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Butler on Business, June 25, 2014

My two radio segments with Alan Butler on June 25, 2014.
Topics: wind turbines, animals, human effects, economy, my dad
I come on at the 34 minute mark.

In a Daze, Where is My Country?

There are days when I watch in a daze the slow motion transformation of America into the country I left 36 years ago. Change is good for America, I am told by those who decided in their ignorant collectivist minds that they know what’s best for the rest of the country, for the rest of the world.

It is good to invalidate and erase the southern border, eliminating sovereignty; it is good to allow a flood of illegal immigrants to overwhelm the country with their financial, economic, educational, and medical needs. It is good for the soul to be charitable against your will by government fiat. It is good to have your wealth stolen and given to those who did not earn it. It is good to ignore veterans’ needs, old people’s needs, and America’s poor. It is good for America to ignore all the legal immigrants who want to come to this country the right way.

I ask myself, where is my country? Can I have it back? Why must we destroy everything in order to satisfy the wishes of the ruling elite, the oligarchs in power, who are busy re-writing all our laws, inviting in corruption, lawlessness, and deceit. No matter what the regime says, those in power become more prosperous and acquire more power.

Why are Americans dissatisfied with their abundant lifestyle, their top-notch medical care, and generous welfare system, abundance of food, outstanding opportunity for education, advancement, promotion, and freedom of mobility?

What do they imagine that resides behind the tall green fence of egalitarian utopia with social justice for all? Is it a magical door that absorbs every illiterate wretch from around the globe and turns them into good global citizens?

Do Americans long for the adobe-style village dwellings made of mud bricks and without electricity where I spent the first seven years of my life?

Perhaps they enjoy standing in line for hours to get basic ingredients of food while fighting for the last loaf of fresh bread or kilo of flour? What a fine opportunity to get to know your entire neighborhood while waiting in food lines and engage in some competitive shoving.

Maybe they like when shelves are empty and the pharmacies never have the drugs they need because they are in short supply and are delivered first to the regime’s oligarchs. It might scale back the collective drug dependency.

Maybe they don’t mind the lines to get toilet paper, lines that wrap around for many blocks. Who needs toilet paper when nature has plenty of leaves?

Surely they must be envying the equality of low paying salaries and forced job assignments as far away from home as possible. Nobody should have to come home but once a week. Dormitories at the place of employment are just fine. Think about all the gas and electricity saved and the carbon credits earned.

Maybe they enjoy being spied upon for their own safety by the elites, and moved into crowded, densely populated, dirty, and noisy government-run apartments. They can build such a diverse community of like-minded neighbors who “meditate” together.

Are they envying the fuzzy feeling of equality and of saving nature for God knows what, while walking miles to the grocery store, work, the market, or the doctor?

Maybe they are envying the equality of waiting for hours to see a doctor and being told to come back the next day because the doctor has filled his government-quota of patients for the day.

Perhaps they are daring and wish to have their teeth extracted or drilled without anesthetics because it has not been delivered to doctors in years. Nobody needs toxic substances in their bodies.

Maybe they welcome the communist indoctrination in schools and the rounding up of parents weekly to be humiliated in front of the entire parent body because their children are not marching obediently-enough in lock-step with the “dictatura” of the regime.

Conceivably they must enjoy gawking at the one-sausage hanging in the window while the elites shop at their own stores and visit their own hospitals.

Possibly they enjoy staying at home, waiting for the government check and other unearned “entitlements” to arrive, hopefully on time, and the coupons for food rationing, delivered by an approved mailman who is too tired and haggard to care that all mail has been opened and read before delivery.

Feasibly they may enjoy taking virtual vacations vicariously through the television broadcasted vacations of the elites. Who needs to leave the safety of their crowded abode to travel on trains and buses to faraway places where nobody can afford the gas, the food, and the hotel?

Conceivably they may enjoy staying in the dark on a regular basis when power is cut off, shivering when heat does not reach their apartments, and sweltering in summer because air conditioning is not allowed or too expensive.

Americans may learn to enjoy the freedom of not bathing because water is rationed. Who needs to smell good or wash clothes when it is so much easier to go dirty and with matted hair? Shampoo and soap are overrated, we are told by Europeans, we bathe too much and our skin dries out. Think how soft and smooth your skin will be from lack of bathing. We would be saving Mother Nature. We are not sure what we would be saving the planet for, but we are saving it to thrive back to wilderness. That would make environmentalists really happy.

Why would Americans protest when a vet who had three strokes is denied nursing home care? Neither Medicare nor Tricare would pay for his care because he has no visible wounds and he has plenty of resources saved up to pay $6,000 a month for nursing care. After all, it’s only fair; he has to exhaust all his earthly possessions before Medicaid kicks in. Everybody else, who did not pay their dues to society like our vets had, gets all services free.

The government needs money to care for these poor illegal alien “children” who showed up on our southern border from Central America, by no fault of their own, some with awful tattoos, their parents just let them out of the house and someone unfairly bussed them and flew them to our border patrols where they were met with open arms, scabies and all. They need free housing, free health care, free education, 42,000 pairs of grown men’s underwear, formula, bottles, babysitters, etc. - it is expensive to alter practically overnight, relatively speaking, the demographics of our “unfair and insufficiently diverse” society.

The Democrat Party is seeking this transformational change with dizzying speed, cheered on the sidelines by Republican brethren. But we are not transforming fast enough into the “social justice,” “environmental justice,” and “coexist” Tower of Babel heaven they’ve promised their American followers and constituents. We must be nudged. A suggestion has been floated that they should change their name to the Communist Party since they are so neatly aligned with Marxism.

