Monday, September 26, 2022

My Rant

Romania is practically in the backyard of both Ukraine and Russia. As such, the Romanian people had to accept Ukrainian refugees and to live in fear of an eventual Russian occupation. Strangely though, non-western sources reported that more Ukrainian refugees have sought refuge in Russia than anywhere else in Europe.

Lately, Romanians are up in arms because, as part of EU, they must tighten their belts too and reduce electricity consumption in order to satisfy the EU-regime's demands that they all punish Putin and place economic sanctions on purchases from Gazprom gas.

I am not sure that the EU elites have consulted their citizens in making such a decision. After all, the elites are not going to suffer during any harsh winter when the temperatures will drop – they will be cozy in their well-heated mansions.

The German grocery chains in Romania, to be in lockstep with the directives from the EU-mother ship, are reducing their daily operating hours in order to consume less electricity and natural gas.

Romanians who had lived and suffered under the communist regime’s draconian shortages of electricity, water, natural gas, and hot water, are in fear of finding themselves again in the dark and cold like they were under the brutal and inept communist control of Ceausescu and his Bolshevik cronies.

The younger population fears nothing – they were not alive during such horrible times. Generation Z and others, tethered to TikTok and social media via smart devices, are enchanted by the fact that there are some NATO troops, especially American, on Romanian soil at the air base in Kogalniceanu.

They are sure that the NATO troops, especially the Americans, would defend the country against an onslaught from Russia, should the crazy Putin decide to invade. Older generations are too lulled into a false sense of security under the banner that used to be true during WWII period, "the Americans are coming, and they will save us."

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

So, You Want to Buy a Car?

Here is another element of socialism/communism that most of you don’t realize what it is - the ability to buy high-priced items such as a car or a house.

For one, poor people, and we were all equally poor, could not afford a car or a home. Should they have saved and scrimped their entire lives collectively in the family, the economic police were always on the prowl, looking for people who had more resources than the socialist/communist man was allowed.

Single family homes were out of reach for the proletarian masses. They had to rent the concrete and steel high-rise apartments while giving up to government confiscation of their single-family homes and their land for “the good of the people,” who needed more agricultural land.

As a socialist/communist economy was not based on supply and demand, just on the centralized government’s five-year economic plan, there was always a shortage of most consumer goods, including cars. It is true, you could only purchase the one model produced in the country, the Dacia. A Dacia cost around 70,000 lei during the 1970s while a concrete apartment cost around 30,000 lei.

To put the car price into proper perspective, the average salary then was about 800 lei per month. A person would need to save his entire salary for 87.5 months (about 7.5 years) to buy his own Dacia, assuming that the spouse would pay the bills and provide food and clothing.

A buyer had to pay upfront the full price of the car and wait for it to be produced and delivered by the factory whenever they felt like it, the wait list, or the assembly line permitted.

Sometimes the wait was as long as 10 years because the inept economic planners under communism were unable to deliver even the most basic goods like food and medicine, much less a car.

The wait for phone installation was 14 years. You had to go to the post office to order the phone service, pay a fee, and wait. We would ask the frowning clerk jokingly if they would install the phone in the morning or afternoon and she would say, irritably, “what difference does it make, it’s 14 years from now!” Our answer would always be, “the plumber is coming in the morning.” She never appreciated the jocular tone of our sad reality. We got our phone service when I finished high school and dad had applied for it when I was of kindergarten age.

The Communist Party elites, on the other hand, could get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. A simple phone call did the trick and the requested item(s) arrived at their house in a relatively short period of time, depending on the type of merchandise.

Another element of communist life was the lack of basic health services and pharmaceutical drugs. We are not there yet in America, but the variety is dwindling for over-the-counter drugs in highly populated areas.

In the socialist economy controlled by a one-party rule, the Communist Party, even vitamins and aspirin were missing on shelves and medicines had to be compounded, providing that the ingredients were available on the market. The capsules that contained the compounded powder were huge and made of dissolvable paper. I cannot tell you, as a child, how difficult it was to swallow these horse-sized capsules filled with bitter tasting, choking powder.

In our American economy, the shortage of goods in highly populated areas is quite steep, including cars. Unless you are extremely rich and buy a high-end priced car or a Tesla, you can no longer walk into a dealership and expect to leave with a car that day even though you may have the money, all of it.

