle spraying of aluminum, barium, and strontium to modify the weather has been conducted for decades. Conspiracy theorists or not, many questions remain unanswered.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Spirit of America 2015

A crowd of 7,500 patriotic Americans attended the U.S. Army’s 2015 Spirit of America show, a performance highlighting our proud history through the eyes of the American Soldier. Aptly named, the Patriot Center on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, was brimming with excited men, women, and children who came to pay their respects to our elite soldiers who have sworn to uphold our Constitution and to defend our country so that we may enjoy the freedoms that most take for granted.

The music, the historical narration, re-enacted battle scenes, the live-action dramatization brimming with heart-stirring songs, the bands, and simulated gun and cannon fire told the story of men and women who were either conscripted long-time ago or have volunteered in recent times, having left their friends and families behind and everything they held dear, never knowing whether they would come back or not from the front or theater of operations, to protect and defend our beloved country, the United States of America.

The Army’s elite ceremonial units featured the U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” and the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment known as The Old Guard, the oldest active-duty infantry unit in the Army.

The Old Guard included the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, the Caisson Platoon, the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, the Continental Color Guard and the U.S. Army Drill Team. Guarding our nation’s capital, these soldiers have deployed and are ready to deploy again and again to defend our nation and the National Capital Region. Showing stripes on their right sleeves, indicating how many times they had deployed into battle, some young men had amassed as many as six stripes.

The Spirit of America 2015 extravaganza which cost the U.S. taxpayers $7 million per year will be shown free of charge in Boston, MA, Albany, NY, Fairfax, VA, and Hershey, PA. Past performances included Washington, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Manchester, Worcester, Rochester, Providence, Grand Rapids, Charleston, Jacksonville, Greensboro and Columbia.

The Army’s largest community outreach goes back to times before World War II with 3rd Cavalry Regiment holding military shows during winter months at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA. The Old Guard and “Pershing’s Own” showcased the talents of our soldiers from 1961 until1970. Renamed Spirit of America in 1970, it was retired in 1996, but brought back in 2000 with the U.S. Army celebrating its 225th anniversary.

The Old Guard Caisson Platoon takes its name from “the horse-drawn wagons once used by the American Expeditionary Force to supply guns, ammunition and spare parts to the battle lines.” These caissons are used today to carry Old Glory-draped caskets of soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, to their resting place at Arlington National Cemetery.

I witnessed one such burial on a bitter cold January day. The pomp and circumstance was overwhelming. The silent and crisp morning punctuated by the military cadence, the clip-clop of horses and the gun salute, brought me back to the reality of a selfless human being who was put to rest, a soldier who gave his life for the United States of America. For him the oath was not just a piece of paper, it was real. He will forever rest in a sea of tombs covered in white and pristine snow, a tomb adorned with a red carnation wreath like stains of blood, real blood shed in eternity.

The horses train with soldiers for these moments. They accept and carry dutifully the riders on a modified 1928 McClellan saddle. Infantrymen maintain the stables and care for these magnificent horses.

The Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, was established in 1776 as General George Washington’s personal guard of the Continental Army, with the best soldiers from each colony. Today the soldiers wear historical colonial uniforms with white wigs and are armed with 12-pound replica British Brown Bess muskets and Charleville muskets with 13-inch bayonets.

The U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps promotes and maintains America’s oldest military musical traditions. Their uniforms are patterned after the field musicians of the 1st American Regiment of 1784. The blue-trimmed red coats enabled commanders then to recognize musicians through the smoke of battle. This unit performs at the White House for visiting dignitaries and heads of state with impeccable drill accuracy.

Precise marching and crisp rifle drill established the rigid standards for the U.S. Army Drill Team in 1948. The best soldiers were chosen for their “dexterity, strength, and trim military bearing,” using bayonet-tipped 1903 Springfield rifles which are quite heavy. A spectacular breath-taking moment involved the rifle flip over the right shoulder from the front rank, 15 feet back to the last rank with the bayonet attached. The soldier caught the rifle mid-air.

After 75 days of hard training and “rigorous and competitive drill practice,” the drill team is selected. I was surprised by the political correctness of introducing a first-ever female as their leader. I knew that women could not serve as infantry due to the difficult physical challenges.

The U.S. Army Ceremonial Band performs at 2,000 military funerals each year at Arlington National Cemetery and at other national and international missions. The U.S. Army Concert Band, the U.S. Army Orchestra, and U.S. Army Voices are elite ensembles composed of members who “have trained at the most prestigious music conservatories and universities in the country.”

For our U.S. Army and its unrivaled soldiers, this year marks “240 years of selfless service to the nation.”