I can hardly wait for this American majority and the illegal aliens they support to attain the communist utopia they’ve escaped from but so richly deserve. The oligarchs, the liberal rich, the political class, and Hollywood elites can then hang around with the former middle class they’ve impoverished with their policies and their activism.


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Wind Turbines and Negative Effects on Animals

"The wind turbines look like evil hands swatting rhythmically at the beauty of nature."
- Ileana Johnson

Kaj Bank Olesen at mink farm, courtesy of Aoh.Dk
I’ve recently reported on the bizarre behavior of animals, 1,600 miscarriages, and fetal deformities at a mink farm in Denmark after the installation and full operation on September 2013 of four 3-MW VESTAS wind turbines within a short distance (328 m) from Kaj Bank Olesen’s fur farm.

Mark Duchamp, Chairman of World Council on Nature, released an update on June 23, 2014 that farmer Olesen now believes that when the wind blows from the South West where the wind turbines are located, “mother minks attack their own puppies.”  Olesen put down over twenty mink pups and forty are under observation because of deep bites.

The online Aoh.Dk referenced how, since the wind turbines “began to spin last fall, the number of stillbirths and deformed puppies increased fivefold.” Farmer Kaj Olesen Bank also explained, “The proportion of females that refused to mate has quadrupled as compared to last year when there were no wind turbines behind his mink farm.”

You could argue that we are not mink and should not worry that low-frequency vibrations created by wind turbines are harmful to humans. After all, green energy proponents keep reassuring us that wind and solar energy is harmless to the planet and to adjacent populations. When animals such as minks, cattle, sheep, goats, and horses, exposed to wind turbines 24/7, become aggressive, die en masse, abort their fetuses, some with developmental malformations, and attack their young, it is time to ask ourselves, what are wind turbines doing to the human body? The “wind turbine syndrome” is not just hypochondria as the wind industry and the environmental lobby explained.

Officials in Taiwan reported that 400 animals died due to sleep deprivation after the installation of eight wind turbines close to their grazing area. Farmer Kuo Jing-shan was left with 250 goats from the original 700 he owned before the wind turbines were installed. Taipower admitted no wrongdoing but “offered to pay for part of the costs of building a new farmhouse elsewhere.”

In Ontario, Canada, local deer were reported as “agitated and awake all night,” “birds were flying all day rather than going to roost,” and “seals suffered miscarriages.”

In Nova Scotia, David and Debi Van Tassell believed that the low-frequency hum of the wind turbines installed in the vicinity of their Ocean Breeze emu farm killed many of their birds after the first turbine went into operation in 2009. The emus were not sleeping and running in pens day and night, losing weight. The remaining birds, which cost $3,000 a pair, were sold for $100 each.

Another study described the case of Lusitanian horses who suffered deformities not attributed to any disease but seemingly connected to the installation of wind turbines nearby. “All horses (N=4) born or raised after 2007 developed asymmetric flexural limb deformities. WT (wind turbines) began operations in November 2006. No other changes (construction, industries, etc.) were introduced into the area during this time.

The low-frequency sound and the constant thump-thump have caused some people to abandon their homes located in the vicinity of wind farms. Health issues such as sleep disturbance, sleep deprivation, dizziness, tinnitus, and constant headaches in humans have been ignored by the main stream media who is eager to promote “clean” solar and wind energy generation.







Eccentric Uncle Leo

Unlike his storied life, Leo died alone in his home of a massive heart attack. Nobody was around to hold his hand or light a candle to guide his soul through darkness to the Pearly Gates. He died broke and happy, taking a restful nap.

He lived life to the fullest and never complained that his destiny was unfair. A ladies’ man and perennial optimist, he never gave up the quest to find his soul mate. In this pursuit, he married five times to women he adored. We don’t know what stories his ex-wives would tell if asked. Multiple marriages seemed to be the norm for boxers. Even the famous Jack Dempsey had married four times.

Leo was a championship boxer famous in his days in the Navy. He trained many Golden Glove boxers during his career. As a feisty child who misbehaved often and needed a lesson or two from his dad, he was knocked out cold once when he reached for food impolitely at the dinner table and forgot to duck. His dad made sure that he remembered his manners. He often said, good thing social services were not around when his strict disciplinarian dad used spanking, punishment, and rewards to motivate him - his life would have turned out much differently. He learned early in life that discipline and respect were the keys to success.

Leo’s dad, Herman, a heavyweight champion boxer himself, had sparred in his heyday with Jack Dempsey, the Muhammad Ali of his time. Jack Dempsey, nicknamed the “Manassa Mauler,” was the heavyweight world boxing champion from 1919-1926. A large photograph still exists of the two fighting while the crowds are cheering on.

Leo left behind numerous scrap books with newspaper clippings, black and white pictures, and posters collected during his years in the Navy, his boxing matches, and many photos of students he trained as amateur Golden Glove boxers, whom he helped develop athletic skills and character. The Golden Glove of America Inc. has been around since 1923. A few amateur boxers trained by Leo have progressed into the Pan Am and Olympic Games.

Touching the faded pages, immersing into someone’s private life whom I’ve never met,  I imagine the excitement of the match. I often watched games with my dad when I was a child, particularly those of Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali’s former persona in the boxing world.

Leo’s two children and two surviving younger brothers did not expect many people at the funeral. They were not even sure if the ex-wives who were still alive would be there. To everyone’s surprise, the small church in West Virginia was packed with former students who adored Leo and had come a long way to pay their last respects. News had traveled fast in the boxing world that he had departed. They never forget a champion or a first class trainer. After a short service and a eulogy delivered by his brother Eugene, the funeral procession lined up to accompany Leo’s earthly remains on his last journey to the cemetery.