In the Biden economy, you have to reserve a car, put down a certain amount, and wait 6 to 8 months to receive it. For now, it is 6-8 months, but the wait time will increase as we slide more and more towards an inept socialist economy which is not based on supply and demand but is controlled centrally by one party, the communists. Today, the controllers are the socialist Democrat Party and their enablers, the establishment Republicans.

The moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for. Keep vilifying capitalism’s free markets and wishing for a socialist/communist economy, and you shall get it.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Friday, September 16, 2022

How Green is Your Electric Vehicle?

How “green” is your combustion engine car? Apparently not green at all, our fossil fuel guzzlers and our mere daily existence are “destroying” the planet with the carbon footprint. The “virtuous” leftists are driving electric vehicles (EV) which are powered by fairy dust.

The constant gaslighting of the left appears to work.  They are manipulating the rest of us by psychological means that bring into question our own sanity and reality.

The globalists who designed, pushed, and succeeded in implementing at local levels around the globe its U.N. Agenda 21, now converted into Agenda 2030, the World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset, have done so with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SD) at all local levels.

One such SD goal, hidden in the 40 original chapters of U.N. Agenda 21, was pollution control by any means, including bankrupting the developed world, with its reduction of CO2. If successful, the planet’s crops and our food supply will suffer immensely causing unnecessary famine. Wealth will be redistributed from the developed world to the third world and the middle class will become extinct.

The elite globalists have succeeded in forcing people into “everything sustainable” in their lives, a government “green new deal” (neither green, nor new, nor a deal), solar and wind generation aiming to bankrupt the coal, hydro, and nuclear power, and electric vehicles (EVs). These magical electric vehicles, according to the left, do not pollute at all, run on fairy dust.

Electric vehicles, pushed non-stop by globalists and by our own government to the detriment of combustion engine vehicles, will not crowd our roads currently for many reasons.

The Biden regime has driven the price of oil to double digits since it took power in order to facilitate the sale and use of EVs. It then changed course and released huge amounts of strategic oil reserves in order to artificially influence a drop in the price of expensive gasoline before the mid-term elections.

In addition to its higher price, EVs are not exactly a replacement for combustion engine cars for several reasons:

1.      There is not enough electric power available

Current electrical generation capacity for America is 11.4 trillion kilowatt-hours (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy) According to Dr. Jay Lehr, wind and solar produce about .7 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity. If coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy production are taken out of the equation, what remains is solar, wind, and hydro. How is that enough to power all the potential EVs in the country, utilities, and all industries?

 Electricity generation, capacity, and sales in the United States - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

2.      Government will decide who gets the electricity to power EVs and who goes where and how far. There will be kill-switches in all car engines produced by 2025.

3.      The cost of lithium-ion 1,000-pound battery is a huge problem, $10,000 for Teslas.

4.      There are not enough rare earth minerals to produce enough EVs for the planet. Children in third world countries and in China are used to surface-mine these minerals.

5.      The number of charging stations will never be adequate. A typical busy gas station fuels 2,000 cars per day. Such a station would need 600 50-watt chargers, costing $24 million to install and a very large piece of land. The recharging stations would need, according to Dr. Lehr, 30 megawatts of power from the grid. This amount usually powers 20,000 homes.

6.      The range of travel is limited, claimed to be 300 miles in some models.

7.      Recharging time is huge, 30 minutes to 8 hours from topping off to full recharge.

8.      Cold climates are hugely detrimental to the lithium-ion batteries, yielding less energy in cold weather.

9.      EVs are fire hazards, not recommended to be stored inside a garage or close to anything that may catch on fire. The fire cannot be put out by water and must be allowed to burn itself out or be put out by firemen with special chemicals.

10.  Used EV market is not good as a replacement battery can cost more than the EV is worth. Average combustion engine cars on the road are 12 years old. Dr. Lehr stated that a 12-year old EV is on its third battery.

There is a parking lot outside of Paris where the municipality is storing its used up EVs. The batteries cannot be recycled and they leak toxic chemicals into the parking ground.

11.  Home charging amp service is questionable, given our current electric grid. A home charging for a Tesla requires 75 amp service in a home with an average 100 amp service. Dr. Lehr stated that “on most suburban streets, the electrical infrastructure would be unable to carry more than three houses with a single Tesla. For half the homes on your block to have electric vehicles, the system would be widely overloaded.” (conference speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2022, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness)

12.  Parking limitations – some states and municipalities do not want EVs parked inside garages. EVs manufacturers recommend “park outside” in the open air.

