Saturday, April 21, 2018

Marginalized or Successful Indoctrinator

Photo Credit: Marijane Green
If you’ve ever been marginalized by progressives for your conservative views, for your anti-communist teaching philosophy and other divergent opinions, you were not alone. 

If you’ve worked in highly progressive academic environments and were not re-hired as adjunct, granted tenure, or were not even considered for tenure unless you belonged to organizations such as the NEA, AFT, or other Democrat-supporting organizations, you were not alone.
If you’ve worked in secondary education and were told that your opinions did not matter because the entrenched Democrat bureaucracy did things entirely different from what you perceive as common sense and logical in supporting an American education, you were not alone.

If you taught full-time or part-time and the Dean, Director, or Principal told you that you must use a certain textbook that you found offensive, or that you must teach or grade a certain way, dumb down the curriculum in order to allow everyone to avoid failure and pass students who otherwise did not deserve to pass but their parents were threatening to sue the school, you were not alone.

This is how the politics in education work today and have worked for quite some time. Incisive parents who were involved in their children’s education understood the schemes and fads early on and took measures to protect their children by home schooling them or putting them in private schools.
Other parents who were seldom seen at school or PTA meetings were oblivious, did not care who influenced their children’s world views, or were too trusting of those empowered to shape their children’s minds eight hours a day. Television, Hollywood, violent video games, alcohol and drugs did the rest.

And a small percentage of parents were only concerned that Johnny received free tuition and free meals, thus they did not have to be responsible or participate in the education of their progeny. Why bother if the state provided free education, free meals, and paid teachers?

Everybody knows that children see teachers as the ultimate authority and respect them. Some teachers are truly exceptional, others speak with authority in their subject area, and yet others are highly respected for their scholarship or as influential role models.

But all teachers are not created equal or driven by the same desire to promote American exceptionalism and to shape tomorrow’s American leaders and thinkers. Most of the students shaped today will be America’s busy bees and compliant followers who believe everything they are told without asking pertinent questions.

Parents blame their children’s problems on teachers and administrators. Administrators blame everything on the lack of funding or the “low” teacher salaries when compared to the private sector. But the private sector does not get three-month vacations each year. Unionized teachers strike because their salaries are deemed inadequate even though they are the best paid teachers in the country.

Corrupt politicians and dishonest bureaucrats who retire from government or are fired receive cushy and well-remunerated teaching assignments in private colleges around the country, tasked with teaching ethics in general, political ropes, or social justice.

Democrats and some Republicans in higher positions of power receive millions in book advances, idolized by the press and book reviewers. Students flock to their classes so that they too can learn how to lie and cheat their way to the top in the name of social justice.

Teachers say that parents are the problem, their lack of involvement in their children’s education. Parents are not teaching their progeny manners, respect for authority, how to get along with other children without throwing a temper tantrum, lack of modesty in clothing and shoes, obscenely priced when compared to a teacher’s entire outfit, but expect teachers to provide pencils, pens, crayons, glue, scissors, writing paper, and other classroom supplies to their students.

Teachers find fault with parents who never show up at school regularly, who never help their children do homework, or check their homework every night. Some of their questions are:

-          Do parents help their children prepare for the next school day?

-          Do they punish their children for being disruptive elements in the classroom or do parents   complain to the principal that the teacher is unfairly singling out their child and thus she/he is the source of the problem?

-          Do they blame the teacher when their child cheats on a test instead of making their child responsible for their behavior?

-          Do they teach their children to listen in class and behave properly, respecting authority?

It is certainly difficult for a teacher to be both educator and parent to someone else’s child, especially when young teachers don’t have children of their own yet, are not allowed to discipline students in any way for fear of lawsuits, and must provide justification in writing for their lesson plans every day.
Using their students as pawns, public school teachers and administrators have nominated themselves the socialist political compass of our country and have allowed students to walk out of the classroom several times in order to protest the Democrat cause d’jour instead of doing the jobs they were hired to do, teach our children.

Teaching is an art and cannot be taught by the College of Education or by the latest education fad but it can be forced in a certain direction. Unfortunately, in order to keep their jobs, most teachers use all the prescribed lesson plans, worksheets, and textbooks provided by Common Core or whatever orders come down from the administration via the Department of Education which attaches their orders to school funding and grants.
Even though President Trump had expressed his intent to end Common Core in our public schools, the current Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, a wealthy business woman and educational activist with no experience in public education, has made no effort to end Common Core which is very much alive and well in most of our public and private schools.

