Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Joe Keller Lived in Romania for Two Years Under Ceausescu's Regime

Joe Keller wrote:

I was on a flight out of Communist Bucharest, Romania on my way to Frankfurt. I was on Lufthansa. It was filled with Romanians who had bought their way to freedom. But, they knew they were not free until they were out of Romanian airspace.

The tension was thick and I could see the fear in their faces.  I had gotten up to stretch legs and looked out the windows. Turning around, I told the nervous faces to relax, we were no longer in Romania and they were safe.

One of them asked me how I could be sure. I told them to look out the windows, all the towns had lights.  The towns in Romania were largely blacked out.

Heads went to the windows and there was a huge cheer and collective sigh of relief with lots of tears and hugging.

Monday, September 7, 2020

America’s Sacred Freedom of Speech on Life Support

If you are a conservative, your sacred freedom of speech is on life support. The tech billionaires in control of various social platforms have become the Soviet-style post office headquarters.

My friend Dr. Mircea and I, when we lived for twenty years behind the Iron Curtain, had all our personal correspondence crudely opened, read, resealed, or confiscated by special KGB commissars, well trained to destroy freedom of speech and to silence any opposition to the communist regime.

When I discovered that, in addition to specific algorithms, Facebook used “fact checkers” hidden and disguised as “friends,” and when I found thousands of such fake friends hiding under variants of fact-checker, fact, factoids, and other spellings, I wrote an article about it describing who these “monitors” for hire were and their lowly $16 per hour pay. These “fact-checkers," who were not necessarily required to have a college education, used as sources of truth opinion articles written in various leftist newspapers and magazine and not scientific journals or scientific facts. Thus, I blocked thousands of such “friends."

The very same day that my article appeared at Canada Free Press, I was restricted for 30 days for a photographic meme which I posted four months before. I could not “go live” for 30 days. Never mind that I never go live at any time, so the punishment was ridiculous on its face. The photograph was an actual photo from WWII and the caption was apropos.

The fact that my account was restricted, and my freedom of speech curtailed on the very same day that my article criticizing Facebook “fact-checkers” appeared, proved my point.  I have never believed in coincidences and I am not about to become a believer now.

After blocking thousands of “fake friends” under Settings/Privacy/Blocking, and finding more and more word search combinations and spellings entered in the rubric Blocking (fakt, fakts, bot, bot check, bot checker, chequ, cheque, fakt-chequers, chequers, facktoid, factors, factoria, fabrica, fabric, fab, fabr), more fact-checkers were assigned to my account each day.

What exactly do I have to say that Facebook finds offensive, threatening, and so in violation of their liberal “community standards?” Is it the fact that I suffered under communism for 20 years, with millions of others, I escaped it, and tried my hardest to expose its tyranny? Is it the fact that the left is trying to install socialism/communism here in America and we, the survivors of such a tyrannical regime, are flies in the globalist ointment?

Is truth now relegated to only what the social media tech giants allow through their Marxist filters?

Must we be submissive to the chicom virus, to the Democrat Party, to the Marxist penetration of public education, social and fake media, and the D.C. swamp who are attempting to transform our shiny city on the hill into a tarnished, rusty urban war zone dominated by fear, corruption, and panic driven non-stop by the supine media and anti-police lawlessness?

How scared and faceless have Americans become if they wear masks for six months now, deep into the woods with few other humans around?

Today, like many other conservative Americans, I have been restricted again on Facebook because I dared to post a video of a nurse who gave testimony as to what happened at the Elmhurst Hospital in New York and how many patients died following placement on ventilators.

How exactly are we endangering anybody by posting a video that people can ignore or delete? And how can we be made responsible for its content when we share it? Since when is social media staffed by medical doctors who can verify that the statements on the video are dangerous and must be suppressed?

And where is my freedom of speech, social media? Are you a social platform protecting select or all individuals of your so-called “community,” or are you a publisher protecting/censoring content?

As my friend Dr. A. Mircea wrote, “For the past few months, my Facebook posting and comments have been severely censored, photos covered, erased, cancelled or outright blocked. Then, in the past few weeks, the censorship commissars informed me officially that my posts and attempts to “wake up America” will be reviewed, eliminated, or prevented from going public.” How is that for communist-style censorship coming from corporations?