13.  Recall campaigns for 3.3 million EVs after fire incident reports.

14.  Prices of new EVs are out of reach for most consumers. Orders have dropped when the government subsidies and the $7,500 tax incentives were removed or phased out.

15.  Consumer behavior such as range anxiety, charging stations availability, grid capacity, battery replacement, home charging costs, is affecting sales.

16.  Building an entire new grid must be built to prevent brownouts and blackouts.

17.  Separate home meters for EVs charging, paying higher electricity rates similar to the U.K. model.

18.  End of EV free ride of usage of highways and not paying fuel taxes - Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) will become a cost incurred by EV owners as well.

19.  Energy density – Dr. Jay Lehr stated that “the lithium-ion battery is four times better than the old lead-acid battery, but gasoline holds 80 times the energy density.”

Dr. Jay Lehr mentioned in his presentation that “the biggest impediment to the growth of electricity generated by wind and solar is the newly coined Ciccione/Lehr Rule of Thumb which states, ‘All wind and solar power on the electric grid must be backed up by an equal or greater amount of fossil fuel power running on standby 100% of the time.’” If such standby is not available, then the grid can crash.

In conclusion, essential questions to ponder are:

Are EVs really that green? Just because they say it is, does not make it so.

Where does the electricity come from to power them? In the case of California, the same government that wants to take combustion engine vehicles off the road and force its citizens into buying electric ones, asked current EV owners not to charge their cars during certain times as electricity is in short supply.

Can we afford the cost and the inconvenience of being stranded on a longer trip in the middle of nowhere U.S.A.?

Are we able to mine large quantities of rare earth minerals in order to build billions of batteries?

Can we eventually recycle toxic lithium-ion batteries without polluting the planet even worse than burning fossil fuels?

Would people consider flying on planes powered by lithium-ion batteries?

Can the current grids supply that many EVs in every neighborhood without crashing?

Can we afford to build a new grid in the middle of a big recession and escalating inflation?

Can the three main power grids, East, West, and Texas, crash if too many EVs are sold and people attempt to charge them at the same time during the night? The Texas grid came pretty close to crashing in recent memory.

These are important questions to ponder and address before we retire the combustion engine to the dustbin of history.

NOTE: California, which boasts so far half of the EVs sold in the U.S., generated its 2021 electricity, according to the California Energy Commission, 37.9% from natural gas, 3% from coal, 9.3% from nuclear, 9.2% from hydro, 14.2% from solar panels, and 11.4% from wind turbines. This adds up to 85%. Where did the rest come from?

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Direction of Teaching in America

As a former teacher, I was dismayed at times about the quality of teachers who were shaping impressionable young minds in public schools. I was shocked that they knew so little and often were proud that they were ignorant. Too many teachers were not ashamed to admit that they were weak in history, mathematics, literature, science, geography, physics, and chemistry.

I watched such teachers like a hawk at my children’s schools. Every day I knew the lessons and the topics they covered. I monitored my children’s learning all the time even when they seemed tired of my questioning them. We went over homework, words, concepts, capitals, historical dates, math tables, spelling words, and cursive writing. It was a joy at the beginning of the school year to shop for school supplies with my children at Walmart and to organize the famous Trapper Keepers for each child.

The school principals and teachers then did not have the Democrat party’s activist agendas, they were struggling with class scheduling, faculty meetings, disruptive students, failing students, reading and math proficiency, unreasonable parents, missing parents, helicopter parents, parents demanding unearned grades for their progeny, truancy, graduation rates, ACT scores, pregnant students in school, hungover teachers in the classroom, and the occasional teacher’s scandalous affair which spilled into the school and impacted teaching and learning. 

There was no Internet, no libs of TikTok, and other social media platforms to spew hatred and woke ideology. There was some respectability to the teacher profession, teachers in general tried to be moral and behavioral models for their students.

Teachers were not sporting pink hair, nose rings, multiple facial piercings, sleeve tattoos, scuffed jeans with holes, and t-shirts with Che Guevara’s revolutionary photo and communist logos. There was no overt communist social activism in the classrooms. Teachers were not withholding information from their students’ parents; they sent home daily and weekly classroom lesson plans. Students could bring home their textbooks.

