Saturday, August 17, 2019

In Memoriam

Rest in Peace, Dr. Bruce Lesley! 

You were a wonderful friend and mentor to thousands of students and their anxious parents who sent their children to college in hopes that they would adjust quickly and learn. They found joy, happiness, and knowledge in your classes.

Your remarkable personality, infectious smile, boundless energy, and rare talent have touched so many lives during your musical and teaching career. 

An accomplished pianist, organist, and conductor, Dr. Lesley's music resonated in the halls of academia and in his beloved Church. 

You have brought happiness to my mom and joy in our hearts with your music. And we enjoyed together many meals at the local Mexican restaurant on birthdays when you came to honor us with your presence.

I thank you for discovering my daughter's talent, teaching her, mentoring her, and guiding her to eventually become an accomplished opera singer. Our family will never forget you! 

You are now with the angels, directing that perfect concert in heaven but the world of music on earth sorely misses your talent and patient teaching.
Memory Eternal!

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