Friday, July 26, 2019

Legal Immigrants Who Assimilate Are Always Welcome in America

The song goes, “in America the streets are paved with gold,” figuratively of course, a constant magnet for millions of economically starved people from around the world who recognize the easy life they can have in America at the expense of the hapless American taxpayers who are forced to share their wealth with the flotsam and jetsam of the third world who have nothing to contribute to our society but are drawn by the intense economic need of poverty and want. They are truly convinced that money grows on trees. And the Treasury is busy printing more money to cover America’s ever expanding trillion dollars of national debt.

We support countries with foreign aid we should never give a dime to. They overtly bite our hands that feed them. They are our enemies, the enemies of Christianity, of America, and of freedom.

Every time I write an article, I have a regular following of leftist trolls who are paid to write insulting commentaries in which they ridicule everything about me and about my LEGAL immigration status. They are paid useful idiots trolls by Democrat interests who promote the "tyranny of the oppressed," potential Democrat voters who come here illegally, thumbing their noses at our laws and calling Americans who oppose such illegal immigration fascists and racists.

One angry individual who knows that I am a naturalized American citizen, when he found out my political stance against communism, injected vitriol invectives in his wish that President Trump would deport me from the incipient communist America.

The most recent ad hominem attack referred to the fact that I immigrated LEGALLY so he accused me of wanting to shut the door for everybody else. That is certainly not my opinion. However, should we close the door to all immigrants?

Yes, we should bolt the door to all ILLEGAL immigrants who have not been vetted. They endanger our lives every day in so many ways: resurgence of formerly eradicated diseases, gangs, drug trafficking, school violence, street violence, hospital use abuse, road infractions and driving without a license or insurance, home invasions, identity theft, robberies, burglaries, welfare fraud, Social Security fraud, income tax fraud, etc.

Yes, I am here but I do not want to change “here” to reflect where I came from. I cherish the American flag and do not desecrate or burn it. I have assimilated and am a proud American by choice. I do not want to turn this country into the communist society I’ve fled.

Nobody in his right mind would leave a good place to move 7,000 miles away to something unknown, leaving friends and family behind forever. Staying there to help improve things was not an option because it was such a totalitarian society and no amount of effort on my part to change things there would have made a difference. We had no guns, no rights, no property, and no legal standing against the regime.

To say that leftists are mentally deficient is an understatement. One troll, probably sitting in his pajama in his parents’ basement, called me “an altar to grave welfare case.” I am still scratching my head on that one.

Another leftist troll called me “a ward of the state” because I taught at state universities and therefore that was somehow welfare. Had I worked for private institutions, only then my effort would have been legitimate work. I wonder if teaching Marxism, "racial justice," or “white privilege” at Harvard would have been valid work.

Here is my answer to those leftist trolls. I agree to shut the door to ILLEGAL immigrants, to people who are not vetted criminally, medically, and financially.

Immigrants should help make this country better, not become wards of the welfare system the minute they walk across the border. Illegal immigrants should not drain money from the Social Security fund they’ve NEVER paid into, burn our flag, waving the flag of their countries, and demand equal rights to American citizens.

I am all in favor of speeding up the cases of those in the process of submitting their paperwork to come to America LEGALLY. We should admit as many as possible of the four million LEGAL immigrants who are already awaiting patiently the resolution of their cases. They stayed in their countries and followed our immigration laws.

We should admit LEGAL immigrants who want to assimilate into our culture and have something to contribute to our society instead of draining it of resources while telling us every day what intolerant racists, fascists, Islamophobes, and xenophobes we are.

We should limit the number of foreign guest workers on H1B visas that corporations import in order to pay them a fraction of what they pay Americans. There are certainly enough educated Americans in computer engineering fields who are unemployed or have not been able to find a job upon graduation.

As C. Lamb stated, “It's a well-known secret in the software business that employers inflate the required qualifications in order to eliminate domestic hires. The employers just don't verify the qualifications for foreign applicants. I've seen job requirements that specify more experience with a software product than the lifetime of the software product.”

Telling someone from a different country, who was given shelter, welfare, medical care, a new life, education, a safe home, an opportunity at personal freedom, and who complains all the time that America is a racist and a bad place, and Americans who disagree with him/her are racists, SHOULD be told to repatriate.

We don't need more anti-American illegal immigrants or immigrants on H1B visas telling us how to do things their way. We have enough domestically grown and indoctrinated anti-Americans in positions of power.

LEGAL immigrants who follow our laws and assimilate into our culture are always welcome in America.


  1. Outstanding article. "Immigrants should help make this country better, not become wards of the welfare system the minute they walk across the border. Illegal immigrants should not drain money from the Social Security fund they’ve NEVER paid into, burn our flag, waving the flag of their countries, and demand equal rights to American citizens."-- Well said Ileana. What company hires people to exist and not produce? But that's what the USA does.

    1. Bill,
      It seems that the madness around us is spreading like an incurable disease.