There were no teacher unions in some states, but the State Department of Education was king in choosing what the students learned every year since 1979. Most teachers had good intentions, slightly under-prepared for the brighter kids but were not the Marxist activists of today.

Teachers were following the latest educational fad and directives from the State Department of Education, in line with the latest teaching methods coming from the minds of academia. 

These teaching methods were the hobbyhorse of research for research’s sake from Colleges of Education at universities around the country, especially teacher colleges that had been grooming communist teachers for multiple decades, following the model of the European “intellectuals” who moved to New York to seed their Marxist indoctrination in American academia.

The global warming agenda started to creep in and infiltrate public schools via student channels, video games, movies, cartoons, and other mass media forms of indoctrination. Students were frightened by their teachers that the planet was going to burn up or freeze over because their parents’ lifestyles were killing the planet.

The quality of teachers started to diminish in the last thirty years, as fewer students sought a degree in Education. It was a trend caused by poor teacher pay, lack of respect, the inadequate preparation, and the quality of potential students who failed to pass basic courses in math and science. It was easier to memorize educational fads which changed each year to fit the woke agenda developed over the last fifty years. As the saying goes, “Those who can’t, teach.”

Students began pursuing journalism and communication degrees, social studies degrees, social justice, gender justice, environmental justice, racial justice, and other newly developed and woke collegiate curricula, shamelessly claiming the existence of “injustices” across the board in the U.S. Pick a subject, we will find and create an injustice in that field.

The market became overfilled with starry-eyed social justice warriors seeking a significant place in the myriad of non-governmental organizations that did not pay better than teaching but afforded students the opportunity to travel to third world countries to bring them American “democracy,” mob rule that is.

In their feel-good, easy-peasy college classes, these graduates failed to learn that we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic. Why would they know when most of them have never read the Constitution, nor did they take or pass a civics class.

Educational scholars in the U.S. then and now were influenced by the Frankfurter School which comprised the German intellectuals at the Institute for Social Research, an organization at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, founded in 1923. Its founder was Carl Gruenberg, a Marxist professor of law at the University of Vienna. This Marxist center was funded with money from Felix Weil, a rich student, whose doctoral dissertation focused on the pragmatic problems of implementing socialism.

These German, Italian, Canadian, and American scholars sat the stage for the eventual decline of education in this country and its devolution into the cultural Marxism we see today.  They helped train, brainwash, and establish teachers as a revolutionary frontline who would eventually transform society into the socialist/communist society they sought.

In the words of Barack Obama, five days before he became president, “We are five days from the fundamental transformation of America.” Few people focused on that one ominous sentence unless they survived a socialist country ruled by the Communist Party. For them, that one sentence chilled them to the very core of their beings.

How did the federal government become so powerful that it dictates what is happening to teachers, administrators, schools, and students? Certainly the 1979 establishment of the U.S. Department of Education by President Jimmy Carter was the official start of a declining American education.

The government now forces schools to teach racism under the pretext of anti-racism. The Critical Race Theory (CRT) is aiming to fundamentally change schools into places of overt Marxist conflict, whites against minorities, rich against the poor, heterosexuals against the gay and transgendered.

The funding largesse is going to schools, most of which are starved for cash and are not going to turn down “fee money,” to compel them to replace traditional learning with CRT. Money is also invested in perverting and sexualizing students. Homosexuality and gender confusion has now exploded into brainwashing young children into body mutilation. Drag Queen Story Hour, encouraged by teachers and administrators, features men dressed as women, reading disturbing stories to kindergartners.

Public education has become government education and teachers are government employees expected to do their bidding. They must accept and agree to escalate in their classroom the social re-engineering of public education. Common Core curricula, in place all over the country under different names, has dumbed down the students’ performance in mathematics, reading, and writing, behind many less developed countries.

Before 1979, Americans used to be the most educated people in the world thanks to private and home schools. John Dewey’s and Horace Mann’s dreams of a centralized, government-controlled, anti-Christian public education became reality, and the quality of teachers and students began a serious decline after 1979.