America’s sacred freedom of speech is on life support and we must stand up to censors who want conservatives silenced.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Socialized Medicine Drug Dispensing

One example of how ineffective socialized medicine drug dispensing is in the military:

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, prescriptions had to be manually carried to the military facility pharmacy to be filled and the wait was on the average one hour.

Now, because of the viral lockdown, doctors can send the prescription to the pharmacy via fax or computer. However, the patient must go to the said pharmacy and personally request that the prescription be activated and wait a couple of hours minimum to have the prescription filled and dispensed if the drug is on their formulary. If it is not on the formulary, the prescription must be transferred to an outside pharmacy and the cost can be expensive or prohibitive especially for retired veterans on a limited income.

Expensive drugs are never on the formulary and the patient must bear the brunt of most of the cost. At least they can get the drug if they have the money.

Some drugs that are taken for a long time can be filled by mail but, in the case of emergency drugs for sudden illness, the drugs must be purchased at the pharmacy.

Socialized medicine worked the same way under the socialist countries ruled by the ineffective Communist Party. The difference was that drugs were ALWAYS in short supply and high demand, or not available to the masses. Those said masses could avoid the shortage by buying on the black market from outside sources, however, most people were too poor and had little resources to buy at such expensive prices. Salaries were relatively equal and small in all professions.

So far, we have avoided that shortage and non-availability fate in this country but for how long?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Huge Berlin, Germany, Rally Against Mask Tyranny

August 29, 2020 – Millions across Germany converged in Berlin to protest the mask-wearing dictates of healthy individuals, six months after the government-imposed lockdown for the good of the ‘collective.’
“Germans are rising up against Bill Gates, demanding humanity wake up and reject the self-styled “world health dictator“, as well as corrupt Big Pharma and the elite who are driving the world towards “global totalitarianism” and “slavery.”
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to an enormous crowd in Berlin on Saturday, as tens of thousands of Germans joined forces to protest what Kennedy Jr. referred to as Bill Gates’ “bio-security agenda, the rise of the authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy.”
“The pandemic is a crisis of convenience for the elite who are dictating these policies,” said Kennedy Jr., who praised the huge Berlin crowd for being on the frontline of the fight against global totalitarianism.”

My Rant about Millennial Radicals

I would rather sit on a bed of nails than listen to another uninformed, ignorant, brainwashed, never-left the country, lives in mom's basement, unemployed Bolshevik trying to lecture me on the righteousness of his/her fascist ideology cloaked in communist "social justice." Life is too short, I don't want to waste precious minutes on your idiotic ramblings stemming from college professors with an overt global socialism agenda, funding from Soros' non-profits, and based on Saul Alinski's rules for radicals.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Living in a Tornado Alley

Wikipedia stock
Living in a tornado alley is an experience not for the faint of heart. Every week during hurricane/tornado season, which was pretty much nine months out of the year, the sirens went off weekly. The best thing the small southern town did was to invest in loud enough sirens so that nobody would be caught unaware of impending potential disaster and were able to hide in a safe place like a shelter or a bathtub.

Trailers were shaken and rattled from their tied foundations like cheap carnival rides that needed urgent repairs. Some became easily airborne before they were smashed into smithereens.

At first, we automatically hid inside the tornado shelter in the garage which, in retrospect, was not such a good idea. It had thick walls that would withstand a lot of wind power but there was a water heater in the dark, dank room with not much fresh air coming from the garage through the slats of the very thick and heavy wood door. It gave us a false sense of protection, I suppose, since we could easily be subjected to scalding water if the house would be damaged.

So, we started “hiding” into the basement where at least we had a couch to sit down on and bookshelves with magazines and my collection of books. But it was dark, and electricity was always the first thing to go. I never bought a generator; it was something we could not afford to have - too expensive for the budget of a single parent and teacher.

The power would go out on a dime and we suffered various levels of misery – extreme heat or extreme cold, depending how hot or how cold was outside. The temperatures inside would reach unbearable levels in August and terrible wet and icy levels in early spring or late fall.