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cleaning the Trash and Destruction Left Behind

Photo credit: Polish blogger Kamil Bulonis
As I look at photos posted by witnesses at the Italian/Austrian border, Serbian/Hungarian border, and various train stations around Europe, I am wondering who is going to clean the mountains of trash left behind for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see, by the “refugees” from the Middle East.

“Why has everyone, from everywhere and all at once, decided to start heading towards Europe, five years into the Syrian civil war? This must be a manufactured mass migration.

Photo credit: Polish blogger Kamil Bulonis
It is not what the refugees used on their journey, but what they left behind  unused – discarded Red Cross packaged water, crates of peaches, untouched packaged food, unopened baby diapers, brand new strollers, car seats, toys, and other necessities for someone traveling with a baby. Since these items were left behind, it is obvious that there were no babies among them.

Photo credit: Polish blogger Kamil Bulonis
Videos are coming in from various regions showing Muslim men fighting, throwing rocks and chairs at each other, breaking windows, throwing feces, blooding each other’s noses in vicious fights, Shia fighting the Sunnis, the same centuries old senseless religious tribal animosity and hatred.

Refugees have taken over Greek Islands, turning them into a gang-like war zone. Greeks are afraid, hiding in their homes, unable to go to work, or to take their children to school. There is no respect for private property and there is no civilized propriety. They are burning cars and flags, throwing feces at passing cars and at people unfortunate enough to be in the way.

A witness at the Italian Austrian border, a Polish travel blog writer, describes circumstances of horror. “This huge mass of people, but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly, ‘We want Germany.’… But is Germany a paradise now?”

“I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in which I traveled myself with a group of others. They were throwing feces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windshield. How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany? The bus is now damaged, covered with feces, scratched, with broken windows.” His group had to travel with Italian police escort from then on. He described the entire area as a war zone.

Should we not be compassionate to our fellow Muslims who, by no fault of their own, are invading Europe, fleeing a civil war in Syria? Since they are mostly young men 20-30 years old, would it not make sense that they stayed with their families and fought for their country, protecting their wives, children, and the elderly? Why trek 4,000 km to another continent whose culture they hate and despise, instead of going to the nearby rich Arab and Muslim countries that could have given them familiar shelter and religious accommodations?

Saudi Arabia promised Germany that they would build a mosque for every 100 refugees they take in. Why? Are they trying to colonize Europe with Islam? Why not take these refugees into Saudi Arabia?

As the blogger said, even though he felt subconscious compassion, he was glad the refugees did not choose Poland as their destination. “Poles are not prepared to accept these people culturally or financially.”

Why would refugees seek Germany and Sweden? The Poland MEP, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, of the conservative-liberal party, shed some light during his recent speech at the EU.

“Poland does not have a problem with immigrants. Poland has a problem with immigrants, who under the absurd Dublin regime (the Dublin Regulation), are being forced to stay at concentration camps although they want to escape from Poland to Germany, Austria, and other EU countries. Why? Because Poland has significantly lower social benefits. If we were to abolish social benefits, there wouldn’t be any people coming to Poland and Europe just to live off of handouts. People willing to work are valuable, but they are being sent back to their countries and we take in those unwilling to work. This is a ridiculous policy that results in Europe being flooded with human garbage. Let’s state this clearly: human garbage that does not want to work. America built its power because it took in immigrants willing to work and it does not give any handouts. We are ruining Europe and this policy is the cause of the downfall of Europe.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upTBiQEow94

The Polish MEP is wrong that America is not taking in immigrants that are unwilling to work. We have our share of them on welfare rolls as soon as they get here. There are legal immigrants who are still waiting for the resolution of their cases but southern border illegal jumpers get red carpet treatment at the welfare trough. Social Security offices are jam-packed with illegals, who do not speak English and have no intention of assimilating into our culture.

Angela Tocila, another European blogger, made some interesting points in her September 9, 2015 post. I translate ad litteram or paraphrase parts of her eloquent essay. We all learned to share as kids and to be compassionate. We remember the UNICEF ads begging for a few dollars to feed the starving children of Africa yet they are still dying of hunger.

Most people volunteer because they are Christians and want to help their fellow humans. Liberals volunteer because they are enamored with primitive cultures they view as superior and exploited by evil white men.  But Angela Tocila sees the new wave of European volunteerism to take in Syrian refugees as a new wave of “flower power.”

These “flower power” liberals are “pointing fingers and accusing that we are not in solidarity with the downtrodden on a blind quest with a fixed destination, Germany or nothing. Germany or I am going to throw my wife and child on the train tracks, Germany or death. The “flower power” ilk forces me to respond if I want to take in a family of refugees in my own home, in the name of human solidarity; they are trying to blackmail me into a sentimental guilt trip that I am not sensitive to, and I answer NO.”