Whether the teacher is marginalized or a successful indoctrinator protected by the teacher’s union or by tenure, at the end of the day they must do as they are told in order to stay employed.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Bacon and a Year Without Summer

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I’m placing the thickly sliced uncured bacon in the pan and, when it begins to sizzle, the marvelous aroma fills the house. It is a memory from my childhood when Grandma Elena would render bacon fat into lard in her tiny kitchen. It was a preservative for chunks of pork she would seal with wax in glass jars that would feed us for an entire year. It was stored in the cellar, the dank, damp, and constantly cool place. We did not need refrigerators and could not have afforded one anyway.

My dad eventually saved enough money when I was in 12th grade and bought a small refrigerator for our tiny apartment in the city. It was empty most of the time because we did not have food to store, mom shopped daily and we ate what she purchased, no leftovers. We would cool a watermelon in the fridge in summertime or keep a small glass bottle of milk if we were lucky enough to have found the liter bottles sold in the government-run dairy stores.

Like everything else, shelves were bare as soon as the morning delivery was put on sale and the long line of shoppers dissipated with their laden expandable jute string shopping bags.  In winter time we had the window sill for cool storage with plenty of ice and snow.

I could have this bacon now every day if I wanted to but I don’t have to because I believe that I can find it any day in the grocery store and I don’t have to fight others for it like they do in socialist Venezuela.

We trust blindly that our local stores will always have a good stock of food every day. As a realist, however, I know that most grocery stores have enough stock for three days, but who wants to have negative thoughts when this country is so rich and the shelves are a cornucopia of abundance? We have fewer and fewer farmers, less than 3 percent, feeding 330 million. Nobody ever starves in America today but could they in case of terrible inclement weather?

What if we would experience another year like 1816, also known as the Year without a Summer?  Major food shortages occurred across the Northern Hemisphere due to the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies, preceded by the 1814 eruption of Mayon in the Philippines. (Oppenheimer, Clive, 2003. "Climatic, environmental and human consequences of the largest known historic eruption: Tambora volcano (Indonesia) 1815.” Progress in Physical Geography. 27 (2): 230–259.

Volcanic winters are not something new, they have occurred across the millennia but nobody was keeping track then. Evidence of inclement weather disasters and probable food shortages can be found, among others, in studies of soil strata and in ice core samples.

Reports in the U.S. described a persistent “dry fog which turned reddish and dimmed the sunlight - it could not be dispersed by wind or rainfall.”  Scientists termed it a “stratospheric sulfate aerosol veil.” It affected crops, particularly at higher elevations such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and even the garden state, New Jersey. In early June snow fell in Albany, New York, and in Maine. New Jersey’s crops were damaged by five continuous nights of frost.

Those who push the idea of an anthropogenic global warming conveniently leave out the historical data of the Vostok ice core samples taken by Russian, American, and French scientists. Global warmists have now switched to climate change which all sides agree that it does occur but it is not necessarily man-made. We should not confuse deliberate environmental degradation and lack of conservation of natural resources with CO2 gases emitted by humans and animals existing and breathing.

The Little Ice Age that lasted approximately 500 years is another important occurrence worth mentioning that the global warmists conveniently leave out from their narrative. It caused tremendous agricultural hardship and famine in Europe from around the thirteen hundreds to the eighteen hundreds, affecting the Norse settlers and even Napoleon’s campaign in Russia in 1812 where they encountered such an unusual bitter-cold winter and a lack of food for which they were ill-prepared.  The culprit of the severe cold stretching over centuries was the diminished solar flare activity, a solar minimum, not CO2.
Long winters are not unusual in Russia or in the United States for that matter, it is the inability to have a long enough and warm enough growing season in order to produce sufficient food for its population.

Climatologists who argue when this cooling period actually began, dubbed Little Ice Age by Francois E. Matthes, are more definitive that it ended around 1850-1870.
In our 20th century communist society, it was not the surprise of weather changes that we had to worry so much about but the unwise economic and agricultural central planning that bore no resemblance to reality or to the ability of humans to produce what was ordered and the fact that most food was used for export in order to buy industrial equipment needed for development. People starved, foreigners ate well, and the communist party had its factories that produced goods that nobody wanted to buy because they were so poorly made.