“Today, in school districts all across the country, teachers, administrators and superintendents all work toward the same mission as the founders of public education, as they help brainwash and raise un-American and amoral generations of adults, in the same manner as was done to them.”   The Problem with Public Education : The John Birch Society (

We are no longer a superpower thanks to public education, we have moved to a dumb, ignorant, and self-destructive immoral nation. The government is in control of public education and is “weaponizing” it, destroying Americanism, its uniqueness, talent, and creativity, and replacing American exceptionalism with collectivist ideals.

Unless we reverse this educational trend of destruction and start training and hiring teachers and administrators who respect and understand our constitutional republic, and our history, there is no fixing America’s decline.

NOTE: Google is no longer allowing me to post comments, so here is one comment by Pilgrimson:

"The last sentence of this article states...

"Unless we reverse this educational trend of destruction and start training and hiring teachers and administrators, who respect and understand our constitutional republic and our history, there is no fixing America’s decline."
I believe that there have been at least two generations of destruction that have passed, that I do not conceive there are enough teachers and administrators alive to be able to fill the positions needed to accomplish the fixing of Academia.
Not to mention being outnumbered by the Communist Marxists!

Friday, September 2, 2022

Breaking Down America the Globalist Way

Before it morphed into the very profitable climate change industry, the global warming agenda started to infiltrate public schools via student TV channels in the classroom, video games, movies, Saturday cartoons, and other mass media forms of indoctrination.

Students were frightened by their teachers that the planet was going to burn up in a huge ball of fire or freeze up because their parents’ lifestyle and rate of reproduction was killing the planet.

Rational people cannot logically understand how an extra tax is going to stop the alleged global warming caused by man’s daily existence and how a gas, CO2, that helps plant life to thrive and is added to greenhouses to speed plant growth, is suddenly so harmful.

Trust the science, people are told, even unsound and deceptive science. Real science evolves, it is never set in stone. Science is flawed when based on faulty computer models or the scientist(s) are paid by a lobbying group to arrive at a pre-determined result.

Histeria in the mainstream media reached a crescendo of Armageddon warnings that the planet is doomed by fossil fuel use, either freezing or warming, depending on which decade the dire warnings were lobbed at frightened and very gullible humans.

In the meantime, the elites forecasting Armageddon were living in their own massive carbon footprint mansions, flying in their private jets, sailing around the world in their yachts, building more extravagant huge villas by the sea, while telling the rest of us to live in tiny dwellings, drive electric cars people could not afford to purchase, commute by train, bike to work, walk everywhere, reduce individual carbon footprint, recycle everything, and stop eating meat.

California’s Democrat government declared a ban on gasoline powered cars and shortly after demanded that electric vehicles not be charged from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. because of the risk of power grid failure followed by rolling blackouts.

In Jackson, Mississippi, 150,000 residents were left without running water, a water infrastructure collapse caused by “decades of deferred maintenance” in a city run by Democrats. If they cannot have clean water, is there hope for underdeveloped countries?

The United Nations introduced its Agenda 21 in 1992, with its 40 chapters, after years of creating many variants of the document, and was voted and signed onto by 178 countries that agreed to follow its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. United Nations says that the document was non-binding yet in 30 years since its signing, it has been adopted in every country on the planet at all levels of government - local, state, and federal.

Advertising agencies, promoted by U.N.’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the MSM picked up these goals, talked them up non-stop and soon key words became part of everything society does – commerce, art, production, public education, higher education, science, politics, advertising, health, medicine, drugs, food, religion, transportation, etc. Everything we have been doing for centuries became sustainable or unsustainable overnight. Even clothing became sustainable and morally produced. If those words did not appear in the description of a product or service, then the public was supposed to consider it bad.

Sustainable Development (SD) became the lynchpin of transforming society into the “vision” of the global elites for more than 7 billion people. The global elites knew what was best for them and 17 SD goals had to be achieved by 2030, hence its new name, Agenda 2030.

People could no longer be “nudged” into compliance like it was suggested in the Agenda 21, they had to be “forced” into Agenda 2030 by government dictates or fear mongering of real and imagined disasters that only wise and able governments could control and mitigate.