We started out with 16 majestic tall pines that the previous owner and builder had planted in the 1950s and, in the span of fifteen years we had lost all but one to various hurricanes, tornadoes, and straight line winds.  These fallen sixty-foot trees blocked the entire cul-de-sac, our and neighbors’ yards and required serious clearing intervention.

During Katrina, the entire street was blocked by significant debris and cranes had to extricate a passage for people to be able to get out. The roots stood high in the air and left huge craters behind after being completely pulled up like weeds by the unimaginable force of the wind.

We were grateful to out of state cleaning crews, food and water trucks from local churches and neighboring Mennonites, who would show up with axes and chainsaws and start clearing and cleaning, cutting lumber, piling it up out of the way, and bringing a hot meal and bottled water long before the first FEMA trucks pulled in.

We could only imagine the additional devastation in flood areas like Louisiana where the water surge would inundate homes up to the ceiling and having to deal with the destruction of everything they ever owned being covered and destroyed by mud and mold.

And the people who survived by some miracle the devastating winds were shocked to discover that their homes disappeared completely from the face of the earth and they found themselves only in possession of the clothes on their backs. Digging through the muck sometimes brought out a serendipitous family photograph that somehow was spared and was left behind. The concrete foundations of their former homes were the only physical evidence that the homes had ever existed in the first place.

After days of not being able to shower, going to the temporarily opened gyms for a shower became a blessed luxury. Finding a room in a local hotel that finally had power and being able to sleep in comfort again made us appreciate that much more what we had before the power went out for days and weeks at a time.

The harder to fill huge craters in the yard and the feeling of desolation made life that much more depressing. It took its toll on our next-door neighbor who, after two weeks of darkness, no heat, and living in his house like a mole, took his own life in his bedroom.

It was so sad that none of us knew what he was going through, he did not choose to share his misery and despair with the rest of us, perhaps we might have been able to save his precious life. We were all trying to survive within the confines of our limitations. People seldom realize how quickly everything crumbles like a house of cards without power, heat, A/C, water, and food.

We lost count how many times the entire content of our freezers and refrigerators spoiled after days without power, how many shorted television sets, microwaves, and other electronic devices we had to replace, items struck by lightning or burned out by power surges. We replaced three air conditioning units crushed by fallen debris and large trees and four roofs in an eighteen-year period.

Once we were shopping at the tiny local mall, three miles from our house, when all the windows blew out by straight line winds. Another time I was driving on the highway and was blown over on the other side of the road like a tiny toy. Luckily, there were no other cars in sight to cause a crash.

If a tornado hit or skimmed our town while it was cold outside, the house would become freezing cold fast. No number of blankets or clothes would keep us warm. We even tried to foolishly warm up with the outdoor grill which we brought inside. With no fireplace, the fumes were too much to bear, and we gave up, opening doors to air the house which made it that much colder.

The campus where I worked was hit twice quite hard. Several buildings were damaged, and a couple had to be demolished. With each tornado, more magnificent magnolia trees were uprooted, trees that had been there for generations. A dormitory was hit while students were huddling in their bunks and were missed by dangerous and lethal flying debris like pieces of lamp posts, impaling their beds or living quarters by mere inches from their bodies.

During sudden freezes, following a heavy rain, power lines would snap like bread sticks, and, aside from the treacherous and slippery roads, we had to contend with live wires on the ground, and miserable cold temperatures inside. God’s saving grace was that we still had our lives and the homes were still standing.

The ominous dark clouds, high winds, and driving rain or hail were always replaced by beautiful blue skies and sometimes rainbows, shining light over swaths of devastation that had obliterated people’s lives and sometimes their very existence.  And the memory and psychological desolation of those devastating times is still painful to this day.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Steve McCann Quote from the American Thinker

“I know that many liberals are confused, and that they suppose there are various alternatives before them.  But it isn’t true.  At this point, most of the alternatives that existed a few years ago are gone.  Liberals will have to choose between two alternatives: either they will submit to the Marxists, and help them bring democracy in America to an end.  Or they will assemble a pro-democracy alliance with conservatives.  There aren’t any other choices.

The only viable option is a pro-democracy alliance which means the re-election of Donald Trump and control of both Houses of Congress by the Republicans in November.