She would not take in refugees because she does not have any duty or responsibility towards them. “That does not mean that I am insensitive to the drama of many, to the images of drowned kids whose dads survived miraculously while trying to save their kids. I am not insensitive to the male invasion who uses their women and children as shields, place them on train tracks or throw them through a fence.”  I loathe people who do not bathe, who demand that I cover my arms and legs in their presence, for fear that I might offend their religious obsessions, who would treat me in my own home as half a human being or less. I don’t want to feel obligated to find a shepherd to buy a sheep because I eat pork, beef, beans with smoked pork, or stuffed cabbage with pork.” If you stay in my house, you must eat what I eat. I don’t want to enter into a conflict with a male who treats his wife like a rag, while trying to explain to him that she is just as much of a human being as he is. I am agnostic and I would not want to create a prayer space in my own home and to respect a religious ritual foreign to me and to my culture. I would not want to become the victim of the conflict between the Shia family in my home and the Sunni family in my neighbor’s home. Last but not least, I would not take in a refugee family in my home when the conflict was caused by those who finance it and are responsible, the military industrial complex.” But the most compelling argument was, “I don’t want to wake up one morning with my throat slashed because I might be Christian.” https://politicstand.com/nu-nu-adopt-o-familie-de-refugiati/

The liberal do-gooders have moved from adopting starving African children to oppressed Afghani women and girls, to stopping the Darfur genocide caused by Muslims, to now adopting a refugee family from Syria. And the world’s problems seem to get worse while liberals are mum about the slaughter of Christians and Yezidis by ISIS.

Liberal humanitarians will try to run cover and explain benignly why 1,500 Muslims chanting Alahu Akbar, throwing rocks and bottles at police, are rioting at the closed Roszke-Horkos border crossing from Serbia into Hungary.  Hungarian police fired tear gas and water cannons at the refugees as they broke through the make-shift fence. http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/allahu-akbar-migrants-rampage-attack-police/

Germany and the EU are receiving a massive onslaught of militant multi-culturalism which they are ill-prepared to handle. Decades of European multi-culturalism has already been a substantial failure.



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

U.N. Agenda 21 Has Now Morphed into Agenda 2030

After forty years of socialist indoctrination in schools and LGBT activism, the progressive agenda is finally bearing fruit. Gloating that the Women of the Left and GLAAD were victorious over our country, a recent Rush Limbaugh caller said that our country is in such a mess right now, that Christians won’t even help their own when religious rights are trampled. The warping and destruction of our children’s minds in schools is so complete, they now think the way feminist and LGBT militants want them to think, the caller concluded.

Activists must now convince the world. Samantha Powers, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and important advocate of the LGBT agenda, said in a press conference on C-SPAN:

“Again, we’re getting this issue into the DNA of the United Nations, but until today the Security Council had never broached this topic, and so today also represents a small but historic step.” http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/samantha-power-us-injecting-lgbt-rights-dna-united-nations

But third world nations are not exactly buying it. Senegal rep, speaking for the 54-nation African Group, U.N.’s largest regional bloc, said that “Sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights cannot be considered to create or imply a right to abortion.” They also rejected “any interpretation of any terms that runs counter to domestic law.”

The Holy See promotes the defense of life in the womb, “protecting the right to life of the person from conception until natural death.” However, the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) noted that “Possibly for the first time since its founding 70 years ago, a major U.N. agreement involving social policy does not mention the family.”

The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit will be held September 25-27 in New York and will address Sustainable Development as defined in the 1992 Agenda 21 document after injecting it with steroids and repackaging it into Agenda 2030. It will not address just global warming turned climate change talking points; it will embrace every facet of human life through its 17 goals, a “new universal agenda for humanity” and a blueprint for global governance.

Tom DeWeese, President and founder of the American Policy Center, said, “Basically they are rebooting Agenda and they are calling on the world’s most visible religious leader to promote the agenda.”

At the World Commission on the Environment in 1983, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Vice Chair of the World Socialist Party, introduced the term and the definition of Sustainable Development. "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Who decides what the needs of each person are and the ability? Sounds like collectivism to me.

Sustainable Development (SD) is not what the actual words imply. SD is a euphemistic tool to create the new international economic order based on socialism after the overthrow of capitalism and the elimination of national identity and borders. SD is a vehicle to construct a one world government, the New World Order as printed on our dollar bill, Novus Ordo Seclorum.