But we had bacon thanks to my grandparents who always raised a pig for Christmas slaughter, a beautiful animal that kept four-five families alive through winter, spring, summer, and fall until the next year.  If it was not for grandma raising this pig, raising chickens and ducks for eggs, keeping a cow for milk, and planting a garden, several families would have starved because there was not enough food provided by government in groceries stores for the size of the population. Communists do not recognize the law of supply and demand and are not particularly adept at planning centralized economies based loosely on Marxist ideology.



Saturday, April 14, 2018

Progressivism is Neo-Communism

New World Order T-shirt
The obsessed and irrational infatuation of intolerant Millennials with neo-communism they euphemistically call progressivism can be understood when one takes into account academia’s professorial and administrative cadre of communist indoctrinators and the world-wide curricula similar to Common Core, developed with advice, textbooks, and funds from elitist billionaires who want to re-engineer societies around the globe in the borderless and diabolically mish-mashed coexist image of their totalitarian dreams of control.

The common denominator of this infatuation is unrestrained globalism and aggressive green growth environmentalism pushed by governments at all levels and by the United Nations and its many affiliated organizations who force a “nudged” compliance with taxpayer grants.

People must like the globalist direction because they keep electing scruples-less people who will do anything for power, control, and money and will push the globalist agenda through stealthy “consensus.” And the political swamp gets deeper and deeper, swallowing the few honest individuals inclined to fight the corrupt behemoth.

This neo-communism is not unlike the totalitarian communism that allegedly died in Eastern Europe in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Communism re-emerged in the European Union under the commercial and trade guise of one market, one currency, no passports, and no borders.

After careful planning, the communism that went underground re-emerged with a new image as a softer and gentler form of government tyranny. There is no plan to starve and gulag 100 million people like they did previously in the old communist system. They just want to reduce the planet’s population by a few billion because overpopulation, they say, is destroying the planet.

Progressivism is still a form of oppression by government control, confiscation of guns, punishment for “hate speech and hate crimes” as decided by the powers that be, diluted education which shapes a compliant global citizenry with no recognition or much knowledge of who they are and their real history, no distinct nationality, and no divergent opinions from those expressed by the government in power and its mouthpiece, the zealous press core.  

People who understand what is at stake seem to be either helpless to stop this sinking into neo-communist/progressivism abyss, are too old and tired, or are oblivious to the inherent existential danger to our civilized society.

I am not going to say “civil society” because that is the excuse the globalists give when they convene to plot our transformational demise into the global society they desire.  Usually they meet at very expensive conferences in tropical far-away locations that require trips by expensive jets spewing the very carbon they publicly tell us to reduce in our own lives and force us into paying taxes if we don’t comply.

The Romans used pane et circenses (bread and circuses) to keep an obedient citizenry happy. And the Roman soldier only cared about the pebble in his shoe, not the fate of the far-away stretching empire.

Karl Marx wrote,”Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes,” in his unpublished work A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy, the introduction of which was published in Marx's journal Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher. It is generally translated as “religion is the opiate of the masses.”

Christian religion is becoming less important in America, replaced slowly by a growing Islam and by atheism; as long as there are sports on television, people are preoccupied and oblivious to the globalist machinations and plans for mankind.

It is interesting to remember the old communist Constantin Pîrvulescu, one of the founders of the Communist Party in Romania, who stood up to the dictator Ceausescu in 1979 at the 12th Congress of PCR and opposed his re-election, accusing the entire congress that they were neglecting the real problems of the nation (which they were), and that congress (like many others), had convened for no other reason than to glorify the dear-leader.  Constantin was thrown out and arrested in his home. He was not a nice man but unafraid to speak his mind.   

Today most people do not oppose neo-communism/progressivism for fear of losing their jobs, their businesses, lucrative contracts, boycotts, membership in the right clubs, not being invited to influential parties, and other potential losses. On the contrary, they welcome progressivism in their churches, schools, clubs, universities, and at the dinner table. In a sense, they are like the Roman soldiers; they only care about the daily pebble in their existential and comfortable shoes.

