Saturday, November 27, 2010

Analogies between communism and U.S.A. today

What are the analogies between the progressives agenda today and communism? Why do we have czars in a republic? Czars are certainly elements of Russia, not the United States.
Why do we need total government control or the nanny state? Can we not make decisions for our own lives and families?
Why do we need to be told what to eat, how much to eat, and when and where to purchase our food? Why do we have to be controlled how much sugar or salt we eat? Why do we have to be taxed more if we smoke? If smoking is bad, why are most pension funds invested in tobacco companies?
Why do we need to connect our homes to the power grid? Should the government tell us how much electricity we consume and when? Should we give them control over our thermostat at times when we like to use our heat or cooling the most?
Why do we allow government to brainwash our children that spreading the wealth is good and fair? Why do we allow them to be indoctrinatedd that religion is bad, that sex before marriage is good? Do we need the government in our bedroom as well?

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