But the hearse did not go to the cemetery; it drove and drove and drove until it reached very thick woods, the road became impassable by car, and it finally disappeared. Leo was an eccentric through and through. He did not want to spend eternity six feet below freshly mowed grass in the bustling city’s memorial gardens. Leo wanted to be buried in his beloved woods where he hunted frequently. The pallbearers were forced to carry his casket through the dense woods for quite a long trek, heaving the casket, and taking frequent breaks. When they finally reached the destination, a fresh grave was dug by his hunting stand.

The family and the former students were not quite sure if it was legal to bury someone in the middle of the woods without a proper permit, but apparently it was because nobody came to disinter him. The preacher held a quick service by the gravesite and Leo was lowered six feet under his deer stand.



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Butler on Business, June 18, 2014

My weekly radio segment with Alan Butler on Liberty Express Radio, June 18, 2014. Topic: Illegal Immigration and diseases. I come on at the hour and 42 minute mark.

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Butler on Business, June 11, 2014

My two radio segments with Alan Butler on Eric Cantor's loss to Dave Brat, the flood of illegal children from Central America and Mexico, and the negative effects of wind turbines on human and animal health with examples from Denmark. I come on at the one hour and 22 minute mark.

Dangerous Health Issues Associated with Illegal Immigration

"America is fast becoming a Hispanic Zimbabwe."
A very sweet and polite lady I do not know, posted a heart-breaking comment to my recent statement that entitlements are benefits that Social Security recipients and veterans collect after having earned and paid for them during a life time of work. On the other hand, welfare such as food stamps, WIC, SNAP, EBT, and earned income tax credit are not entitlements; they are taxpayer-funded handouts or, as economists call them, “negative income taxes,” aimed at funding the “war on poverty.” We have lost this war on poverty in spite of trillions of dollars spent because handouts disincentivize humans to work. Additionally, unskilled jobs or jobs requiring lesser training are harder to find because illegal competitors work for less.

She stated that a Christian nation such as ours should take care of its poor, the sick, and the elderly. I could not agree with her more. She lamented that her disability benefits, after a lifetime of work, $1,200 a month, barely covered her medications and expenses, and she had to go hungry sometimes. She did not qualify for food stamps.

Basic economics teaches that every nation, including one as rich as ours, has finite resources that must be spread to its population, to foreign aid, and to all illegal immigrants currently residing in our country, including the invading waves of unaccompanied illegal minor children and not-so-minor and innocent 18 year olds.

If unearned benefits were denied to illegal aliens, including non-monetary benefits such as free basic education, free or subsidized college education, free medical care, free housing, free phones, then money would be freed to help American citizens who are in dire need of help.

She failed to understand how helping foreigners who cross our borders illegally non-stop hurts our citizens. We must first help the poor in this country. Yes, we are a nation of legal immigrants and we used to be rich, but the horn of plenty is running dry.

We are generous to a fault. Americans and Christian churches provide for the poor around the world who are exploited economically and politically by their own dictatorial governments. Yet these same people, who manage to escape from unbelievable hellholes and tell indescribable stories of horror, vote and elect individuals who keep them dependent on big government. Why would they do that? Because they’ve been conditioned to believe that their families’ wellbeing depends on big government handouts.

We also have the responsibility to care for medically and to educate our own citizens first. We treat our veterans very poorly and with substandard health care but we offer free first class care to illegal aliens. Why exactly have our vets risked their lives to defend our freedoms when we fail to deliver on the promise to care for them?

We waste billions of dollars each year translating everything imaginable in the public arena into many languages, including manuals, textbooks, road signs, voting records, directions, tests, medical services, driver licenses, ESL education, in order to accommodate those who refuse or claim that they cannot learn English.

Adding to the financial burden placed upon American citizens by illegal immigration, the spread of unchecked communicable diseases remains a very serious threat to our public health.

Mexico and Central America harbor TB, malaria, yellow fever, food and waterborne diseases, dengue fever, filariasis, leishmaniasis, onchocerciasis, American trypanosomiasis (Chagas’ disease), and myasis (various forms of intestinal parasites). Mexico’s six border states have over 27 cases of TB per 100,000 people. Legal immigrants have to be evaluated for TB and other diseases before they are allowed into the U.S. Illegal aliens escape such inspection.  CDC Border Infectious Disease Surveillance (BIDS) was established in 1997 with Mexico in order to identify illegals with hepatitis and febrile exantehm (skin rash which accompanies Rubella). “Immigrant women may be at risk for disease such as rubella (due to lack of vaccination) or listeriosis (due to food preparation practices)” - read poor hygiene in food preparation such as not washing dirty hands. In 2003 the CDC stated that 53 percent of reported TB cases were “persons born outside the United States and Mexico had the most numbers of TB cases of the top five countries.

According to Titles 8 and 42 of the U.S. Code, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has the statutory responsibility to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases into the United States.

For legal immigrants, the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine operates quarantine stations at ports of entry to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases in the United States.

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the Secretary of Health and Human Services determines which communicable diseases of public health significance would make a foreign national inadmissible into the U.S. on health-related grounds. There are seven such diseases: chancroid, gonorrhea, granuloma inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum, syphilis (sexually transmitted diseases), infectious leprosy, active tuberculosis, and infectious syphilis.

Foreign nationals who are not vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases, mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, influenza type B and hepatitis B, are also inadmissible into the United States.

Other diseases that would prevent a foreign national from entering the United States are: cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers (Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-Congo, South American, and others not yet isolated or named), SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), and “influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic.” (Ruth Ellen Wasem, “Immigration Policies and Issues on Health-Related Grounds for Exclusion,” Congressional Research Service, R40570, April 28, 2014)

Foreign nationals who petition to become legal permanent residents must be tested by civil surgeons chosen by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). CDC and the Customs and Border Protection from the DHS operate 20 quarantine stations with doctors on call for all ports of entry.