Nobody is starving in America and most Americans are well taken-care of not by “bread and circuses” but by a generous welfare system from cradle to grave. And if they want to show condemnation of the progressivism invasion flooding everything in their lives like kudzu, they buy a yellow license plate with the Gadsden snake and the now meaningless words, “Don’t tread on me.” The neo-communist treads have left deep marks on the collective body, from head to toe.

Progressivism is best explained by an old sage who said long time ago, “Progress governs our world according to fatal laws. Once it starts, nobody and nothing can stop it.”

Friday, April 13, 2018

Karl Marx and Cultural Marxism

On May 5, 2018, the Marxists, sponsored by the World Workers Party, will be gearing up in New York to celebrate 200 years since the birth of their communist guru, Karl Marx, the one man whose philosophy had enabled the killing of more innocents than many global wars combined.

The theme is Marx @ 200, the Class Struggle in the Age of Trump. I am not sure what class struggle they are talking about unless it is the constant hateful rhetoric coming from the left and their Democrat Party’s divisive and anti-American platform because Donald Trump won the election and they have not gotten over the devastating loss.

Perhaps the class struggle they are  raising involves the middle class that goes to work every day and struggles to pay their bills, expensive Obamacare insurance, and doctors’ visits, while they pay taxes to support financially and medically the permanent welfare underclass created by the Great Society and by the carefully-planned global invasion by illegal aliens and economic refugees from the flotsam and jetsam of the third world whom we generously support to the detriment of our own veterans who go untreated and uncared for even though we, as a nation, promised to take care of them in old age.

A quick search on the web reveals that “The Workers World Party is a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist communist party in the United States. Founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party, Marcy and his followers split from the Socialist Workers Party.” Among their goals, “no war in Syria” stands out prominently, no war in Korea, fight racism, no borders, to unite the workers and oppressed people of the world through revolution, to abolish capitalism, and to support the cause of the Palestinians which is to obliterate Israel.

The celebrated “hero” in New York, Karl Marx, is the founder of “scientific socialism” whose ideas, in collaboration with his friend and benefactor Friedrich Engels, launched decades of pain and suffering, famine, killings, tortures, and forced labor camps for those whose ideas were divergent from communism, punished to reeducation in the infamous gulags. The Marxist philosophy caused more than a century of oppression of people struggling to survive day by day under communist utopia.

In 1980, when I showed a prospective American university my transcript from the communist country I lived in for 20 years, the advisor laughed when he saw “scientific socialism” as a course. He told me that they don’t give college credit for Marxist indoctrination. Back then Americans and college professors understood the evils of communism. Today they would probably give me six hours credit and a trophy. There is nothing scientific about socialism and it certainly does not take care of people as the name implies. (Socius, comrade, ally) Just as there is nothing “shared” under communism except misery, pain, and suffering. (Communis, shared)

According to the flyer advertising the event in New York, the “young, militant new movement of today is rising.” The questions that will be drilled into confused brains full of mush during these indoctrination workshops are:

-          Who is the working class today? (The middle class, of course, a class that does not exist under communism.)

-          Are workers still a revolutionary class? (They should be; they certainly pay welfare for almost half of the combined legal and illegal U.S. population who vote Democrat for their generous benefits in perpetuity.)

-          How can young workers face today’s jobs crisis? (Economics is not a strong suit of communists, their five-year plans were miserable failures; if millennials would pursue useful skills that society needs instead of useless propaganda fluff majors, they would find jobs; social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice are not very useful today except for community organizing, and those are temp jobs.)

-          Are movements for liberation of Black, Brown & Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ, women, immigrants and disabled part of the working class? (Last time I checked, everybody is free to work, they just need to apply themselves, show up for work every day, and don’t complain; additionally, nobody is oppressed or insulted when they get welfare checks; it is the middle class who needs liberation from the heavy burden of taxation to support all the protected, special minority groups.)

-          Can workers’ struggle to get rid of capitalism save the planet? (First the planet does not need saving, Mother Nature is doing a fine job; capitalism creates jobs and opportunities to succeed for all, while communist utopia creates slaves beholden to the omnipotent government.)