The stated goals of Agenda 2030, although innocuous sounding, are the blueprint of the New World Order controlled by large corporations and an elitist group of very wealthy individuals:

1.      End poverty in all its forms everywhere

I have heard this promise before under communism. We were all on government subsidies and subsistence level standard of living, no proper healthcare, no cars, no homes, drab concrete cubicle housing, few personal possessions, no private property, dependency on mass transportation only, no mobility outside of the city except to commute to work.

Poverty will not end, citizens of all races and creeds will be dependent on welfare, food stamps, housing, and poor medical care and drugs. Schools will teach global citizens how to remain perennial victims on the dole because government is the only entity that protects them.

Trillions of dollars later, the war on poverty in the U.S. has created generational welfare dependency. Developed world money spent on poor nations increased the wealth of the elites in power.

2.      End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Under the premise of “increased output” and feeding the world’s hungry, the mega-farms have gobbled up mom and pop farms. Engineering genetically modified plants and seeds, quite different from hybridization, with the extensive use of herbicides and pesticides, companies have no idea what the long-term effects will be.

Food security in case of a large-scale calamity is not guaranteed. The world supply of grain would only last for two days. Grocery stores that supply the majority of the urban population only have enough food for three days.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, proposed that Mega-Cities inhabitants grow their own food on terraces and rooftops with rain water. How is that feasible and sustainable? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX8h5VIisKc

3.      Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Forced vaccination for kids, medical subcutaneous I.D. tags, sterilization, prescribed medication for hyper-activity, meds for real or imagined depression, mass medication for health prevention programs, forced nutrition by government standards like school lunches, reduced soda drinks, reduced salt intake, walkability are just some of the issues that will rob global citizens of their freedom of choice under the guise of government-mandated healthy lives.

4.      Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

This is an interesting goal for third world and Muslim nations where girls are not encouraged or allowed to go to school past eighth grade and are forced to marry very early in their teens. In the developed world, the globalists are dumbing down education with Common Core standards that prepare students to be collective workers, not independent thinkers, and global citizens busy-bees in large corporations. Common Core also replaces history with revisionist history, non-facts, impossible math, collectivist indoctrination, and proselytizes for Islam to the detriment of Christianity.

Since it’s impossible to make all humans equal in education outcome, by forcing them to fit one mold of education standards and testing, Common Core education ensures a generation of compliant drones who are all equally ignorant on the same textbook page.

5.      Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Gender equality is just another code word for feminizing or “chickifying” society, lowering standards to include women in the military, police, and firemen, even though women are physiologically different than men, particularly in muscle mass and body fat content.

Marginalize and shame men for the “brutes” that they are. Make parents, particularly dads, into babbling idiots in every sitcom on television or in books. Encourage and “nudge” (push) citizens into obedience, relinquishing private property and accepting communal property where everything is shared because we are all “equal.” It will be an equally miserable existence.

“Criminalize Christianity, marginalize homosexuality, demonize males and promote the LGBT agenda everywhere.” (Mike Adams)

6.      Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

“Allow powerful corporations to seize control of the world’s water supplies and charge monopoly prices to ‘build new water delivery infrastructure’ that ‘ensures availability.’” (Mike Adams)

Have government control irrigation like the St. Joaquin Valley in California where it was decided that the delta smelt was more important to protect than thousands of acres of farms and orchards that were the backbone of California agricultural industry. Instead of irrigating said farms, fresh water was diverted and dumped into the ocean every day, while crops and trees died. And the delta smelt may disappear on its own anyway.

Through various executive orders and the EPA, waters of the United States are controlled by the government and will be overseen by the United Nations once the onerous Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is ratified.

7.      Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Pushing solar and wind power which may make sense for a few remote locations, the demonizing of coal has left millions of Africans without electricity and without the ability to provide clean water to their villages. Furthermore, the middle class and the poorer citizens of the developed world have had to pay higher electricity rates than necessary due to the war on coal waged relentlessly by the environmental lobby, this administration, and the EPA’s ever more stringent rules and regulations for coal-fired power plants.

The media glosses over or ignores the high cost of renewables, the providers’ rate of bankruptcy, the insufficient energy generated vis-à-vis the world’s electric needs, the huge plots of land taken out of agriculture production in order to accommodate solar panels and wind turbines, the kill-rate of millions of birds, the burning of crops as fuel, pushing corn prices higher, and the human health costs from wind turbines.

8.      Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Government-mandated living minimum wage of $15 has been a disaster so far, replacing humans with technology, causing more unemployment in the service sectors, and reducing work hours due to the requirements of the (un) Affordable Care Act.