If foreign nationals who enter our country must go through such a strict health inspection before they are allowed into our country or permitted to become legal permanent residents (LPRs), why then are we turning a deliberate blind eye to the massive exodus from Central America into the U.S.? Who is checking the health of these illegal aliens? What kind of diseases are they bringing in?

The recent manufactured “humanitarian crisis” on the southern border has brought into Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, thousands of unaccompanied illegal minor children and teenagers, creating chaos and an inability to deal with the mass of humanity that has no place to go. The fact that these foreign nationals are used as political pawns and parents sent their minor children across Mexico is incomprehensible to rational Americans. Many of these children are sick and too young to understand their precarious and perplexing predicament.

ABC 15 reports that in McAllen, Texas, border agents are concerned about contagious infections and viral outbreaks. Reports include scabies, chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, and different viruses. Border agents have actually contracted scabies while coming in contact with these children. A 7-month old baby was shaking with fever. “It's contagious, we are transporting people to different parts of the state and different parts of the country,” Rio Grande Valley Union representative, Chris Cabrera, said.

Whether these children are brought here under an overt plan of social engineering to accelerate the changing demographics in America, it remains to be seen. It is evident that they are not here to provide the cheap labor demanded by farms and companies alike. Worse yet, some of these “children” are gang members with easily identifiable tattoos.

Federal, state, and local governments will have to spend a lot of money to shelter, provide homes, raise, and educate these minors or repatriate them through lengthy and expensive legal battles to reunite them with parents in their home countries. If the regime’s plan is to bring their extended families from Central America here, exacerbating the illegal alien problem, the U.S. welfare rolls will be overwhelmed, and the perennial Democrat voter pool will alter irreversibly the fabric of our society.

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How Long Before the Founding Fathers’ America Disappears?

Courtesy: CFP
One of my readers sadly remarked that this is no longer America that she grew up in. And the change that occurred at a dizzying pace happened relatively overnight. It was not a gradual transformation born by normal change over time; it was a fundamental forced transformation from a constitutional republic to a rule by a corporatist and international banking oligarchy that pulls the strings of the former branches of government, executive, legislative, and judicial.

A soft coup has occurred that had been planned for years, unbeknownst to most Americans who are still busy thinking that, if they just elect the right candidate this time and energize the vote in one more election, things will turn around and the rule of law will be restored. They are not taking into account the millions of illegal aliens who are registered to vote, the deceased vote, and those who are bussed from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador and dropped off in Arizona, including young children to be housed on military bases at considerable cost per child to the U.S. taxpayers. These children will be reunited eventually with their families here, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling any estimates of the illegal vote. The newly amnestied Dreamers have already cast their votes in the last presidential election and helped re-elect our President.

The MSM across the board has morphed into the cheering promoters and excusers of the regime, the de facto propaganda arm of this fast change to a soft tyranny. Few Americans have noticed the not-so-subtle rhetorical changes. One recent example is the capitalist phrase “middle class” has become the communist “working class.”

The rule of law has been replaced in “this year of action” by executive orders and regulations issued directly by various bureaucratic “public servants” and agencies directly answering to no one who have become, in essence rulers by fiat. Most recently, student debt was called upon to be relieved by “millionaires” who must now expiate their sins of being entrepreneurial, hard-working investors and job creators by paying for those who got worthless degrees with which they cannot find employment in the job-destroying Obama economy.

The government has bailed out everything from car companies, banks, student loans, and mortgage companies. The feds have replaced our education system with Bill Gates’ vision of academia funded by his own millions and the government’s Race to the Top billions – a never before tested and bizarre curriculum called Common Core. The complicit teachers and administrators followed the money and the directives like drones guided by a remote.

Marching more and more into the nanny state, parents are losing the right to their children (either to local schools, child protective services, foster care, or hospitals), sugary drinks and other non-government approved foods are banned, minimum wage is pushed to $15 an hour, even though it will hurt employment, China is taking over our food production, manufacturing, and farming. Pharmaceuticals are already controlled by a few manufacturers and some drugs are harder to find, in short supply, or no longer produced. Vitamins and over-the-counter drugs are more strictly controlled, particularly in Europe.

Medical care is becoming a more expensive service for most Americans thanks to Obamacare that was supposed to insure 15 percent of uninsured Americans yet in the end, it has uninsured millions by pushing them out of the market. American families who were previously insured can no longer afford the high premiums and deductibles associated with the Obamacare exchanges. Many doctors have retired or have stopped accepting Medicare and Medicaid altogether due to the hassle, mandatory electronic record compliance, and low government reimbursement rates. The IRS has become the insurance enforcer and punisher of insurance non-compliance.

Where we live, where we build, and how densely populated we are allowed to live, has been taken over by the Regionalism and Sustainability plans of UN Agenda 21 via draconian, property rights infringing zoning regulations. Everything we do in life must be “green and sustainable” thanks to the environmentalist Gaia-centered agenda.

Global warming/climate change now drive every political decision made at every level of government, fleecing citizens worldwide of unnecessary billions and trillions in carbon taxes, much higher utility rates, expensive gasoline prices, and any other type of fossil fuel-generated energy.

Fossil fuels have become dirty words in the progressives’ war against coal, a war bankrupting as many companies as possible that do not or cannot afford to comply with strict EPA emissions or with expensive and inadequate power generation by renewables.

Smart meters and smart appliances are now forced on the entire globe, sold under the guise of a smarter, more efficient grid. It is so smart that it is a sitting duck to any cyber-attack, solar flare, or a simple physical attack on substations. All smart appliances and electronic gadgets have become spying devices without a warrant, providing every detail of our intimate lives to the NSA.