What were these 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? They all sound reasonable on the surface but upon investigation, they cover every facet of human life and activity, all controlled by government, with no possibility of any input from those 7 billion people who will be expected to obey, “own nothing and be happy about it,” and transfer their earned wealth to third world countries:

1.      No poverty

2.      Zero hunger

3.      Good health and well-being

4.      Quality education

5.      Gender equality

6.      Clean water and sanitation

7.      Affordable and clean energy

8.      Decent work and economic growth

9.      Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

10.  Reduced inequalities

11.  Sustainable cities and communities

12.  Responsible consumption and production

13.  Climate action

14.  Life below water

15.  Life on land

16.  Peace, justice, and strong institutions

17.  Partnerships for the goals

To end poverty, the powers that be propose a population reduction by many means, such as free abortions on demand or paid for by giant corporations; pandemics like Covid-19 (Bill Gates made the public statement that many more pandemics will come); damage and death following vaccines; eating insects which contain chitin, a substance found in the exoskeleton of bugs, a chemical that our bodies is not prepared for and causes asthma in humans; canceling people over 65; hinting at cannibalism; destroying our food supply with bizarre and suspect fires at so many food storage facilities or large farms that it is no longer a coincidence; using chemtrails to spread harmful chemicals in the atmosphere which then falls on soil, in water, and are aspirated into lungs; cutting off irrigation and causing severe draught;  and cattle killings by the thousands at one time, allegedly due to heat waves.

Population reduction will further be achieved by pushing same sex relationships which cannot reproduce, forcing confused children in schools into gender reassignment, maiming teenagers through surgical procedures, and destroying the traditional family. A strong leftist cancel culture creates a twilight zone where everything bad is good and everything good is evil.

Destroying the food supply will of course end poverty as there would not be as many humans to be poor, forcibly confiscating property from richer countries and distributing it to poorer populations around the world, cutting off irrigation to formerly fertile lands, turning them fallow, and using corn crops for biofuels instead of food, thus destroying a rich and abundant source of food for billions.

Locking down people in the high rises where they live, like the Chinese had done during the pandemic, starved them to death because they were denied access to food.

Quality education is a joke as students are indoctrinated with Common Core standards; reading, writing, and arithmetic are replaced more and more by social activism and Marxism.

Children are dumbed down with manufactured history like the Project 1619, 58 genders, transgenderism and abortions without parental consent, white is bad, men are worse, division, racism, and graphic sex ed promotion.

U.N.’s Agenda 21 was considered a conspiracy theory and people had to whisper about it even though the 40-chapter document was online all this time. When AOC used the word in the Green New Deal, Agenda 21 suddenly became real, it was no longer a tin foil hat theory.

People did not connect the Smart Meters in their homes with Agenda 21. Their power became much more expensive and much more controlled under the guise of wireless convenience in the billing system. Then their homes were suddenly monitored 24/7 and the power was shut down at the most inconvenient times such as high heat or really cold days, all peak usage of electricity.

People are not connecting 5G towers to Agenda 21 either. They are now seeing 5G towers installed without permission on their private property and they have no idea how to fight back. Radiation toxicity from 5G towers is quite intense and damaging to people’s health. Without 5G towers installed so many feet apart, self-driven cars cannot work, and the elites cannot make money.

When people caught on what U.N. Agenda 21 was and started fighting ICLEI at the local government level and all the private/public regional partnership spawned by United Nation’s non-governmental organizations, the U.N. changed the name to Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable development goals, most of which have already been implemented through executive orders at state and federal levels and by local boards of supervisors who were part of ICLEI organizations. International Council for Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) was founded in New York City in 1990 but headquartered in Germany. It has now changed its name to Local Governments for Sustainability, and it is active in more than 125 countries.  ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

Among our military, the police, the government bureaucrats at all levels, the lawyers, the courts, there are corrupt communists who are fighting against our own people.

It was the local governments who brought in U.N. agenda 21 at first at all local levels through ICLEI and then Presidents Bush and Clinton enshrined it through executive orders. We are 50 years late in fighting Agenda 21, it is already here at all levels of government and around the world.

What is truly the goal of this globalist Agenda 2030 new world order cabal? They want total control and to reduce population. They want to control what’s left in every aspect of our lives by causing food shortages, taking land away from agricultural production, destroying suburbia, replacing fossil fuel cars with electric vehicles, controlling the planet with large private-public partnerships of the elites, taking all private property away, including land and homes, and having a remaining population that owns nothing, will rent everything from the government, and will be dependent 100 percent on government telling them if they can have health care, food, travel rights, transportation rights, money in the bank, rights to attend schools, and even control thoughts through implanted chips.