-          Should workers join the fight against war? (“Workers,” specializing in community organizing, agitation of the weak-minded, and indoctrination of the young and compass-less, would be better served to look for a job and to contribute to the improvement of their fellow Americans by volunteering instead of protesting for pay, setting fires to neighborhoods, and leaving tons of trash behind when they are done with their protest d’jour.)

The curse of cultural Marxism masquerading as progressivism is picking up speed around the globe, enabled by the vaunted halls of academia and by leftist billionaires with capitalist money to burn, Hollywood activists who were high school dropouts, and the main stream media.

An interesting question remains, how do rational Americans believe Democrats and their fellow travelers who use capitalism to promote socialism?



Monday, April 9, 2018

My Radio Interview with Terry Beatley, Useful Idiots and Soft Tyranny

Rational Thinking Replaced by Progressive Emoting

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”    -  George Orwell

I have often wondered how the youth of the world hold in synch same beliefs, education, and outlook about the future of the planet. How can people from such diverse cultures, history, languages, and backgrounds share identical ideas and thoughts? How did they all decide to join the same movement such as #resist? Why are Americans resisting abundance and freedom? Why are they craving communist government oppression?

What are they resisting? Who is funding them? Who is indoctrinating them? Who is paying for their blind allegiance, a cult-like international loyalty and movement not necessarily based on logical thought? It seems that the left does not think but emotes.

Are technology and the Internet to blame? Is it the social media to which everyone has become hopelessly addicted, especially younger generations staring at a blue screen and counting the number of “likes” while real life is passing them by? Are the drug culture, the immoral hook up culture, and the Hollywood culture to blame? Is it the destruction of Christian faith and traditional family?

Is there a much stronger force at work behind the scenes that shapes their every waking moment? Is there a wicked design predetermined in the vaunted halls of education or the boardrooms of large multi-national corporations? Is it billionaires who like to play chess on a planetary scale, using humans as pawns? Is it the United Nations and their affiliate organizations? Is it global non-profits? Perhaps all of the above might be true.

Education has a tremendous impact on shaping generations around the globe and the main curriculum seems to be globalism, the new communism. Young people, the global citizens, are taught about Nazism and fascism but their education is stunted when it comes to communism. Somehow they learn a romanticized version of what communism was like; seldom are its 100 million victims mentioned. Students focus on the words equality, free, and social justice to the exclusion of all other inconvenient details. Truth becomes the primary victim in the mis-education of the masses.

The communist Chinese are implementing the Sesame Social Scoring System and Jack Ma, the wealthiest man in China is alleged to be the mastermind behind this movement. His conglomerate of companies includes Verizon and Yahoo. He is on record saying at the World Economic Forum that teachers must stop teaching knowledge from the past 200 years because humans cannot compete with machines in this way.

According to Alex Newman, the Chinese Sesame Credit will score 1.3 billion humans by measuring loyalty to the nation’s “brutal overlords,” punishing or rewarding each citizen according to how bad and how “good” they are.

Under a regime-sanctioned prototype of the system known as “Sesame Credit,” the credit score-style number for each Chinese subject is reportedly to be compiled based on everything from analyses of social-media profiles and book-reading choices to the Sesame Credit scores of friends and acquaintances. “The more you love your oppression and believe your rulers, the higher your score will be. The higher the score, the more benefits you get from the regime. Ultra-slavish subjects with no “thought crimes” on record can apparently even get visas to travel to the West, according to media reports.”

Is this life imitating art? Minority Report, a sci-fi thriller, showcases a Pre-Crime Division in which cops can investigate a murder which has not yet taken place and killers are arrested and convicted for their “thought crime,” before they actually commit murder.

Is leftist indoctrination in our k-12 public schools and in our colleges to blame for the massive shifts towards communism and its repackaging by academia and the main stream media as an economic system to follow since capitalism had “failed” them miserably?  Suddenly, young people who ingest Tide pods and condoms through their noses are telling us that we don’t need guns that our second amendment guarantees. Our Constitution is outdated and therefore guns should be confiscated by force.

Sara Dogan and Peter Collier argue that progressive academics, who have turned our colleges and universities into indoctrination halls for cultural Marxism, are now targeting k-12 public schools with anti-American ideas, racism based on one’s identity and culture, and with proselytizing for Islam.

