Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lessons Learned from The Chinese Wuhan Virus Global Crisis

 What are my lessons learned from the Chinese Wuhan virus global crisis and “pandemic?”

I live in Reality Ville and know the face of communism and forced collectivism. I’ve stood in food lines, toilet paper lines, and other essentials’ lines every day in the first twenty years of my life. The number one lesson I learned today is that globalism is EVIL.

Globalism does not serve the interest of our country; it serves the interests of like-minded globalists invested heavily in cheap labor in China and profits at all costs. Globalism, no matter what professors tell their students, does not serve the interests of the average American citizen who has no idea that 90 percent of his/her prescription drugs and OTC drugs are made in China, a hostile communist nation.

Economically speaking, it is not a good idea to allow a potential enemy to produce items for key industries needed for survival of our children and grandchildren. Our nation cannot defend itself in case of attacks, whether military or viral ones, if its key industries’ production depends on a potential enemy.

I learned that we should bring our drug manufacturing and other key industries back to America as soon as possible and we should lobby Congress to pass legislation to make that happen. And if they should object, then the Executive Order pen must be used.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis that nationalism is necessary if we are to survive. I learned how fragile we really are in the 21st century despite our technology or perhaps because of it.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis that our President Trump was right about China all along and was correct in promoting incentives to industries to return to America.

I learned that we should never trust the communist government of China. This misplaced trust in a communist country is now lethal to our economy.

I also learned that it is going to cost us trillions of dollars to recover and a long time for mom and pop businesses to come back if ever.

The American “bread and circuses,” football, baseball, volleyball, hockey, and other organized sports and competitions may never come back in the same form.

I learned from this “pandemic” that having family time is amazing and we should go back to the basics of family life, turning off the blue screens of the highly addictive and intelligence-robbing smart phones.

I hope Millennials learned, after the shock of having to stand in line for food and toilet paper, that the socialism they so desperately desire is a disaster that will never work no matter who is in charge.

I hope all socialists in this country who want socialized medicine learned that socialized medicine in Italy and in communist China were quickly overwhelmed – rationing ensued and they had to make hard choices for treatment.

Americans learned, I hope, that socialized medicine does have death panels, rationing of medical care based on a person’s age and utility to society.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan virus crisis that the European Union did not respond well to its member states with medical help.

I also learned that unfettered liberalism screaming for open borders and releasing medically unvetted foreigners among their midst was a disaster waiting to happen and it did. Yes, disease does not recognize borders, but we can screen people for disease and illnesses that can cause a potential pandemic globally. Isolation and quarantine do work.

Preventive medical tests before admission into a country is a great idea, it is not an intrusion on a person’s manufactured global rights. You don’t have rights in a country you have invaded or are a guest of. You must follow their rules, regulations, and laws, including borders.

We isolated ourselves in our homes, gave up rather quickly our constitutional liberties for our own “good” without as much as a whimper – the controlling globalists won, and the media won.

We learned that President Trump was right to build the fence on the southern border.  He was also right about restricting travel from China.

I learned from this “pandemic” that family life in general was improved by staying home and cooking instead of eating in restaurants so much. It was fun to take the kids to the park and re-discover nature, play in the sand, get dirty, chase the dog, fish, instead of watching TV non-stop, playing electronic games, or being obsessed with social media all the time. Life became simpler and more enjoyable, it seemed that we lived it more fully.

I learned from this “pandemic” that schools closed and taught their students online, eliminating a lot of unnecessary personnel and administrators. And why pay high college tuition when you can learn online much cheaper?

The Chinese Wuhan virus crisis taught me that some Americans are still kind and generous, that some went to work despite their immediate contact with a lot of potentially infected people. But they did it anyway because they have a great work ethic, love to help other Americans, and needed the well-deserved paycheck they earned.

I learned that Americans are just as shameless to hoard food and essentials as the hoarders I encountered under socialism. Some became scalpers and stores price-gouged their customers, taking advantage of the shortage caused by increased demand and decreased supply.

Despite the mainstream media telling us otherwise, it is not racist to say that the Corona virus originated in Wuhan, China. To the liberals out there glued to their favorite leftist alphabet soup “news” channel, Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

From the Chinese Wuhan virus crisis, I learned that the Wuhan province was the location of 10,000 5G stations rolled out by the end of 2019. It is probably a “tin foil hat” coincidence but I am a skeptic and I do not believe in coincidences.

And I like a good conspiracy theory any day. Exposure to so much radiation leads to a microwave illness with flu-like symptoms and 54 other additional health problems listed here.

The 5G roll-out announcement was made by the communist Chinese government. Here is the English version.

Last, but not least, Americans learned that toilet paper became the number one hoarded item, and nobody understood why.

Democrats, the political opportunists that they are, would never let a virus crisis go to waste. “Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told caucus members last week that the [stimulus] bill was ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’” Would that vision be Democrat socialism? But then everybody knows that Democrats in Washington do not have a problem putting their political ideology ahead of the welfare of the American people.

What some of my friends learned about the Chinese Wuhan Virus Crisis? Here are some salty and pointed opinions:

-          “How easily all Americans gave up their constitutional freedoms following a deliberate, media-created and hyped panic.

-          Never outsource anything to a communist enemy.

-          What socialism feels like.

-          How selfish and unethical 75% of the population is.

-          How stupid we are, how easily manipulated, and how incompetent the clowns are who lead various countries.

-          That despite millions of years of evolution, we are still Neanderthals.

-          How happily Americans surrendered their freedoms, they were not even fighting.

-          It was scary how many politicians and people were willing to ignore the Constitution’s protections when we needed them the most.

-          Life can change on a dime.

-          Prepping under Obama’s reign was a great decision.

-          Never trust a communist but I knew that before.

-          There is a lack of deductive reasons ability and an abundance of panic mode among many.

-          This Corona Pandemic is a sinister international conspiracy against America… The cause, the symptoms, the mortality and morbidity are not even a fraction of the H1N1… but we are not lead by a communist in the White House, we are led by a true patriot and great leader of the world, President Donald J. Trump.

-          Bring our manufacturing base back to America’s soil and employ American workers.

-          The “social distancing” quarantine came easy to me as I’ve been an introvert all my life.

-          The communists still want to take over the world.”

I sadly learned that people lie, cheat, and steal on a mass scale in order to get what they want, putting others at great risk, and neighbors are not neighborly at all in parts of the country where liberalism reigns supreme.

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  1. “it is not racist to say that the Corona virus originated in Wuhan, China” – undoubtedly so. But, dear Ileana, I’d rather think the thing should be called “The Greedy Unions Virus”. The accursed outsourcing was the obvious result of the Unions’ demands to raise all their members’ wages and “social packets”. Such a rise would leave their companies without any profits, but the Unions (along with their members, but of course) cared neither about the companies’ profits nor about the wise Taft-Hartley Act. They were eagerly repeating their demands again and again, whatever the price.
    Well, these days we do see their exact price clearly enough, starting from the ubiquitous welfare for jobless professionals, up to the worldwide present-day catastrophe. Was it the Americans’ poor income which made the catastrophe inevitable maybe? No! The working Americans looked like fantastic billionaires in comparison both with my working Russian compatriots and with your Romanian ones. Greediness, sheer greediness, multiplied by the common refusal to think – that’s the only true reason of the virus...
    I agree with your “How selfish and unethical 75% of the population is” (maybe your percentage is a bit too optimistic, but I can fully understand your feelings about good folks in your close vicinity).
    With all the best wishes from your Tasmanian reader Rostislav