We can now be killed and imprisoned indefinitely without due process. NASA has turned into a feel-good agency for the Muslims. Drones are flying around the country spying on innocent citizens who have done nothing wrong. NSA is recording everything.

Illegals are bussed in to overwhelm the southern states, our economy, the health care system, and the educational system, with the intent of changing our national demographics because the oligarchs have decided that we are not diverse enough, they need cheap labor, and more low information or no information Democrat voters.

Under the guise of an impending “humanitarian disaster,” which, according to the press in Honduras, was created by our own government who promised under-age illegal aliens no deportation and immediate amnesty, children between the ages of 5-18 are bussed and flown across Mexico from Central America to be housed temporarily in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. Reports streaming out of these holding facilities claim that serious infectious diseases and sexual activity are rampant. These countries are poor and economically strapped but these children are not Castro’s Peter Pan children.

One astute caller asked why these minors are not sent back to be reunited with their families in their home countries instead of allowing them to create such chaos in our country that is already reeling from crisis after crisis. He mentioned the “Elian Gonzalez Doctrine.”  Elian survived the defection attempt from Castro’s Cuba but his mother drowned at sea. After weeks of round the clock media circus, Attorney General Janet Reno used the force of law and armed men to snatch this frightened boy from the safety of his aunt’s house and returned him to his father in Cuba. Elian became an instant propaganda tool for Fidel Castro.

For a long time the goal of immigration was assimilation into the American culture, learning English, becoming a contributor to our way of life and enriching the diverse fabric of our society while retaining the American exceptionalism.

Now liberals have devised the “path to citizenship,” immigration forgiveness for breaking our laws, a clever system of bringing the supposedly scared and frightened people, who broke our laws and live around us in plain sight, “out of the shadows.” They called them “undocumented workers,” “undocumented Americans,” “paperless immigrants,” and many other deceptive euphemisms.

Liberals are forcing us to accept these illegals as equal citizens with the same rights and benefits but not the same responsibilities we have as American citizens.  In the meantime, more than 4 million legal immigrants are awaiting the resolution of their cases to come to the U.S. I often wondered why illegal aliens are risking life and limb to come here if the freedom and the opportunity to succeed are long gone. The answer is simple – they are so poor, they come for the generous welfare because such programs do not exist in their countries and we, the taxpayers, are overly generous to a fault.  Can we and should we work to support all the poor of the world? Do we not become slaves to foreign nationals when we spend so much of our time on earth earning a living and then giving it away in taxes and welfare? To make matters worse, these people do not want to assimilate.

Theodore Roosevelt’s words ring so true. “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American… There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Our returning vets are treated as social trash and stripped of the right to get decent medical care. Illegal aliens receive first class free health treatment in our best hospitals around the country but vets must use the VA substandard facilities where waiting lists and waiting list for the waiting lists are condemning many to unnecessary death when they should receive the best treatment in any hospital in the country.

Illegal aliens are flooding the country at an alarming rate and the regime is encouraging it by not enforcing the law. We no longer have a border per se, we have lost our sovereignty to the one-world globalists who have no allegiance to the country they were born in, they are men and women without a country and with a dark heart ruled by money, power, control, and corruption.

The people of my generation believed in “the best of times are yet to come” because the values of the depression era generation were still vibrating in the background of our country. The values of today are worrisome, perplexing, and frustrating. Our grandchildren don’t know history, government, and economics. They bury their heads in the proverbial sand called reality television and social media as the politicians and their constituents are burying their own children and grandchildren in insurmountable debt.

Faith and churches have been taken over by communists and sympathizers of the “religion of peace” which makes no secret of its plan to install a world caliphate, a theocracy that would destroy any dissenting non-believer who still does not understand that Islam is not a religion; it is a political system incompatible with our Constitution. Liberals are very busy appeasing them, inviting them into our midst, and making room for any demand in the name of tolerance and the utopian right to Coexist.

The destructive work of liberals cannot be complete without the final push for an Article V Convention to rewrite the outdated and foggy Constitution written by “evil” men of “white privilege.”

Tyranny is tyranny, whether it is soft, socialist, communist, fascistic, or theocratic. Just when it seems that all is lost, the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, is sent packing by real Virginians who are tired of Cantor’s doubling down on amnesty, and the Tea Party candidate, David Brat, wins the primary.

What Do Mink Have in Common with Wind Turbines and Virginia Energy Council?

Danish mink farm
Photo courtesy of the World Council for Nature
Governor McAuliffe signed Executive Order #16 on June 4, 2014 to establish the Virginia Energy Council chaired by the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Maurice Jones. The council will have 20-25 members appointed by the governor and will “assist in the development and implementation of a cohesive, comprehensive, and aggressive energy strategy for Virginia.” The Virginia Energy Plan will be submitted to the General Assembly on October 1, 2014.

According to the executive order, “Historically, Virginia has ensured reliable and affordable energy, helping businesses and consumers thrive. The Commonwealth boasts tens of thousands of energy-related jobs, including mines, gas well crews, manufacturing workers, engineers, mechanics, computer programmers, accountants, and managers. Virginians can and should be proud of the energy industry, but a changing market and energy environment requires decisive action to position the Commonwealth to be a national leader in innovative energy generation and utilization.”

Why is the market changing? Is it a deliberate change, and why do we need innovative energy generation and utilization? Is it the fulfillment of the administration’s promise to cause electricity costs to “necessarily skyrocket,” while bankrupting the coal industry?