Their pamphlet, Leftist Indoctrination in Our K-12 Public Schools, includes examples such as “Equity and Racial Justice Training” for all employees in Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, aimed at “dismantling white privilege,” confessing “their racial guilt,” and accepting the district’s “equity” ideology, a communist principle.

Another example comes from La Plata High School in Maryland where “cultural diversity” promoters “ordered [students] to copy the Islamic creed “Shahada.” Included in this creed is the sentence “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” The said high school distributed a worksheet that stated, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

A third example includes transgender instruction at Rocklin Academy in Rocklin, California, where a male kindergartner was introduced as a girl. When a first grader called the student by his given name, he was sent to the principal’s office for his “egregious” offense.

The more technology we have at our fingertips, the more illiterate we become. As Bruce Deitrick Price wrote in his article, K-12: Illiterate New World, about the educational plan of decades ago which succeeded in creating non-readers and weak readers by telling parents that “ABCs are not essential and could be ignored.”

Price compares Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World with our education establishment scholars who told parents that reading phonics was not important; instead of memorizing the letter B, children had to memorize BEACH on a “hugely complex design – and there were more than 200,000 of them.” This educational plan failed just like all the other educational fads promoted by schools of education around the country and education professors interested in tenure, notoriety, and adoration on the conference circuit.

The plan was to control the outcome of education to a predetermined level. As Price wrote, “Humans would be conditioned and engineered to be what the controllers wanted. This creepy, highly invasive scheme was a brilliant ‘success,’ once it’s understood that the new goal was limited literacy.”

It was in essence a “theft” of phonics and forcing young children to memorize endless words like automatons. Children are indeed very good at rote memorization, but phonics makes them life-long learners instead and gives them the ability to read any new words they encounter. Their vocabulary is not limited to just a set number of memorized words.

As Orwell said, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”

Charlotte Iserbyt wrote in 2013 about the “restructured” American education network as “part of the international (lifelong) computerized work force training system.” Citing an Australian research paper published on line in March 2000, Iserbyt said that these quotes “document the fact that the computerization of the classroom is the model for the international system to which all the world’s children and adults will be subjected… and brainwashed.” (Preparing for Virtual /World Classrooms: Globalization of Education and Training---a Learning Web Approach along the Information Superhighway" by Dell Campbell, 1997, Department of Further Education and Training, Australia)

Isserbyt wrote that the original intent of schools was to disseminate a “strong traditional academic education, focusing on reading (good literature, not the depressing, politically correct, values-changing literature promoted by the American Library Association), writing, with a strong emphasis on spelling and grammar, mathematics, traditional U.S. and world history, geography, science, foreign languages, including Latin, art, music, and an understanding of the need for sound morals and values, the invaluable support structure for all major (successful) civilizations.” She abhors the idea of schools using the “Skinnerian, individualized, proceed at your own pace, continuous progress, computer curriculum, which is dangerous no matter what it teaches.”

K-12 education in America has devolved into Common Core, a curriculum that indoctrinates students into socialism and pushes students to become good Muslims to the exclusion of Christianity. Common Core teaches contorted mathematics that make the subject even less palatable to students and more complex; historical facts are revised, important events and political men are left out, writing is no longer cursive, and English literature focuses on twisted topics such as sexual deviance and other abnormal behaviors.

Behavior in schools has morphed into a lack of discipline and responsibility encouraged and promoted by parents who come to school angry that Johnny did not make the grade, demanding to know why the teacher failed their precious son or daughter. If they don’t get the answer they expect, they visit the principal and, after threatening to sue, they demand to know how the principal is going to punish the offending teacher who dared to stand up to their “award-winning” Johnny who has  a room full of trophies just for showing up for a competition or walking across the stage.

There are no severe consequences for failure. Students and their parents expect teachers to pass them regardless of how poor their performance is. In the functioning America before Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, if one did not perform well, they became poor and needy. There were dire consequences to indolent performance. The Great Society created a generational welfare system and the idea that if one fails, the government is there to catch them, feed them, clothe them, and house them from cradle to grave.

The entitlement generations of today, which have emerged from the Great Society welfare system, has corrupted our society in many ways. If you are not allowed to fail, what is the point in trying? Parents now complain that competition destroys their progeny’s self-esteem therefore everybody must be a winner.