The elite globalists consider humanity disposable. The WEF advisor Yuval Harari has been saying that “the age of humans is coming to an end on planet Earth, and globalists have activated a multi-faceted plan to ‘cleanse’ the planet of all human beings.”

Life cannot be sustained without food and water. Cutting off the food and water supply spells disaster. Geoengineering is already causing global droughts and crops failures. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are already dealing with man-made water shortages.  Artificial fertilizer shortages further spells disaster for crop growth.

Government has escalated fossil fuel prices, especially Diesel, through its economic policies, causing an artificial shortage of Diesel and unnecessary high prices. The government has also attacked the supply chain that provides agricultural equipment parts by shutting down production during the pandemic.

“Global governments have recently declared war on Nitrogen, the key element in crop fertilizer, and they appear to be poised to start interrogating farmers who apply nitrogen to their crops. Soon, you will hear news of “climate confessions” from farmers who are thrown in prison for engaging in agricultural practices that might produce food.”

If vaccines do not kill enough people (aerosolized vaccines that are being developed could), starvation will surely will. We do not have enough food in storage to last through 2023. There is not enough grain planted and harvested right now for 7 billion people because governments have interfered on purpose with the functioning of the free market based on supply and demand.

Our woke population is more concerned with deciding which fluid sex they are at the moment, they are not sure if they are men or women, wants government handouts for everything, including living wages, their loans for worthless university degrees paid off by those who did not go to college, while the world is in severe economic, moral, and societal distress.

Once America breaks down completely, the rest of the world is sure to follow.





Monday, August 29, 2022

160 Years Since the Second Battle of Manassas

Today marks 160 years since the second battle of Manassas on August 28, 1862, at 6 p.m. It is a beautiful sunny day, with fields of green, wildflowers, butterflies, and fragrant hay being harvested by nearby farmers on a hot and humid 90-degree F summer day.

Nearly as many lives were lost in the Civil War (April 12, 1861-May 9, 1865) as there were lost in all other wars combined, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. The tally of the dead in the Civil War was 622,000; all other wars, 638,000 soldiers have lost their lives.

The first battle of Manassas took place on July 21, 1861, on these pastures adjacent to farms, teeming with fauna and flora. Butterflies surrounded us as we walked through paths surrounded by wildflowers or through freshly mowed parcels.

Brothers fought against brothers across the fertile agricultural fields and in the woods nearby. Their blood soaked the fragrant ground. One of the casualties was Captain James B. Ricketts of Company I, First U.S. Artillery. He was shot in the thigh while commanding his battery, captured by the Confederates, and recuperated at the nearby Portici plantation before his imprisonment in Richmond.

The soldiers who survived the Civil War erected the Bull Run monument on Henry Hill which took three weeks to build and was finished and dedicated on June 11, 1865. It is one of the oldest extant monuments on any Civil War battlefield. The soldiers also honored those who fell in the Second Battle of Manassas and built a similar monument near the Deep Cut.

According to park archives, one of the nearby farms, Spring Hill farm, now simply known as Henry Hill, was overgrown and abandoned in the summer of 1861 because its owner was 84-year-old Judith Henry. She had a small vegetable garden and orchard around the old frame house.  She was bedridden, too old to work the land owned by her family for over a century. Her daughter Ellen lived with her and with a hired teenage slave, Lucy Griffith, who helped with domestic chores.

Sadly, the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run, named after the nearby creek) descended on her property. Federal artillery fired on Confederate sharpshooters, unaware that civilians were inside the home. Cannon fire hit the house and mortally wounded the elderly widow, the only known civilian casualty. At the end of that fateful day, July 21, 1861, the matriarch was dead, and her house ruined. By March 1862 there was very little left standing from the Henry House.

The 7th Georgia Infantry lost its leader, Colonel Francis S. Bartow, killed at First Manassas; he was a Georgia politician who defended slavery and states’ rights. According to the Manassas National Battlefield Park, Bartow “was rendered one of the South’s earliest military martyrs.” His original monument, a stone shaft erected where he fell, disappeared and the current marker dates to 1936.

A white monument is dedicated to General Bernard Elliott Bee of South Carolina, commander of the 3rd Brigade Army of the Shenandoah who was also killed on July 21, 1861. He is said to have rallied his scattered troops by giving the command, “Form, form, there stands Jackson like a stone wall, rally behind the Virginians.”