According to Michael Bastasch from the Daily Caller News Foundation, “at least six electric cooperative utilities across the mid-west and southwest could raise electricity rates up to 40 percent if the EPA imposes new permitting regulations on coal-fired power plants.” Deseret Power Electric Cooperative (DPEC), that serves 45,000 people in rural Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado, must spend $200 million to install advanced equipment to satisfy the Clean Air Act Title V permit. DPEC’s Bonanza Power Plant is located on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservations. The environmentalist WildEarth Guardians are suing EPA to force Bonanza Utilities to upgrade to a Title V permit. After public comments close on June 16, customers will have to foot the bill through much higher utility charges.

Existing power plants must cut their carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030 as mandated by the EPA and each state must develop their own reduction plans. Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator, said, “Although we limit pollutants like mercury, sulfur, and arsenic, there are no limits on carbon pollution from power plants, our nation’s largest source. For the sake of our families’ health and our kids’ future, we have a moral obligation to act on climate.” It sounds so nice to have a totally clean environment, who would object to that? However, since U.S. does not live in a bubble, China and other populous third world nations are polluting away.

We could use the Keystone XL pipeline to bring crude from Canada to refine in the U.S., reducing drastically the dependency on OPEC cartel oil.  But the White House decided not to approve it, citing environmental issues even though there are other pipelines carrying crude oil. We would not want crony capitalists’ railroads to suffer if crude oil is delivered by more effective, cheaper, and safer pipelines.

The current regime has been undermining the wealth, prosperity, and the U.S. economy, which has been successfully based on fossil fuels energy generation, in order to satisfy the progressive and Democrat agenda of environmentalism, the use of very expensive and job-killing renewable energy. Millions of birds are chopped up and fried each year at the altar of wind and solar energy. Dozens of taxpayer-subsidized solar companies have gone bankrupt without producing much energy.

But the Virginia Energy Plan boasts about the objective of “accelerating the development and use of renewable energy resources – Virginia can become a hub of innovative and alternative energy research and development by focusing on expanding the use of the Commonwealth’s underutilized renewable assets, such a solar and offshore wind.”

Liberals love solar and wind energy as long as the solar panels, which need considerable acreage to install and plenty of sun year around, are installed on someone else’s property.  But no progressive would agree to have the ugly, unsightly, and noisy wind mills installed in their own back yards because they would be destroying their vineyards’ and horse-riding pastures’ “view shed.”

Aside from frying birds that happen to wonder in the heat flux of the solar panels, or are attracted by the reflecting panels that look like water, or chopped by the rotating blades of the turbines, wind mills are damaging to animal and human health.

Paul Driessen, quoting U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and American Bird Conservancy, said that “wind turbines kill 440,000 bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, cranes, egrets, geese, and other birds every year in the United States, along with countless insect-eating bats.”

Golden eagle found alive 27 days after losing wing to wind turbine
Photo courtesy: Jim Wiegand
Environmentally friendly” wind turbines kill an estimated 13 to 39 million birds and bats each year.  Mark Duchamp, who is president of Save the Eagles International, estimated these numbers based on a 2012 study of the Spanish Ornithological Society, using data from 136 official turbine-monitoring studies in Spain, data corroborated by a 1993 study of bird mortality from wind turbines in Germany and Sweden.

Accidents have resulted in human injury and death when turbine blades flew from their mounts and landed on roads and property. Noise disturbances associated with wind turbines have been investigated in 1985 by the WAUBRA Foundation for the U.S. Department of Energy and in 1987 by N.D. Kelley, Solar Energy Research Institute of Colorado in regards to low-frequency noise emissions by wind turbines into nearby homes. H. Hubbard, member INCE, discussed in 1982 “Noise Induced House Vibrations and Human Perception.”

Some cities, after having spent millions to install wind turbines, turn them off when winds reach higher speeds because the noise pollution is unbearable, causing insomnia, tinnitus, and other ailments. Some people had abandoned their nice homes and moved into trailers.

And there are many other little known secrets of wind power and its operability.

In October 2013, Dr. Sarah Laurie delivered her speech, “Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects & Professional Ethics” at the Human Rights Conference. The CEO of the Waubra Foundation discussed “the damage unregulated noise pollution is doing to human health, with a particular focus on the effects of infrasound and low frequency noise. Wind turbines are one source, but there are others also doing damage.” Dr. Laurie pointed out that Dr. Kelly and his co-researchers at the Solar Energy Research Institute “identified in 1985 that the source of annoyance for the residents living near a single downwind bladed turbine was ‘impulsive infrasound and low frequency noise, which resonated within the building structure.’”

Some minks born prematurely
Courtesy: World Council for Nature
Mark Duchamp, also Chairman of World Council for Nature, reported that Denmark, EU’s leader in mink farming, lost millions of kroners in “damaged pelts when wind turbines started to operate near a mink farm. The animals became aggressive, attacking one another, and resulting in many deaths.”

Duchamp reported on June 7, 2014 that 1,600 minks were born prematurely, with deformities, or dead. With the farmer’s permission, he posted pictures of the fetuses. Four 3-Megawatt turbines, VESTAS model V112, 140 m in height, were installed 328 m away from the farm.

Because the only major change in the farm life of these minks who died or miscarried en masse in mysterious circumstances in two separate incidents (one of which was described to a parliamentary committee on wind farms), and disease was ruled out,  it was speculated that the installation of wind turbines was the only culprit. Duchamp said, “low frequency vibrations emitted by wind turbines can cause serious ill-effects on health, including altered behavior, deformities, miscarriages, and premature births.
Dead minks who attacked each other
Courtesy: World Council for Nature

In spite of the fact that wind and solar energy are not reliable, depending on fossil energy during down times, kill millions of birds, including our national bird (an estimated 2,300 golden eagles over the past 25 years were killed at Altamont Pass, California), harm animals and their fetal development, and affect human health in many ways, Democrats, including those now in charge in Virginia, are going full-steam ahead with their environmentalist agenda through executive orders and EPA regulations.

