Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Musings on Electric Cars and Clean Energy

So, with most electric cars, you have to stop every 200 miles or less to recharge for 1.5 hours. If you are going 400 miles, you need 6 extra hours to get there and back just to recharge. The electricity for your car is generally produced by fossil fuels.

Wind turbines and solar panels require backup generators. Just because wind turbines are moving, it does not mean that they are producing electricity. In some places in Europe, they are not even attached to a storage facility, they are just spinning. EU gave them money to install them and they did it hastily for show or did not have the infrastructure nor the money to store the electricity generated.

The electricity produced by both wind turbines and by solar panels is more expensive and not sufficient and dependable to satisfy the demands of our huge economy.

Wind turbines and solar panels require large fields to display, fields either taken from agriculture or in a deserted area with lots of sun and wind.

Turbines chop up wildlife in flight and cause a constant thump, thump sound which affects the health of animals and humans. Whales are confused by the low frequency waves and beach themselves accidentally. Animals living around wind turbines attack each other and give birth to deformed babies. Humans suffer insomnia, tachycardia, headaches and other hormonal disturbances.

Solar panels create a heat flux that fries birds in flight. The shiny mirrors further kill birds who fly into them by confusing them with water pools.

But, let's not allow facts get in the way of the progressive agenda, they've already made up their minds. The young environmentalists on Capitol Hill drive alone to work on the Beltway in their expensive Mercedes and BMWs while they lecture us to ride bikes, the metro, the bus, and light rail.

 ~ Ileana Johnson

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