The latest fad in international education is “computational thinking,” a term apparently popularized by Jeannete Wing. Australians and the United Nations seem keen in promoting this new idea.

The net defines “Computational thinking as a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science. To flourish in today's world, computational thinking has to be a fundamental part of the way people think and understand the world.” In other words, if you want to think properly, you must think like a computer.

Selby and Wollard wrote in 2014 that computational thinking is a thought process in which you must think in abstractions, algorithmically, in evaluations and trade-offs, in generalizations, and by breaking down problems by functionality.

Computational thinking is preferred in the new computerized world order over systematic thinking (taking all variables into account), holistic thinking (understanding relationships between whole and part), and creative thinking (extend ideas in new ways).

To teach computational thinking, robotics is recommended as a way for young children to learn about mechanics, sensors, motors, programming, and the digital domain.

Future generations must become busy working bees for multi-national corporations and less educated because education tends to make individuals more prone to consume precious resources of the planet and damage the environment. They also have children which burdens the planet and its “carrying capacity.”

Common Core curriculum is pushed by UNESCO (U.N. Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Number 4 goal of U.N.’s Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development goals, addresses education: “Ensure inclusive and equitable, quality education, and promote lifelong learning for all.”

“In reality,” A. J. Cameron believes, “the predatory globalists seek to stunt the education of our youth because educated individuals seek to increase their stations in life. As they do, they become consumers, especially of natural resources. Natural resources are to be the private purview of the predatory globalists. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the middle class, bringing ‘equity’ to the masses.”

The traps of Common Core and CASEL (Collaborative, Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) ensnare children around the globe, promoted by international NGOs funded heavily by billionaires. They write and publish textbooks with the same collectivist verbiage in all major languages around the globe.

It would be myopic to focus only on education in the U.S.  Indoctrination dressed as education is planned to shape every young person around the globe to serve the elite globalists who advocate no borders and one world government under U.N. aegis. Subjects would be much easier to manipulate if they don’t belong to a country with clearly defined borders and sovereignty.

The media complex has become the propaganda arm of multi-national corporatist interests, making no excuses for pushing damaging agendas with velvety voices and disarming and carefully crafted language, while preventing the truth from ever reaching the masses who read less and less. People hear and believe identical sound bites repeated on every news channel. As they say, if you hear a lie often enough, it becomes truth.

These identical sound bites are generated from a command center that is actually distorting and subverting the truth. It is more egregious when social media minions escalate censorship of conservatives with whom they vehemently disagree, using crafty algorithms, shadow banning, or shutting down access to social media. The infamous jail sentences of the largest social media outlet controls many conservatives and their ability to exercise their right to free speech.

Cameron adds, “If the predatory globalists aren’t worried about the truth from becoming common knowledge, why are so many in social media complex suffocating and subverting the truth, via censorship?”

Alex Newman reported that “the Republican-controlled Congress delivered record funding levels for the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education – a department that President Donald Trump proposed abolishing on the campaign trail.” President Trump had asked funding to be slashed by $10 billion, instead its “discretionary spending” was increased by $2.5 billion.

The $1.3 billion omnibus bill just signed by President Trump not only did not abolish the U.S. Department of Education, but it gave it the highest-ever appropriation. The Institute of Education Sciences which has been mining data on America’s children for the past two decades was not eliminated as requested by this administration.

Highly effective public schools that are indoctrinating our children are still receiving “professional development” funds squandered on teacher indoctrination about “the alleged evils of free markets, Christianity, heterosexuality, whiteness, Western civilization, and more.” They will pass on the social constructs to students in the classroom every day instead of teaching them basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The globalists are telling us and bragging about what they are doing in meetings, at conferences, town halls, international forums, and other “civil society” talks. Cameron asks if we have eyes and ears to see and hear what they are doing, if we are willing to escape the gravitational pull of lethargy to stop the insanity before it overwhelms us. Are we willing to leap-frog and hop out of the slowly boiling pot? Are we lulled to inaction because there are “minor truths seeded within the mega-attacks and these minor truths obfuscate the larger lies pushed upon us?”
As Arthur Blair used to say in one of his inimitable Orwellian quotes, “No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.” And brainwashing and knowledge squashing on a global scale through education to meet the plans of the powerful few will not bring us any closer to the impossible Marxist tenets of equality and social justice.