The farmer petitioned the government to move his mink farm further away from the four wind turbines on his own land but his permit was denied.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mom's Hands

Mom's Hand Today
My mom’s hands are now trembling. She has difficulty holding a cup without spilling it. Her hands fail her more times than I can count. They are still beautiful and soft, the hands who caressed my forehead when I had a fever, the hands who held my little hands and the hands of my children when we learned to walk and to cross the street safely. Mom’s strong, loving hands rocked the cradle, guided the stroller, pushed the swing, or held us while we fell asleep enchanted by her made-up fairy tales.

Mom’s often bruised and swollen hands carried water from far away in heavy buckets when water was turned off in summertime. They cooked thousands of nourishing meals when there was so little money and food was so hard to get. Her hands washed so many dishes, we could have gone around the globe. In the absence of a car, mom’s hands carried heavy bags of groceries every day for a couple of miles at least. She had to walk because that’s how far the market was.

Mom’s hands were often raw from scrubbing our sheets and clothes in a bathtub filled with caustic detergent. Communism did not provide much in terms of amenities to make homemaking easy. We could not afford to buy a washing machine from the west nor could we afford laundry bills as the elites who ran the oppressive regime we lived under.

My mom’s younger hands pushed in stifling heat very large and heavy containers filled with dough in the factory she worked – a sweat-shop experience she would like to forget. Her hands weighed and shaped tasty fresh loaves of bread for almost twenty years. Then she came home to cook and feed her family. Her hands never rested much and nobody massaged her achy fingers and wrists. I don’t recall her ever complaining or moaning in pain.

She is finally resting her hands because they no longer help her as much. Mom gets frustrated when they fail her. But I understand. God wants to give her hands a rest. She’s done enough for so many people. It is time that other hands take her place to move small mountains every day.

Mom always told me, take care of your hands, they are the first thing people see, and they are the lifeline to your family. I never understood what she meant because I thought people saw our eyes first. But mom is right, people judge us by what we do, and our hands are important tools in the labor of life and love.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Communism Then and Now

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” – Chris Hedges

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the way of achieving the same ultimate goal: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism by voting. It’s the same difference between murder and suicide.”  - Ayn Rand

The grocery store from the communist era is still standing.
Photo credit: Ileana Johnson 2012
A pamphlet published by Alfred G. Meyer at Harvard in 1953, and designed to teach young people about the subversion and evils of communism, revealed that “communists in disguise have slipped into influential places in our country.” At that time, the movement was modest, with little influence, and a membership of 35,000 people, about 1/50 of one percent of the population. At its membership height, there were around 200,000 communists in the U.S. It is hard to estimate a number today, however, judging by those who are constantly in the limelight and voting for communist policies, the numbers are growing.

Membership and influence are growing because the New York based Communist Party USA’s rhetoric appeals to the lowest denominator, to those who are already on welfare, illegal aliens, and permanent residents coming from third world dictatorships, and union members who are controlled by communist leaders. A constant and highly successful propaganda is waged by the Democrat Party and progressive elites, using the communist slogans of “hope and change,” “forward,” “social justice,” “environmental justice,” “white-privilege,” and “income inequality.”

Communists appear so successful because Americans have a short collective memory, short attention span, and know, thanks to a socialist academia, very little of their own non-revisionist history, and even less world history. College graduates are hard pressed to answer correctly basic questions about history, geography, and government. Yet they know what the latest Hollywood celebrity ate for supper yesterday. The MSM, academia, and Hollywood are the main propaganda arm of mass indoctrination, comprised of “useful idiots,” a term coined and used by Stalin.

Saul Alinsky described in his book, Rules for Radicals, the eight levels of control necessary to create a socialist regime. Healthcare, welfare (food, housing, income), and education must be controlled by the state. Religion must be made irrelevant by removing it from government and schools.  Guns must be confiscated in order to create a police state. Create as much poverty as possible. Poor people are easier to control. Explode national debt to unsustainable levels by out of control spending fueled by new and suffocating taxes that create more poverty. Use escalating class warfare rhetoric to fuel the division between “rich” and “poor,” causing discontent. Malcontent would then drive the welfare poor to rebel against the “greedy rich” who “do not pay their fair share,” and to demand that they be taxed more.

How did people get ahead under the former communist Soviet-ruled Iron Curtain?
They became members of the communist party and their sympathizers, and displayed their loyalty by copying and emulating everything Marxists did. They made themselves useful by spying on other people, on their own relatives, on their own immediate families, reporting to the thought and economic police on their activities, and through loyal nepotism.

How did people get ahead in our former Constitutional Republic? Americans excelled through hard work, long hours, study, sacrifices, risk-taking through entrepreneurship, and education.  Now they get ahead through crony capitalism, nepotism, corruption, strict adherence to the Democrat Party platform, race baiting, claiming faux discrimination, invoking the manufactured and non-existent “white privilege,” using oppressed minority claims, lawsuits, socialist and environmentalist brainwashing in public schools, and radicalism wrapped in extreme feminism and homosexual rights.

Karl Marx wrote about capitalism as a conflict between the wealthy factory owners (the capitalists) and the proletariat (workers who had to toil for the capitalist in order to survive). Marx, a leech himself, wrote that capitalists took advantage of the proletariat. He attempted to explain that “as long as capitalism existed, the misery of mankind would grow greater.”  To solve this problem, “workers would rise and start a revolution that would bring comfort and control over their lives and jobs.” We know this took place across the former Soviet-led communist countries with disastrous results – the workers became much poorer, more miserable, more oppressed, living in a totalitarian regime, while their communist handlers became richer by stealing “communal property.”