The three-day battle of Second Manassas began on August 28, 1862, as a twilight battle near the Brawner farm. Brigadier General Rufus King’s division was looking for the “elusive” Stonewall” Jackson in the direction of Centreville. Jackson was behind the Union line with half of the Confederate Army. As Gen. King’s columns passed the village of Groveton, the Confederate artillery emerged from the woods and surprised the Federals. Union troops responded and a fierce battle ensued.

Archeological digs at the Brawner Farm unearthed thousands of artifacts about those who lived and fought in this now quiet corner of the Manassas Battlefield. Artifacts from the August 1862 three-day battle included dropped bullets, military buttons, and the sabot and base from a 3-inch Dyer artillery shell.

The Brawner Farm sustained so much damage from the battle on August 28, 1862, that the family abandoned the property and the antebellum house that stood on the site.

The area was devastated when, for the second time in thirteen months, war came to the Manassas community. Civilians chose to flee the area in advance of the troop arrivals, but others decided to stay and hid in cellars and outbuildings.

The occupying soldiers confiscated grain, killed livestock, burned fence rails for firewood, and killed chickens for food. Homes were used for field hospitals. Photographs from that time show that the devastation of the area during the Second Battle of Manassas far surpassed the destruction during the First Battle of Manassas.

Ann Strobel wrote in her diary, “All who come down represent Prince William County as a perfectly desolated waste, without food in it for man or beast, and the few houses that are left standing as without occupants.”

The Battle of Second Manassas counted 23,000 casualties, with nearly 3,300 soldiers dead.  Makeshift shallow graves on the battlefield contained soldiers from both armies. They were not buried properly until the end of the Civil War.

The Federal government removed the Union dead to Arlington National Cemetery. The Manassas Ladies’ Memorial Association, founded in 1867, assisted in the interment of 500 Confederate dead in Groveton Cemetery. Only two fallen soldiers were actually identified and have individual headstone. Some soldiers may still remain buried in unmarked graves on the battlefield.

On August 30, 1862, the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, called “Duryee’s Zouaves,” sustained the heaviest loss, devastated by the massive Confederate counterattack.  New York volunteers suffered 330 casualties in less than 15 minutes, 120 soldiers killed or mortally wounded. Two wounded members, Charles Brehm and Eugene Geer, hid in the Stone House and carved their names in the wooden floor and baseboard.

Duryee’s Zouaves took their name from Abram Duryee, their first commander, and the “Zouave” style uniform modeled after the French colonial troops of North Africa.

Built around 1825, the Stone House at the intersection of the historical Warrenton Turnpike and Manassas-Sudley Road was a witness to history during the First and Second Manassas. Inside the now restored house, some soldiers, seeking temporary shelter, left their carved marks in the baseboards. The Buck Hill on the right of the Stone House gives a good vantage point to the historic crossroads. During times of peace, the Stone House was a tavern and traveler’s rest.

During the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) in July 1861, the Stone House was at the center of fighting and the wounded were brought in for shelter. There were so many wounded at one point that one soldier said, “the rattle of musket balls against the walls of the building was almost incessant.”

During the Second Battle of Manassas in August 1862, Union General John Pope chose Buck Hill by the Stone House as his headquarters. Wounded soldiers filled the Stone House again and two of them who were upstairs, carved their names in the wood. Federal surgeons, under truce, tended to the wounded here. Confederate soldiers used the Stone House as a parole station for prisoners of war.

Further down the road, the Stone Bridge became the scene of the opening shots of the First Battle of Manassas and the retreat of the Federals from the Second Battle of Manassas. The reconstructed Stone Bridge over Bull Run creek is historically accurate.

So much history in this part of Virginia is seldom visited by Americans who avoid their history, good or bad, and events that shaped their country. Perhaps it is because Virginia’s population is changing rapidly, with Democrat socialists in power, and new arrivals from other countries who do not really care about America’s history, its past, or the significance of the places they inhabit now. They do not realize how much sacrifice has been made and how much blood has been spilled in these two battles alone so that a strong union could be forged. For better or worse, it has shaped the country into what it is today, including the benefits they derive from living here.

Note: Color photos credit - Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, August 28, 2022

          Black and white photo - Manassas park archives