Forcing quotas for various minority workers lacking qualification, destroying a free market system based on supply and demand, the government has socially-engineered the economy to steady decline by denying permits and licenses to companies they don’t like, or to companies that do not abide by their rules. “You did not build that” has become a glaring example of abuse of power over small businesses.

9.      Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Borrowing money from the World Bank and then hiring corporations to build infrastructure, the practice of bribery in third world nations, and the misuse of funds by those in power have resulted in a spiraling debt that poor countries cannot extricate themselves from unless there is a massive debt forgiveness which different lobbying groups have endorsed.

The U.N. has demanded that technology be transferred to the entire globe without any remuneration to inventors and innovators for research and development.

10.  Reduce inequality within and among countries

To do so, one would have to confiscate the wealth of all entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators who took a risk and worked hard developing an idea, the so-called rich, and re-distribute the fruits of their labor and any associated gains, to those who chose not to work, be dependent on government welfare, and reproduce in high numbers.

Successful people have been sharing their wealth through generous donations to the tune of billions of dollars each year and they have made no dent whatsoever lifting the poor out of poverty.

No matter what we do, there will always be inequality. We cannot regulate it away by United Nations fiat or by government decree.

11.  Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

Socially engineering humans from suburban and rural areas into Mega-cities is a recipe for disaster, crime, pollution, crowding, disease, and riots. There is no sustainable anything in the city. If there is even a remote interruption of fuel and water to a large urban area, chaos will ensue quickly. Forcing humans to live in such crowded, high rise, mixed, multi-purpose dwellings will allow government to control them better, particularly if gun ownership is banned around the world.

12.  Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Being told how much electricity, food, and water to consume is like living in a third world nation. I’ve been down that road under a communist regime and I still remember the long lines, the struggle to find food, and the scarcity of everything that a central government planned economy did not and could not provide.

If the government fails to provide, the population will experience shortages of basic goods like food, water, electricity, hot water, light bulbs, toilet paper, medicines, and other stuff we take for granted. Look at oil-rich Venezuela destroyed by decades of Hugo Chavez’s socialist policies, a benevolent dictator who made sure he stole billions for himself and his family before he threw the poor a few crumbs in the form of free medical care from Fidel Castro’s Cuban doctors who treated sniffles. Venezuela must now employ the military to distribute food to its citizens.

13.  Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

The climate change industry is getting rich beyond belief by taxing people to death for the non-existent carbon pollution from CO2, forcing them into standard of living changes, going back to pre-industrial times, penalize car ownership, shaming people into driving unsafe tin cans, forcing the public into mass transit, walking, and biking everywhere.

14.  Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development

Banning ocean fishing would reduce the food supply and increase food prices for a lot of poor humans whose survival depends on seafood. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) would place all the oceanic and marine passage and ownership in the hands of the United Nation’s the Agency who would give passage approval, fishing, and marine exploration, giving itself the lion’s share for exploration of fossil fuels and other minerals on the bottom of ocean.

15.  Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

To fulfill this Agenda 2030 goal, all humans must be herded into cities according to the Biodiversity Treaty, the Wildlands Project Map, by controlling passage on land via human corridors, forbidding private land ownership, banning wood stoves, banning rain water and snowmelt collection, criminalize home-gardening the way HOAs do in most areas, in order to make humans dependent on government-run and controlled agriculture. http://nwri.org/the-wildlands-project/un-biodiversity-treaty-and-the-wildlands-project/

16.  Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

To achieve this goal, a massive invasion of illegal aliens has been planned and is currently underway. Legal immunity and special status and privileges are granted to said illegal aliens, special groups, and minorities to the detriment of the general population who is required to follow the law. 

IRS punished and harassed conservative groups and individuals. Crony capitalists received special favors, funds, and status and were allowed to bring in less qualified and experienced legal and illegal aliens to replace American professional workers who had to train their replacements.

17.  Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Globalism will finally be enacted as a mandate for every signatory country (178), superseding national laws and borders, making parliaments and our Congress irrelevant, allowing the largest companies in the world to become trans-national monopolies over drugs, seeds, chemicals, weapons, technology, medicine, energy, education, and transportation.

Mike Adams encapsulated this goal very well, “Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by powerful corporations and rubber-stamped by the U.N.” http://naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nations_global_enslavement.html#ixzz311ei6zGh

Progressivism will finally succeed in installing global socialism under the umbrella of U.N.’s Agenda 2030, dressed as Sustainable Development and Equality. His Holiness Pope Francis will come to the U.S. on September 22, 2015 to convince Congress that climate change is the biggest threat to our existence. His visit is a heavenly-sent gift, 3 days before the meeting in New York, which is retooling Agenda 21 into Agenda 2030.