Friday, August 23, 2019

Socialist Brats

Woodcut entitled "The Ship of Fools"
As more high school and college students are indoctrinated by their teachers and professors into accepting socialism as the only solution to their future, the country seems to fall deeper into anomie. Anomie is “the social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values.” 

They are so lacking in knowledge of their own country’s history that they believe what the Marxist professors and the MSM have been repeating ad nauseam, that we are a democracy when we are a constitutional republic. Lies, when repeated enough times, become reality.

Pampered by capitalist society and parents, young people, steeped in moral relativism, have become paid angry activists determined to force the rest of us into accepting their Marxist ideology. 

The astonishing lies about socialism, irrational tolerance of sexual perversions, drugs, immorality, Christo-phobia, destructive multi-culturalism, self-loathing, and the overt anti-Americanism have turned them into illogical drones who cannot be ignored.

Soon they will be the majority in the country as more rational and hard-working Americans die off, replaced by their brainwashed children, grandchildren, and illegal aliens with no love in their hearts for America. When they become the majority, the country will be a totalitarian regime ruled by like-minded factions.

And it will not be Denmark, a constitutional monarchy of approximately 5 million citizens who rely on socialized generous welfare. Denmark is one of the heaviest taxed countries in the world, taxes paid by both citizens and successful capitalist corporations.

Young Americans, who demand socialism, want the Danish style welfare system, but they also call for the elimination of capitalism. If capitalism is abolished, the government will be the sole provider of all the “free stuff” they demand, without the revenue from capitalist taxation. Like all socialists who eventually go broke because the system is not viable (see Venezuela), the government will withdraw all handouts just as easily as it had given them.

America is a much larger country than tiny Denmark. It will be very challenging to put 330 plus million people and illegal immigrants (40 million by latest estimate) on socialist welfare at the same time and have the American government, which is trillions of dollars in national debt, pay for all the free stuff from cradle to grave – housing, education, child care, medical care, food, etc.

As everyone knows already, there is no such thing as a free meal, someone must pay for it. There is an opportunity cost to any free market economic activity, but socialists rely on other people’s money. While socialists are idle, enjoying life and finding themselves as one famous Congresswoman suggested, will robots do the work?

It will take an army of robots, computerized and human, working around the clock, to produce the national product, to provide energy, oil, water, basic services such as police, fire, emergencies, medical care, drugs, build and repair roads, run heavy industry, education, and agriculture in order to produce enough food for indolent Americans who will presumably be doing what they enjoy.

I have taken many groups of students on trips to socialized Western Europe, countries that were on par with U.S. economically, yet the standard of living is not the same, far from it. Students could not wait to get back home and, when they did, they said so elatedly. 

Whiny students complained that the foreign food was bad and they bee-lined for the nearest McDonald’s even though the local food was delicious, healthy, and included in the price of the trip.

They also complained that hotels, beds, showers, facilities were not as comfortable as American ones, roads and elevators were too small, and they had to carry their suitcases up a few flights of stairs. Rooms, like apartments, were tiny, because space was at a premium. Some places did not have hot water during the week. People were not friendly, and basics were too expensive. Some out of the way villages had outhouses. The litany of complaints was quite long. 

Europe has a lot of history, art, architecture, and museums. But it is not a comfortable place to live in like America. Red tape stares you in the face at every turn, far worse than any bureaucracy you can imagine in the U.S.

You must take public transportation, walk everywhere, gasoline and food are expensive, housing is expensive and scarce, and homeownership is not part of their dream, most Europeans rent apartments all their lives. Generations inherit the right to rent the same apartment as if it was their own property.

I had asked students to write down their impressions of Europe and the remarks ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. It was a disappointing foray into the minds of spoiled Americans who have little appreciation for what they have and for their amazing country.

One punctilious German Pullman bus driver said to me, Americans are rich beyond belief and they do not appreciate anything they have, nobody teaches their kids to appreciate their good fortune. I asked him why he said that, and his answer was, look at these high school brats, how many Europeans do you see who are sufficiently well-off to send their school age offspring on spring break vacations to America?

The collegiate social justice warriors are still looking for the six-figure salary their advisor promised. They cannot even earn a living wage while working for their socialist guru, Bernie Sanders. Who is going to pay for their high-tech gadgets, fancy tattoos, and organic foods? Unlike Europeans, young Americans hate well paid trade jobs, it is beneath them.

Bernie and other Democrats, who have become millionaires while “serving” you in public office, will keep droning on about socialism and equality after which they will retire to their gated and walled mansions you probably paid for. The “democratic” elites will always live well off the backs of the people, no matter who is in charge.

The Democrat Socialist Millennials clamoring for equality will have an eye-opening experience. The Marxist experiment will reveal the true measure of equality and equity of the exploited proletariat, asked to give up everything for the good of the “collective.”

I hope the Socialist brats will eventually remember that, without capitalism, they will be living in “grinding poverty” at the mercy of a dictator.

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  1. America's youth have not had to face adversity so they do not have the capacity to learn and understand "without capitalism, they will be living in “grinding poverty” at the mercy of a dictator."