The followers of Marx (a bum supported financially by rich friends) split into two camps: the socialists (those willing to reform capitalism) and the communists (those willing to destroy capitalism). The “soft Marxists,” called in Russia “Mensheviks,” preached for a slow pace to learning self-governing. The “hard Marxists,” Bolsheviks/communists led by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, believed men were not disciplined enough to grow, they had to be forced into revolution. Lenin is considered the first Soviet dictator, and Joseph Stalin, who came to power after Lenin died, the second dictator.

After bloody struggles such as the Civil War in Russia, 1918-1921, the rebuilding and arguing period, 1921-1928, the first five-year plan, 1928-1932, and unprecedented progress in building a modern industrial empire between 1932-1953, Russia became a country admired by “people in India, Africa, and China.” (Alfred G. Meyer, What You Should Know About Communism, p. 23)

Having lived under socialism/communism, I know from first-hand experience that five-year plans were a joke. We constantly struggled to find basics because not enough finished goods and food were produced to satisfy demand. For example, a Soviet factory that was scheduled to produce 50,000 tractors in 1930, managed to build only 3,000. The factory received the “Order of the Camel” for “breaks in the plan and wastage.”

The important questions about communism are:

1.      Was there equality and democracy under communism?

2.      Did everyone experience the same and equal quality of life and the “the good things of life?”

3.      Was the struggle between classes non-existent?

4.      Were classes abolished forever?

The short answer to all of the above questions is no. The complex answer is that communist countries were ruled by the Communist Party Presidium. There was no middle class, only the proletariat and the ruling communist elite. Everyone worked for equally meager pay (regardless of skill, training, or education) for the government which was staffed only with communist party leaders.

The Five-year Plan was draconian, covered the entire communist nation, and the workers were either not equipped, did not have enough resources, skill, machinery, were wasteful, or not sufficiently trained or paid to meet the outlandish demands. If the plan was not met, the worker’s pay was cut drastically. If waste and fraud were found, the person in charge who did not necessarily commit the crime, went to jail for economic failures of duty. If the worker exceeded the Five-year Plan requirements, large bonuses were given, but the standards were raised, making it impossible to meet them again. To get materials in the attempt to fulfill the plan, people resorted to theft, black market deals, swindles, and bribery, making the Five-year Plan rather “disorderly” and mismanaged.

As a police state, there were three organizations that ruled any communist country: administrators who ran the affairs of the country, the Communist Party who gave directives for national policy and publicity from its centralized position, and the political police who watched over the communist loyalty and compliance of the citizenry.

If you think such a practice of loyalty watch and speech compliance is dead, consider the city of Barcelona, from the state of Catalonia, Spain, who created recently the “Anti-rumor Agency” and certified 436 “anti-rumor” volunteer agents to catch and punish those whose beliefs are not in line with the “consensus,” with “groupthink.” “The agents will patrol the streets, butt into certain conversations, and spread politically correct information.”

“Groupthink” is the “consensus” established and highly publicized through MSM by self-appointed moral know-it-alls, suppressing any evidence that might question the “consensus,” stereotyping, demonizing, and denigrating anyone with a divergent opinion or view.

Anyone who questions and disagrees with the global warming/climate change or any other “consensus” is a “denier,” “flat-Earther,” “creationist,” “xenophobe,” “homophobe,” “bigot,” “racist,” or “fascist.” Charles Krauthammer reported in his “Thought Police on Patrol” how 110,000 individuals signed a petition to “his newspaper not to carry any more articles questioning the fact of man-made global warming.”

Professor Henrick Moeller, researcher in acoustics, was fired by the University of Aalborg, Denmark, for holding the opinion that wind farms are harmful to people living nearby and for arguing that insufficient protective buffer zones were established by authorities. His research dared to contradict the university that “conducts million-dollar research for wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.”

In 1953, the Assistant Director of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University, Alfred G. Meyer, advised Americans how to fight world communism as an existential threat. The first threat was the “powerful war machine.” The second threat was “the possibility that communist propaganda will convert people of the free nations to the Marxist cause.”

Sixty years later it appears that the world communist movement is taking roots in the U.S. quite nicely from within, lured and supported by the constant MSM propaganda machine. (How We Can Fight Communism, chapter VII, p. 42)

Alfred Meyer posed an interesting question in 1953 which rings true today in light of developing “thought police” around the world. “How does the attempt to silence ideas by punishing people who hold them square with the American traditions of civil liberties? How can we remain democratic if any set of ideas is declared illegal?” In the latest developments, patriotic, Christian, pro-American, pro-Constitution ideals, ideas, and our freedom of speech have been attacked under the rubric of “hate speech.” Is it really effective to punish and destroy people who hold ideas and ideals different from yours?

Is it not despicable to prey on people’s “feelings” of poverty, economic inequality and insecurity (caused by the administrations’ economic policies) by promoting the utopia of communism as desirable alternative to the “failed and unjust” capitalism?  

People, who are ignorant and frightened every day by the MSM, buy into communist dogma, slogans, and rhetoric. Illegals are an easy sell because they don’t know anything else but tyranny and are enchanted by the generous welfare that, they think, comes from the ever full government coffers. Minorities who are told every day they have been slighted by prejudice and injustice buy into the deliberately deceptive communist rhetoric as well.

Inequality and injustice cannot be wiped out by destroying one successful economic model and replacing it with a failed economic model just because some charismatic promoter says it will succeed this time because the right people are in charge. At the end of the day, communism is still a form of totalitarianism no matter how you slice it.
Author's note: This article is part of my upcoming book, Communism 2.0